Film Review: Frozen Flower (2008) by Yoo Ha

Set throughout the Goryeo Dynasty and loosely primarily based on the reign of Gongmin of Goryeo, “Frozen Flower” is a testament to the high quality of costume dramas coming out of Korea, each due to the presentation of the era, but also due to the story, which basically entails an erotic triangle amongst a homosexual king, a bisexual commander and a heterosexual queen.

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The King of Goryeo is married to a Yuan Dynasty princess, but they do not have any kids, with the stress from each the Yuan Emperor and the king’s council to make a male heir and make sure the dynasty piling up. At the very same time although, the King is retaining an affair with Hong-rim, the commander of his private guard, a group of males that have been handpicked and educated from childhood to fulfill the distinct part. As time passes and the strain becomes much more and much more intense, the King comes up with a daring strategy, of obtaining Hong-rim sleep with the Queen in order to impregnate her in secret and present the child as his personal. The two are really against his selection, but at some point make a decision to proceed. In spite of the initial issues the deed presents, the two quickly embark on an intensely erotic trip, which, inetvitably, ends up getting considerably much more than their orders. As the king starts to suspect what is going on, he shows his cruel face, and quickly a killing spree is initiated, with no a single getting in a position to really feel protected inside the palace walls.

Permit me to commence with the most apparent. “Frozen Flower” is a genuine eye-candy, with all elements of the production getting of the highest high quality. The costume design and style by Lee Hye-quickly and Jeong Jeong-eun, the art path by Kim Ki-chul, the hair style, and the areas the film was shot are all astonishing to watch, also due to the impressive cinematography of Choi Hyun-ki, who captures all the aforementioned in the finest way probable. The beauty of all the protagonists, the a lot of, lengthy, and really steamy sex scenes, also like a homosexual a single, and the violent/action ones are also impressively shot, and benefitting the most also by each Park Gok-ji’s editing and Kim Jun-seok’s music. The montage of the efficiency in the court whilst the two lovers are obtaining sex inside the library is almost certainly the apogee of the audiovisual aspect right here, in an all round extravaganza that is surely a feast for the eyes, even if some musical performances could have been reduce a bit shorter, or getting omitted absolutely.

At the very same time, the primary story, even if somewhat cliched, is each intriguing in the way it unfolds and filled with sociopolitical and philosophical commentary. The final aspect is basically really intense right here, as the location of ladies in the then Korean society, the truth that the King was not all-highly effective and had to abide to the stress of his council, the existence of homosexual affairs in the palace, male bonding, and human nature, specifically in the way passion can move beyond logic and revenge beyond really like are all excellently portrayed, adding depth to what is primarily a really like story.

The acting is also on a extremely higher level. Joo Jin-mo as the King is exceptional in the way he transforms from a type man to a bloodthirsty revenger. Zo In-sung is equally convincing in the way he portrays his inner struggle about his two lovers, whilst his downward spiral is a single of the finest traits of the film. Song Ji-hyo is also extremely superior, specifically in the way she begins obtaining feelings for her imposed lover, and the way she abandons logic to succumb to really like. The chemistry of the 3 is also exceptional, and is basically also eloquently depicted in the erotic scenes.

Some elements about how the story unfolds are a bit far-fetched, whilst the melodramatic element could not be missing right here also, but as a complete, “Frozen Flower” emerges as an exceptional film, specifically in the way it provides entertainment and visual pleasure in terrific amounts.



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