Hyeri offers her special funeral services in MBC

September 12, 2022September 12, 2022

Hyeri provides her specific funeral solutions in MBC’s May possibly I Aid You
by tccolb

The initial promos have arrived for MBC’s fantasy-romance May possibly I Aid You, like a new poster and video teaser of our story’s heroine, Hyeri (Moonshine).

Hyeri’s character is funeral director Baek Dong-joo, who has been gifted with a miraculous touch that permits her to speak to the lately deceased — the caveat becoming if she does not aid fulfill their final wishes, she has to endure endless poor luck in her personal life.
In the course of her quests, she ends up partnering with a man identified as Butler Kim, who is  played by Jun (a.k.a. Lee Jun-young) (Let Me Be Your Knight). As an employee of an errands service, Butler Kim is generally prepared to aid his consumers – no matter what they request. As a result, whilst Kim serves the living, Dong-joo serves the dead.
To full our really like square, we have Song Deok-ho (Hyperlink: Consume, Appreciate, Kill) playing Officer Seo Hae-ahn and Han Dong-hee (The One particular and Only) playing Resident Medical doctor Tak Chung-ha. The supporting cast also involves Tae In-ho (Ghost Medical doctor) as Dong-joo’s boss, Lee Kyu-han (Sunbae, Do not Place on That Lipstick) playing Kim’s uncle, and regional priest Oh Dae-hwan (Adamas) – the only particular person (so far) who knows about Dong-joo’s  mysterious potential.

In the newly released teaser, we open on a group job interview, exactly where our heroine declares her determination to perform as a funeral director at the hospital. She’s confused when Boss Tae In-ho asks about not becoming afraid, but we rapidly then reduce to Dong-joo’s initial jump-scare when a dead kid taps her shoulder.
Right after realizing her hidden energy and what it implies, Dong-joo heads straight to the confessional to speak to the priest. Rather than becoming amazed, even though, our heroine is at her wit’s finish. Ranting that her life is difficult sufficient as it is, we finish on a fatigued Dong-joo who wonders why it had to be her of all persons.
Co-directed by PD Shim So-yeon (Welcome two Life) and PD Park Sun-young with scripts penned by Lee Sun-hye (20th Century Boy and Girl), May possibly I Aid You premieres subsequent month on October 19 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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