A peek into the fourth dimension in Glitch

September 13, 2022September 13, 2022

A peek into the fourth dimension in Glitch’s initially teaser
by missvictrix

Earlier promo material for Netflix’s upcoming Glitch described the drama as a mystery-thriller, but sorry, this appears like sci-fi to me. Our leads are Jeon Yeo-bin (Vincenzo) and Nana (Genesis) — two ladies who have been childhood good friends and reconnect throughout the time our story requires location. Is it incorrect to get super excited? This appears like just my flavor of weird story.

The teaser opens with Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-been) narrating about believing in factors that are unseen, and then questioning the factors she sees about her, from synchronized computer system glitches to a tiny alien in a helmet at her nearby comfort shop that appears to be following her about.
She then narrates that there’s been a current phenomena exactly where folks are disappearing although electronic devices malfunction, and right here we catch a glimpse of Lee Dong-hwi (Broker), who plays Ji-hyo’s boyfriend, whose disappearance is at the crux of our plot.
The scene cuts and we meet our other heroine Heo Bora (Nana), a streamer whose content material investigates all factors paranormal. We see what appears like a partnership type among the two of them as they investigate the disappearance, and a montage of scenes shows us shocked faces, a crowd of cult followers, the requisite creepy man with a shotgun in the woods, and lots of operating and screaming. The narration ends with Ji-hyo saying she desires to see it all with her personal eyes. And soon after seeing this trailer, it positive appears like she will.
As we’ve all stated prior to, dramaland truly struggles with productive and satisfying sci-fi stories, but with the talent behind the camera, a terrific ~hip~ cast, and possibly a ginormous price range, let’s hope this a single is amazing.
Directed by Noh Deok (SF8: Manxin) and written by Jin Han-sae (Extracurricular), Netflix’s Glitch drops its ten episodes on October 7.

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