Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 13-14

Our group is met with a single crisis immediately after a further, dashing their sails and threatening their precarious position in the enterprise. Meanwhile, a traumatized artist’s previous comes back to haunt him, forcing him to confront the scars of his childhood.


Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

When they get a moment alone, Ma-eum asks Joon-young about the encounter with Chief Heo that she just witnessed, but he plays it off as no major deal. Nonetheless, she is not prepared to take it so lightly, taking into consideration the harm that Chief Heo’s interview did to the group.

Ma-eum presses Joon-young additional — does he nonetheless believe of himself as separate from their group? Has he ever been sincere towards them? Oh no, that misunderstanding has got to hurt, particularly due to the fact Joon-young has been increasing progressively far more sincere and genuine with the group.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Joon-young meets with Ji-hyung, sighing resignedly that he recorded his conversation with Chief Heo, but didn’t handle to get him to admit his malicious involvement in the short article. A flashback reveals that immediately after his dinner with Chief Heo and the Youngtoon CEO, Joon-young asked Ji-hyung to meet.

Coming clean about how he’s been sending confidential files to Chief Heo, Joon-young reveals Chief Heo’s close ties with Youngtoon and his plans of sabotage. Due to the fact any misstep from him now could trigger Chief Heo to retaliate against the webtoon group, Joon-young requests to continue maintaining up his charade with Chief Heo in order to get proof.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Aw, Ji-hyung definitely is a superior supervisor. The subsequent day, he approaches Joon-young and advises him to come clean about Chief Heo to Ma-eum, astutely noting that she ought to have caught on to their involvement.

Ji-hyung leaves him to his thoughts, and then we get a flashback montage of all the instances he was endeared by Ma-eum. Irrespective of whether he’s created feelings for her or merely has a soft spot for her is left ambiguous, but it is clear that her presence has been a good influence on his life. He’s producing the mature choice to step back and not permit his individual feelings to cross a experienced boundary, and I like that he genuinely wishes the finest for his new recruits.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Heeding Ji-hyung’s suggestions, Joon-young meets Ma-eum at her manhwa cafe. Except Ma-eun’s dad returns at that precise moment, and he remembers Joon-young from their preceding tussle, LOL.

Soon after the misunderstanding is resolved, Joon-young ends up obtaining invited to remain for dinner, exactly where Ma-eum’s mom and sister attempt to matchmake the two. (It is adorable how pleased that tends to make Joon-young, hee.)

Later, Joon-young clarifies the truth of his double-agent method concerning Chief Heo. He explains that he couldn’t reveal it earlier, or Ma-eum would have dissuaded him. Shocked by his hazardous strategy, Ma-eum asks why Joon-young is risking himself like that, and he confesses that it is mainly because of her. Ma-eum was the individual that created him want to remain on and defend their group.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Ma-eum and Dae-ryuk meet with the director in charge of the webtoon’s drama remake, but the director keeps pressing Dae-ryuk’s buttons, speculating about his trauma that influenced his webtoon. Sadly, he hits the nail correct on the head, and it triggers Dae-ryuk’s flashbacks and a panic attack.

Hyperventilating, Dae-ryuk flees the meeting area, operating straight by means of incoming visitors and almost obtaining run more than. Ma-eum cannot attain him in time, and she ends up obtaining to apologize to the exasperated director.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Ma-eum’s issues concerning Joon-young and Dae-ryuk weigh on her as she walks dwelling that evening, and ever-perceptive Ji-hyung notices. He aids her tie her undone shoelace, reminding her that they’re in the race collectively.

That gets Ma-eum to spill her worries, and she confesses that she’s afraid she could not be the correct individual to be Dae-ryuk’s editor. Has she facilitated his burgeoning instability in pursuit of his development as an artist?

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Worried, Ma-eum visits Dae-ryuk to verify up on him, and he hands her a manuscript. He’s drawn his story as a webtoon, due to the fact he didn’t believe he’d be in a position to place it into words. We see the panels as Ma-eum flips by means of them — Dae-ryuk’s mother tied him up with chains when he was a kid, then she abandoned him and he had to appear immediately after his sick grandfather till his deathbed.

The final drawing is of Ma-eum embracing Dae-ryuk, and I believe it is so telling that he drew himself as a young boy. Dae-ryuk is nonetheless trapped in the trauma of his childhood, to the point that he feels phantom chains suffocating him even to this day.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Plaintively, Dae-ryuk entreats Ma-eum to assist him cease himself from spiraling into an even larger mess. With her by his side, he thinks he can run away from even the worst misfortune. But Ma-eum gently tells him that she’s not God she does not have the correct nor the self-confidence to be anyone’s savior. Nevertheless, she desires to assist him, and she thanks him for mustering up the courage to confide in her.

Dae-ryuk sheds tears of gratitude, and the two arrange a further meeting with the drama director. To everyone’s relief, each director and artist apologize and reconcile, and the project is back on.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Nonetheless, Dae-ryuk is not out of the woods just however. For the initial time ever, he finds himself unable to draw even a single webtoon panel. Ma-eum even enlists the assist of Dong-hee, who readily returns to Seoul to assist Dae-ryuk out, but to no avail. Dong-hee surmises that Dae-ryuk is not struggling with a mere inventive block, but a psychological a single.

Worse however, Dae-ryuk’s mother (Kim Soo-jin) abruptly shows up at the webtoon team’s workplace. She’s a true piece of function, demanding for Dae-ryuk’s address and screeching at Ji-hyung and Ma-eum when she does not get her way.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Realizing that Dae-ryuk’s conundrum may well have to do with his mother, Ma-eum heads to his apartment to ask him about it. Ma-eum cautiously raises the possibility of meeting his mother once more, but he flat-out refuses all he desires to know is why she tormented him like that, but he in no way desires to see her once more.

Except correct then, Dae-ryuk’s mother rings the doorbell, obtaining tailed Ma-eum all the way to his doorstep. The moment she identifies herself, her presence immediately sparks panic in Dae-ryuk, and he shoves each her and Ma-eum out the door.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

If you believed that items couldn’t possibly get any worse for Dae-ryuk, effectively, brace your self. The aggressive boyfriend that previously misunderstood Dae-ryuk just posted his exaggerated version of the incident on line, earning Dae-ryuk criticism more than the falsehoods.

Dae-ryuk blames himself terribly for the fiasco, to the point that he can barely consume, but fortunately Dong-hee stays faithfully by his side to take care of him. Meanwhile, Ma-eum and Joon-young search for proof each offline and on line, and they ultimately luck out when witnesses send in videos of the boyfriend beating Dae-ryuk up.

Now that the tide of public opinion has turned against him, the violent boyfriend apologizes and snivels that a person else created him do it. To totally no one’s surprise, Chief Heo is also behind this most current act of sabotage. Sigh.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Weeks pass, and Dae-ryuk nonetheless cannot create any new manuscripts. With the deadline looming more than their heads, Ma-eum provides to accompany Dae-ryuk to meet his mother, and he hesitantly accepts. They meet at a cafe, and Dae-ryuk’s mother shamelessly claims that she misses him, shedding overwrought tears. Dae-ryuk rebuffs her attempts at reconciliation, and she runs out.

Soon after all this time, Dae-ryuk’s mother ultimately desires to make amends, and she prepares meals for him in the hopes that he’ll consume effectively. Due to the fact he refuses to see her, she passes the lunchboxes to Dong-hee alternatively, but Dae-ryuk throws the meals out the moment he finds out it is from his mother.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

In a terribly cliché reveal, we discover out that Dae-ryuk’s mother has returned to see her son mainly because she has Alzheimer’s and as a result does not have substantially time left. The purpose she chained Dae-ryuk up when he was a kid? He accidentally brought on a fire by playing in the kitchen though she wasn’t dwelling, so she restrained him with a metal chain to avoid him from reaching the stove once more.

Uhh, excuse me? Wouldn’t that just make it even far more hazardous for him, in the occasion that some thing occurs once more and he cannot escape? Was she seriously unable to believe of any other options, like employing the chain to lock the kitchen door alternatively?

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

In any case, as soon as Dae-ryuk learns of this, his perception of his mother adjustments. He and Ma-eum rush to the bus terminal, exactly where his mother is about to leave the city for superior. Except it turns out she hasn’t essentially left however, and as a result ensues a tearful reunion.

Dae-ryuk asks if just seeing him grown up is sufficient for her — is she going to abandon him once more? Crying, he pleads with her not to run away, and to get remedy for her illness alternatively. Tentatively, he reaches out to hold his mother’s hand, overcoming his aversion to touch, and she gently cradles his face in turn.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Honestly? I actually do not like what the drama did with Dae-ryuk’s storyline. Regardless of the rationale behind it, chaining a young kid up like that was not okay, and it feels like the drama is downplaying Dae-ryuk’s abuse.

Just mainly because she has Alzheimer’s does not make her abruptly displaying up and retraumatizing Dae-ryuk okay, and it felt like the show was attempting to force us to really feel empathy for her. Rather, I really feel for Dae-ryuk, who forgave his mother so promptly and showed such boundless empathy for her suffering regardless of the discomfort she’d inflicted on him.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Ma-eum’s voiceover narrated that a child’s globe is produced by their parents, and that is precisely why I take situation with this narrative selection. Dae-ryuk’s globe was shattered as a kid when his mother tied him up as if he was a wild animal that required to be leashed, and the trauma warped his psyche so badly that it impacted his complete life ever due to the fact.

Trauma does not merely disappear overnight, and no quantity of homemade dishes or terminal illnesses can adjust that. Not each and every abuser deserves to be redeemed, and I want the show had permitted Dae-ryuk to come to terms with his trauma and move on in a healthier way, whether or not that indicates standing up to his abuser or acquiring his personal kind of closure.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

Rather, the way the drama treated his storyline felt awfully contrived for the sake of forcing a “happy ending,” and it potentially sends a hazardous message that victims of abuse ought to afford their abusers a possibility at reconciliation. This plot arc could have been empowering if carried out correct, but I believe the drama faltered badly in the way they chose to create it.

I did like the subtle particulars that added a (substantially-required) dose of realism to the arc, such as Dae-ryuk nonetheless recoiling instinctively from his mother’s touch even immediately after he forgave her, but I’m inclined to chalk that up to the actor and not the script. I’m steadily losing faith in the latter, whereas my awe and respect for Kim Do-hoon’s acting grows with each and every episode.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

I believe the drama could have explored Dae-ryuk’s arc in a far more realistic and complicated manner for instance, they could have explored the unreliable nature of memories, particularly childhood ones. It could have been a compelling arc, had the drama focused on how his mother created a grave error in a misguided try to “protect” her kid, and how that kid entirely misunderstood her intentions mainly because he was also young to comprehend the idea of danger. (Even though I nonetheless retain that there’s no excuse for metal chains.)

Rather, the writer threw in each and every cliché they could believe of in a poor try to make Dae-ryuk’s mother a sympathetic character so she could be redeemed. It just leaves a rancid taste in my mouth.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

I believe this drama does have its heart in the correct spot, but its failure to grasp a path and commit to it ends up carrying out it a disservice. This week, each the trauma arc and the false rumors arc could have facilitated in-depth discussion on these complicated social troubles, but the show’s more than-dramatization of them cheapened their influence and created them really feel pretty much like caricatures.

It also feels like the drama is getting more than-ambitious and attempting to cram also lots of plot lines onto its plate. We want high-quality, not quantity! As we enter the show’s final week, here’s hoping that each and every character arc will get the resolution it deserves. If not, I’m going to take a leaf out of Man-cheol’s book and raise a pretty angry fist at the drama. I’ve grown way also attached to these characters — as Man-cheol wrote on his knuckles, do not mess with his children!

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 13-14

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