Big Mouth: Episodes 13-14


Major Mouth: Episodes 13-14

We’ve left the prison behind for great and entered the domain of Major Mouse. Right here, the mysteries are solved, the revenge plots commence, and the death toll continues to rise. At least our heroes get to ride it out in a good hotel.


Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

We start off from the constructing explosion. It is confirmed that Area Leader Noh did not survive and he was certainly Major Mouse — it wasn’t yet another fake out. It is also confirmed really immediately that the mayor planted the bomb. The show seems to be accomplished with drawn-out mysteries and desires to get down to vengeance ASAP.

Chang-ho goes to the morgue to mourn and then on to the burned-out restaurant. When the mayor’s hired hand tries to jump him, Jerry shows up with a cute side component and some henchmen of his personal. Jerry has just joined the Major Mouse criminal enterprise not too long ago and his existing assignment is to safeguard Chang-ho and Mi-ho. We see Mi-ho and her dad getting taken to a luxe hotel, owned by “the Organization,” escorted by males in black.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

Jerry requires Chang-ho to the mourning service for Major Mouse, exactly where all the attendants are members of the Organization. Warden Park is there and we find out that, right after Major Mouse, he was third in command. A video plays of Area Leader Noh providing his final message to his organizational “family.” He says that if they’re seeing this, it implies he’s gone and that the group requires a new leader. Immediately after dragging it out a tiny, he names Park Chang-ho the new commander. Chang-ho is shocked (though the rest of us saw it coming from a mile away).

Warden Park is naturally upset that this newcomer now outranks him and demands to know who shot the video. In walks KIM Quickly-TAE (Oh Eui-shik), Chang-ho’s lawyer and most effective pal (who till now has remained on the sidelines of the story). Quickly-tae is second in command and he is the one particular that asked Major Mouse to save Chang-ho’s life.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

The two good friends later have a heart-to-heart — Chang-ho blaming Quickly-tae for ruining his life, and Quickly-tae claiming he saved his life — and it becomes clear that Chang-ho does not genuinely have a decision of regardless of whether or not to take on the new part. If he does not, he may well be killed.

Chang-ho does not inform Mi-ho about his new job (this boy hasn’t changed a bit), but he does ask her opinion about regardless of whether or not to continue carrying out Major Mouse’s want and solving the case about Dr. Seo’s paper. Mi-ho has no hesitation: she will see it via ‘til the finish. If not, additional persons will die. Chang-ho agrees and, with that, he officially concedes to be the new Major Mouse.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14 Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

Now that Chang-ho is in a position of privilege, he and Quickly-tae meet at the beach to clear up all the mystery lines we’ve been following and answer all our zany inquiries (plus, Lee Jong-seok in ripped jeans. Rawrrr.) Chief amongst them is: what does the area leader’s daughter have to do with the paper? Effectively, she was a reporter who went missing though investigating NR Forum. They identified her physique 3 years later, along with her notebook that pointed out Dr. Seo Jae-young. He was just about to be formally questioned when he turned up dead.

Chang-ho desires to do a deep-dive investigation into NR Forum and the Elder, a.k.a. CHAIRMAN KANG (Jeon Guk-hwan), and the group hits the archives. When Jerry offers a PowerPoint presentation of the city’s history and the chairman’s part in its improvement, Mi-ho pieces with each other that his business NK Chemical substances is accountable for the rise in cancer individuals. At the exact same time, Joo-hee separately becomes conscious of the exact same details. She has ignored the hospital’s secret underground lab all this time, but now, as commissioner of the audit committee, she desires Chairman Kang to shut down NK chemical substances.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14 Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

When the chairman refuses, the mayor admits to his wife that he killed Dr. Seo. She’s baffled and heartbroken and desires to know why. He tells her that as a situation to be capable to marry her, he agreed to do any terrible factor the chairman asked. He cries and says he’s by no means regretted marrying her and she has no notion she’s getting played. She goes straight out and has the lab destroyed — not out of the goodness of her heart — but to get rid of the proof.

Warden Park has some guys go attempt to kill Mayor Choi as comeuppance for killing Major Mouse. They do not succeed, but this gets Warden Park pretty much murdered by his personal organization for stepping outdoors the chain of command. It is genuinely graphic and I will not go into it, but it is shocking to see Quickly-tae turn into a entirely distinct individual than the quiet and nerdy pal we’ve recognized him as. Chang-ho has also seemingly morphed into The Godfather. When Warden Park is kneeling in front of him, beat senseless, Chang-ho sits in his chair unaffected and tells him he’ll die if he methods out of line once again.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

Chang-ho’s program is to expose the mayor for his crimes. To do this, he sends himself undercover to achieve the favor of the chairman. He says he’s operating for mayor in the subsequent election and desires the chairman to back him. It operates, and the chairman invites Chang-ho to his upcoming 85th birthday bash. Chang-ho also teams up with Ji-hoon, telling him Major Mouse didn’t steal NR Forum’s dollars, and he should really appear internally for the culprit (we know it is the mayor simply because we saw him sitting on all these gold bars a handful of episodes back).

When Quickly-tae, Jerry, and Chang-ho are riding about with each other (and I’m feeling like this should really have been the complete show simply because this is substantially additional enjoyable) they understand they’re getting tailed. It is Mayor Choi’s secretary, who gets a video of all the Organization members bowing to Chang-ho when he gets out of the vehicle. The mayor realizes Chang-ho is the new Major Mouse and asks Warden Park to group up with him to kill Chang-ho. The warden agrees.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

When all these backdoor bargains are going on, Mi-ho has figured out Mayor Choi’s secret history and that he is positioning himself to take more than for Chairman Kang. We’ve had most of the clues currently, but this week it gets laid on the table. Chairman Kang killed Mayor Choi’s grandfather simply because the two have been most effective good friends but the grandfather opposed NK Chemical substances. Because then, the mayor has been plotting revenge against the chairman. He began as a youngster, taking more than his cousin’s name and identity right after he died. This permitted him to marry Joo-hee to get inside the family members without having anybody realizing who he was.

Chang-ho sends Warden Park on a mission and Jerry follows him simply because he does not trust him to comply with Chang-ho’s orders. Jerry gets caught, knocked in the head, and thrown in a trunk. When he comes to, Chang-ho is tied up and the warden is pointing a gun at him, with the mayor on video chat in order to witness the occasion. The warden then shoots Chang-ho at point-blank variety and it becomes clear this is a setup.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14 Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

When the mayor arrives to the scene the physique is currently gone and the warden begins asking inquiries about the mayor’s intent to kill Chairman Kang. The mayor admits his intent and we see Chang-ho and the chairman watching the complete factor on screen from the chairman’s property.

Chairman Kang calls the mayor to his property afterward but the mayor intuits what’s up. He kills the chairman by placing some thing in his IV that causes a heart attack. He then has the chairman’s will doctored in his favor and becomes chief mourner at his funeral. When Chang-ho shows up at the funeral — alive — he surprises the mayor and tells him to prepare for a showdown.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

Effectively, I’m prepared for this show to wrap up. Now that anything is out in the open I do not really feel substantially urgency for subsequent week. Chang-ho is becoming challenging to root for. Mayor Choi has gone from a nuanced villain to The Joker, joining the rest of the goons in their cartoonish portrayals. Jerry, fortunately, is the one particular individual who hasn’t genuinely changed — he turned out to be just as substantially of a sweetheart as we have been led to think when we got to know him.

With two episodes to go, my sincerest hopes are that Joo-hee will be the one particular to take down her husband, Mi-ho will get back as substantially as she’s placing in, and Hye-jin will get additional than a passing remark about her death. It is not seeking great for any of them, even though.

Big Mouth Episodes 13-14

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