Family secrets, political drama, and more in SBS mystery-thriller Trolley

September ten, 2022September ten, 2022

Family members secrets, political drama, and extra in SBS mystery-thriller Trolley
by Jenzy

Public opinion is a fickle mistress, and in SBS’s upcoming thriller Trolley, we’ll see how one particular wife’s secret has the possible to derail her husband’s political profession, and the lengths she’ll go to retain it.
Kim Hyun-joo (Hellbound) stars as Kim Hye-joo, the supportive wife of Nam Jung-do — played by Park Hee-quickly (A Modest Family members) — a nicely-liked and altruistic assemblyman campaigning for his third term. All through her husband’s profession, Hye-joo has been in a position to retain her identity — and dark previous — from the press and lead a quiet life as the owner of a book repair shop. That is, till an unexpected turn of events exposes her secrets to public. The plot description is slim, but the concerns it leaves us with are clear: Will Jung-do handle to climate the political storm that follows? Will their marriage survive?
Amongst other people in the supporting cast, we have Juvenile Justice alums Kim Mu-yeol and Jung Soo-bin, respectively, playing Jang Woo-jae, Jung-do’s trustworthy chief aide, and Kim Soo-bin, a scrappy teen living in a group house right after her parents’ divorce who has a thing to do with the Hye-joo’s secret.

The teaser shows us our political couple somberly taking a stroll juxtaposed with the scenes of the aftermath of Hye-joo’s secret becoming revealed: Jung-do having pelted with eggs, Hye-joo having mobbed by reporters in front of their property, and police investigating a crime scene by a river. Whilst the pressure and suspense builds, Hye-joo narrates in the background: “Everyone has a thing that they never ever anticipated come about to them. No one particular plans for it to come about, but when it does, we contact it an accident.”
With Kim Moon-gyo as the director and Ryu Bo-ra (Do You Like Brahms?) writing the script, Trolley will air in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday slot sometime this December.

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