Little Women: Episodes 3-4


Small Girls: Episodes three-four

Items are quickly spiraling out of handle for our heroines. With 1 sister facing the nasty aftermath of her enterprise director’s death, and a second attempting to usher the youngest away from the proverbial deal with a wealthy devil, it is difficult to say whether or not any of them will emerge unscathed.



Little Women: Episodes 3-4

In the very first of quite a few sibling spats about funds and morality, In-kyung confronts In-hye with her significantly less-than-genuine extracurriculars. In-kyung cannot determine what incenses her much more about In-hye letting PARK HYO-RIN (Jeon Chae-eun) take the credit for her painting — the dishonesty, or the truth that In-hye is excited to sell her soul for cold, difficult money.

To add insult to injury, In-hye has created herself at residence schmoozing amongst the moneyed elite — at a celebration presided more than by In-kyung’s mortal enemy, Jae-sang. It is beneath this provocation that In-kyung snaps, subjecting In-hye to the teenage equivalent of a fate worse than death. Buoyed up by soju and sadness, she shimmies up a nearby post and, in complete view of everybody, wails for her sister to come residence.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Guests murmur. In-hye is in quiet agony. And In-kyung’s po-faced colleague, JANG MA-RI (Gong Min-jung) plays her signature move, telephone ever on-hand to film yet another drunken catastrophe. As police flock the region, In-kyung concerns Jae-sang a bleary however heartfelt ultimatum. In-hye is the particular person she loves most in the planet. If he hurts her, he’ll endure.

Elsewhere, In-joo bargains with the really literal fallout of Director Shin’s messy descent. In in between abortive bouts of CPR, she scrambles to answer his ringing telephone: Do-il. He meets her at the hospital, exactly where he requires her sternly by the shoulders and coaches her on how to mislead the police. Panicked, In-joo puts two and two collectively, coming up with malice aforethought. This guy knew Director Shin was not extended for this planet — and, as witness, she may perhaps be subsequent on the hit list.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Nonetheless, Do-il’s surprisingly forthright for somebody who may perhaps or may perhaps not be aspect of a murderous conspiracy. For all that In-joo plays clueless, it is clear he’s onto her possession of the two billion won. But, with an utterly straight face, he proposes a neat cover-up for her ill-gotten money: pin the blame on the dead man, Director Shin.

In-joo had been bent on solving Hwa-young’s murder — but when you are scrubbing blood out of your dress shirt in the early hours of the morning even though contemplating which of your colleagues want to kill you, justice is your final priority. She’s inclined to take Do-il’s suggestions and leave murderous stones unturned.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Nonetheless, situations (and, apparently, horticulture) have a way of intervening. While tending to Hwa-young’s rooftop orchid garden — the fussiest of which, “Princess,” has burst into glorious bloom — In-joo discovers a postcard. It is addressed to Hwa-young from CEO WON SANG-WOO (Lee Min-woo). In-joo pays him a pay a visit to, orchid pot in tow.

Turns out, Sang-woo is resident of a pretty comfy, spacious set of rooms… in a psychiatric hospital. He also, according to Hwa-young, is a fellow outcast. Emboldened by this vote of self-assurance — and by Sang-woo’s air of gentle rationality — In-joo spills all. The murder. The funds. The truth that she’s also afraid to make a move.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Sang-woo is frank. When he became CEO, he attempted to bring his father to justice for wide-scale embezzlement. All he got was a sham trial and a psychiatric referral. He fears the identical for In-joo. His suggestions? Devote the money. She deserves a good winter coat far much more than homicidal plutocrats deserve pocket adjust. Apart from, he has a indicates of safeguarding her interests: slush fund ledgers documenting decades of illegal activity. Something for the lady Hwa-young compared to an orchid on the verge of bloom.

Items are complex by a sudden rap on the door — it is Do-il. Handily, Sang-woo’s has ready for this eventuality. As Sang-woo peers at Do-il more than his copy of The Count of Monte Cristo (appropriate!), In-joo abseils out the window on a makeshift harness — funds, ledgers, orchid plant and all.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

It is not extended just before Do-il catches up the neighborhood bus is not precisely a prompt getaway automobile. But, surprisingly, it is to propose an alliance. The ledgers are a unsafe weapon. With each other, they can leverage them for funds, and split it 50/50.

In-joo is loath to trust the man she nevertheless half suspects of murder, but when Do-il confesses his regret for not saving Hwa-young, she softens. Apart from, it is difficult to stay unmoved when he calls her a game-changer — a modest storm. In-joo’s not so flustered that she neglects to haggle, even though: 60/40, or no deal! (The 60 goes to her. Just to be clear.)

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Meanwhile, In-kyung is hovering about rock bottom. In-hye has blocked her quantity. She’s a single drop of soju away from acquiring fired. On the other hand, sheer determination has her nevertheless chasing leads — while Jong-ho, ever faithful, gives moral help and consolatory gardening videos. By means of stubborn investigation, she sources CCTV footage of the seeming suicide of KIM DAL-SU (Lee Il-sub), 1 of the Bobae Savings defendants. Prior to his death, he seems to be smelling a modest blue flower.

Jong-ho is quietly considerate all through. There’s minimal time to cozy up more than homemade kimchi — a adore language he regrettably shares with In-kyung’s mother — but he tends to make it clear to her that, other than his ailing grandfather, she’s the only 1 he has to guard. This tenderness is curtailed, nonetheless, as In-kyung spots the orchid Jong-ho collected from final episode’s crime scene, and her reporter neurons spark. It is the identical flower Dal-su was smelling!

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

In-joo, meanwhile, learns about In-hye’s intention to study in Boston — on the Won family’s dime. Appalled does not start to cover it. By placing herself at the mercy of a stranger, In-hye will be racking up debt that cannot be quantified in coin. But, as In-hye points out — what will she owe her sisters if they break their backs for her?

In-joo is determined to square away all debts. Stuffing a tuition’s charge worth of money into her bag, she heads to meet Hyo-rin’s mother, WON SANG-AH (Eom Ji-won). Sang-ah, who maintains an extraordinary poker face relating to the various million won on her table, assures In-joo this is not some backroom deal: In-hye won a genuine scholarship from her husband’s foundation. Then, playing her trump card, she shows In-joo her sister’s portfolio. The pieces are masterful — and miserable. One particular depicts a sprawled figure in a forest: a girl In-hye described as her dying sister.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

As Sang-ah smilingly tells her not to kill herself paying for In-hye, In-joo’s suspicions run dark. Later, she is plagued by flashbacks of getting eight years old — of leaning down, and realizing a infant is not breathing. Of her mother trudging into the evening. Immediately after all, it is Small Girls… naturally, there’s a Beth.

At residence, In-kyung discovers the hidden funds. She’s horrified. When In-joo returns, she hardly desires to confirm its provenance In-kyung has currently guessed who left it to her, and she will not stand for theft.

Numbly, In-joo relates what she has held back for years, and what she only now realizes In-kyung does not bear in mind. Back when they have been out on the streets, they had a 3-year-old sister whose illness they have been also poor to treat. When she died, their parents fell apart. In-kyung was sent to their Fantastic Aunt, and the silence persisted ever considering that. Persons die when they are poor. In light of that — what’s theft? But, In-kyung is determined that she’d rather die than grow to be what she hates.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Each and every sister grieves in her personal way. In-joo, determined to seize life with each fists, leaves to acquire her winter coat. In-kyung, ultimately understanding the hidden trauma that brings her to tears when she hears stories of broken households, stares across the balcony and broods.

Meanwhile, In-hye wanders about a mansion that wouldn’t appear out of location in a Gothic novel. She enters a area complete of toys. There’s a mantelpiece of tin soldiers. A doll’s home reflecting glorious luxury in miniature. A golden-haired doll with a godlike profile, which In-hye requires. And, watching her — Jae-sang.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

The soldiers have been for Hyo-rin’s uncle, Sang-woo. As a poor driver’s son, yearning for the wealth that was Sang-woo’s by birth, Jae-sang when stole 1, only to throw it away. As he grew older, he strove to prove he belonged in the home — much more than the General’s personal son.

Why did In-hye submit her painting as Hyo-rin’s? Simply because, says In-hye, she was Hyo-rin when she painted it. She utilized her style, her preferences — rendering them best. If In-hye desires that doll, says Jae-sang, then she should earn it. Can she betray the 1 who loves her most in the planet? He did. He betrayed his personal father.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

With her new coat as armor, In-joo goes toe to toe with her Fantastic Aunt. She desires a new apartment for her loved ones, and she desires assistance generating it legally watertight. What’s much more, regardless of Aunt Oh’s witty dismissals, she knows she will not deny her. Not with the guilt of her dead sister — whose hospital bill Aunt Oh could have paid — hanging more than them each.

It is a fantastic play. Aunt Oh agrees to sell her an apartment. It is right here that this show’s affinity with objects actually shines. In-joo falling in adore with a series of stunning, empty rooms is interwoven with Hyo-rin going to the cluttered Oh residence.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Regardless of the sticky window, the stoop-inducing shower and the loved ones of ants inhabiting the kitchen, Hyo-rin can sense the adore suffusing the space. It is a adore she covets — but that In-hye finds suffocating.

In-joo, for her aspect, knows that her loved ones have to have a residence exactly where they can climate the ravages of the planet. It is not quick when her sister is blocking her calls. In-kyung is proud of their strength and independence — she will not wager it all on stolen money. In-joo’s behavior scares her: it is all also reminiscent of when she met her deadbeat husband.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

In-kyung drowns her sorrows in study. She learns that Jae-sang visited Dal-su in the hospital, uttering a mantra with eerie calm befitting a surgeon: The war is not more than. The basic is waiting. She and Jong-ho revert to their childhood detective games (by tacit agreement, Jong-ho was often the assistant), researching the blue orchid. Turns out, the Orchid of Death is a uncommon breed, creating strange sedative effects when inhaled — allegedly containing the energy to speak to the spirits of the deceased.

In-hye is about to obtain firsthand practical experience. With a confiding smile that cements her position as this show’s greatest harbinger of the sinister considering that Director Shin, Sang-ah promises to show In-hye a thing just in between them.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Beneath the home is a sprawling chamber that glows emerald with coiled vines. At its center sits an ancient tree, housing a veritable glut of vibrant blue orchids. Sang-ah gifts 1 to In-hye — who requires a deep breath of its scent.

Sang-ah presents to let In-hye draw her portrait. It’ll be yet another secret they share. As In-hye sketches the face whose functions she so envies, she starts to shed her grip on reality, hearing a voice bidding her to run. Sang-ah smirks. But, to her shock, In-hye collapses totally.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Luigi’s illness. That is the doctor’s diagnosis. It is a hereditary heart situation, lethal if left untreated. In-joo decides she does not care if In-kyung turns her in, or even if they in no way speak once more — she should use the funds for In-hye’s remedy. Figuring out this is life or death, In-kyung offers her reluctant blessing.

When In-hye wakes, she and In-kyung share an uneasy reconciliation. In-kyung loves her madly, unconditionally, in a manner that encompasses all her flaws. In-hye knows this. But in some cases, she despises that sort of adore. She desires to be loved for her talents, also.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

As In-joo hurries to gather the funds, she receives a warning contact from Do-il, who has a front-row seat to Jae-sang’s method meetings. Jae-sang is sending his most brutal attack dog to run a background verify on In-joo: GO SU-IM (Park Bo-kyung). She should lie low. Heedless of her accomplice’s warnings, In-joo returns to the yoga center.

She’s caught red-handed by Su-im. Stripped of her funds, kneeling terrified, In-joo begs for a scrap of compassion: all she desires is one hundred million to cover her sister’s remedy. Lazily amused, Su-im proposes a deal. She’ll lend In-joo the funds — supplied she can reside by means of ten blows from her. Broken and desperate, In-joo agrees.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

The very first is a punch to the stomach. Su-im, alive with sadistic glee, warns In-joo that she could die — then aims for the face. The third hit sends her sprawling. The fourth is with a weapon. The fifth, she crows, will be a blow to the head. Just before she can level it, Do-il comes up from behind, wrenching the weapon from her hand. But, In-joo insists that they continue. At this moment, an unlikely savior arrives in the kind of Sang-ah — just before whose immaculate rebuke Su-im cowers.

Sang-ah drives In-joo to the restaurant she when visited with Hwa-young. Like Hwa-young, she wraps her blazer about In-joo’s shoulders. Like Hwa-young, she wears a jeweled pair of Bruno Zuminos. The truth hits In-joo like a freight train: it wasn’t some affair with Director Shin that got Hwa-young the footwear, the clothing, and the best alter-ego — it was Sang-ah. And Sang-ah is in the market place for a new bestie.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

In-joo holds no illusions. There can be no friendship in between a operating class lady and the overprivileged socialite who pays for her meals — Hwa-young knew that also. But, as for getting her assistant? That, she can do. At the price of In-hye’s healthcare bill, of course. Small does she know, Sang-ah has currently observed the scenario for the press chance it is.

In-hye has yet another attack. In-joo and In-kyung tearfully offer you comfort as she is wheeled into surgery. In-joo assures In-kyung that the funds has been sorted — but she could possibly not like what takes place subsequent. Meanwhile, throughout surgery, In-hye is plagued by visions of pursuit and escape.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

When she wakes, In-hye insists they contact their mother, who is predictably blithe about the complete practical experience. She cannot come pay a visit to — it is mango season! In-hye cuts straight to the chase: why was she when referred to as In-seon? It is the name of their dead sister.

When In-hye was a infant, Hee-yeon told her about carrying the kid on her back to hospital. Ripping the telephone away from In-hye, In-joo confronts her weeping mother: how dare she inform In-hye half-truths? If she cares for her, she’ll come back and clarify. In-kyung tends to make a shrewd guess — her mother has no funds left. Their father is gambling once more. In what is shaping up to be a thing of an Oh loved ones ritual, the sisters block Hee-yeon’s quantity.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Subsequent comes the bit that In-kyung’s not going to like. Namely: a tooth-achingly saccharine interview in which Jae-sang and Sang-ah parade their philanthropy just before the press. The older sisters bristle, but In-hye agrees to go on camera, thanking her benefactors.

But, then comes In-kyung’s coup de grâce. As the smarmy husband-wife duo whip out their seemingly bottomless bank card, they are interrupted by Aunt Oh. She approaches Jae-sang. New funds stares down old. The latter wins the bout: with a pointed remark about Jae-sang’s father, Aunt Oh actions up to spend the hospital bill.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

They’ve won the battle, but the war for In-hye’s soul continues apace. She announces she’ll be staying with Hyo-rin in future. When her sisters protest, she silences them with a startling admission — that she keeps hearing In-seon’s voice. She has two solutions: escape this loved ones, or wind up dead.

In-joo resolves to adhere to Hwa-young’s instance and study to be yet another particular person. She warns In-kyung that she’s taking the job with Sang-ah. Possibly then, she can use the ledgers to shield their loved ones from this mayhem. In-kyung, meanwhile, sticks to her guns and pursues her lead: a video meet with an orchid specialist earns her an address — the identical 1 her dead speak to gave her.

The final surprise comes from Do-il. He’s been investigating records in Singapore, discovering an apartment, a small business college entry, and seven various bank accounts — all beneath the name Oh In-joo. Hwa-young was working with her friend’s identity to construct a third secret life. The conclusion is clear: In-joo should pay a visit to Singapore.

Little Women: Episodes 3-4 Little Women: Episodes 3-4

Holy Gothic horror, people. Amongst other individuals, this week’s theme has been space, and the areas our characters come across themselves. The Oh loved ones flat is bursting at the worn-out seams with adore — but is it nourishing, or suffocating? For In-hye, the answer is clear. And for all that In-joo and In-kyung cling onto 1 yet another fiercely, they’re all also usually located arguing in narrow doorways, or generating themselves modest as the walls dominate the camera shot.

If you are wealthy like the Won loved ones, you may perhaps come across oneself in airy, spacious rooms that subtly echo the aesthetic of a Louisa Could Alcott film adaptation. But, maybe you will be much more comfy totally free on an open balcony, like Hyo-rin. Possibly a dark, aseptic sprawl of a area, like Aunt Oh, exactly where luxury touches every thing — and adore, pretty small. Or, alternatively, you will come across oneself in a semi-enchanted secret chamber, like Sang-ah, screened from the eyes of the planet. Dollars buys privacy, right after all. Dollars, in truth, determines the pretty planet you inhabit.

Shout-out to Eom Ji-won for bringing the creepy with effortless mastery — Sang-ah is quickly becoming 1 of my preferred villains. Her lyrical voice and immaculate poise make her the sort of sweet that you only comprehend belatedly is poison. In truth, our complete cast are acting their hearts out! It is a thrill to see. Here’s hoping subsequent week will shed a small much more light on the In-seon mystery… but for now, we can but speculate!

Little Women: Episodes 3-4
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