Good Job: Episodes 5-6


Very good Job: Episodes five-six

Very good Job continues to do what it does most effective and provide laugh-out-loud comedy, but this week we also see a slight uptick in the romance division as our major lady goes undercover and enters the lion’s den. Her close proximity to our suspected evil doer causes our chaebol detective’s protective instincts to kick in, and the caring glances he offers her when she is not paying consideration are just plain squee-worthy!


Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Even if I wasn’t covering Very good Job, it would be at the top rated of my existing watch list. Far from fantastic, this drama is unabashedly cheesy and enjoyable, and the delivery is so on point for my certain brand of humor that I do not care if components of the story are so overly simplified that they defy all logic. Case in point: our motley crew’s program to rescue the kidnapped Soo-ah and her buddy.

I imply, if you truly want to quit and consider about it, their tiny sting operation to lure out the drug dealers that abducted Soo-ah was unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. But who am I to query the effectiveness of a sh!t-ton of revenue? Specifically when we got to see our preferred quartet dress up in higher college uniforms and slow-mo stroll via a crowd of teenage extras — it is nearly like they’re 30-one thing actors playing the younger versions of their characters in a K-drama flashback.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6 Good Job: Episodes 5-6

I was surely waiting on an individual to contact them out for getting narcs, but it turned out everybody else in the club — in addition to the genuine drug dealers — was on Sun-woo’s payroll. Not only did he rent out the teen nightclub for the evening, but he and his group also recruited 50+ teenaged actors to pose as partying, drug-purchasing students.

So when Soo-ah’s kidnappers revealed themselves, the crowd of undercover young adults armed themselves with airsoft guns, backed the drug dealers into a corner, and rounded them up with a literal fishing net. And the baddies remained tied up till Gwang-ki, who nonetheless is not conscious that Soo-ah was ever kidnapped, found them and all the incriminating proof that Sun-woo served up on a platter.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6 Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Though this tiny story arc detoured away from the mystery of The Queen’s Tears necklace, it progressed our romance plot and made a visible shift in the way Sun-woo perceives Sera. As she fawns more than the rescued Soo-ah at the hospital, Sun-woo appears on with admiration and possibly even a bit of envy that she has such a loving identified family members. And afterwards, when our quartet celebrates their prosperous mission more than dinner and drinks, Sun-woo orders Sera to steer clear of working with her potential recklessly. Clearly her earlier fainting spell and trip to the hospital shook him, and he does not want to see her go via that once more.

Buuuut, he’s not so concerned about Sera’s wellbeing that he does not want to send her undercover as Tae-joon’s new administrative assistant. Which is a lot more hazardous, Sun-woo? Sera working with an potential she’s lived with and adapted to her entire life, or placing her in close proximity to an abusive butt muffin who’s nonetheless seething that Sera not only nominated him for the ALS ice bucket challenge but also compared him to monkey testicles?

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

When Sera realizes who her new boss is going to be, she is understandably worried that he will recognize her, but Sun-woo assures her that Tae-joon’s beer goggles had been exceptionally thick the evening she 1st met him. There’s no way he will recognize her — particularly not devoid of that smoking hot pink dress, he thinks to himself. He additional coaxes Sera into compliance by explaining that Tae-joon was Ah-ra’s mystery lover — and probably the one particular who gave her The Queen’s Tears. Sun-woo desires Sera to plant a bug in Tae-joon’s workplace so he can retain an eye on his quantity one particular suspect.

Hiding the camera is a relatively basic activity, but it comes as no surprise that Tae-joon is a tyrant whose reputation precedes him. Fortunately, as Sun-woo predicted, he fails to recognize Sera, but she finds herself scrambling to meet Tae-joon’s demands and cover for his sloppy operate ethic. Though her 1st day on the job is stressful, she’s in a position to unwind soon after operate with the rest of the administrative employees, and they are all exceptionally prepared to gossip and commiserate with her.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

But (unknown to them) their meal is reduce quick when Sun-woo invites — a lot more like summons — Director Hong and their welcome celebration for the new interns to a fancy bar. This is not a basic invitation place forth by a chairman wanting to share goodwill and enhance organization morale, although. No, Sun-woo followed Tae-joon to this certain bar to eavesdrop on his conversation with Min-ji, which was all about Tae-joon attempting to determine the mystery lady (Sera) that insulted him so severely that he’s nonetheless feeling the burn of her insults.

Sun-woo worries that Tae-joon is seeking into Sera’s identity, but his issues take a back seat when Tae-joon spots Sun-woo at the bar and accuses Sun-woo of following him. Sun-woo denies the accusation, but Tae-joon does not think him — not till Director Hong and his posse of administrative assistants show up and seemingly corroborate Sun-woo’s story. He’s basically getting a fantastic boss and personally sponsoring his employees’ drinks and appetizers. Practically nothing to see right here. Move along, Tae-joon.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Except Tae-joon fails to study the space (or just does not care) and chooses to join them, which tends to make everybody really feel exceptionally awkward. Tae-joon suggests that they all drink a lot more alcohol to loosen up, but that only exacerbates the scenario. The administrative assistants, pressured to accept the supplied drinks from their superior, develop excessively intoxicated and fail to censor themselves. Meanwhile, Sun-woo sits back and watches each amused at his employees’ nickname for his nemesis and worried about Sera’s escalating intoxication.

When the celebration lastly breaks up, Sun-woo lingers just extended adequate to see Sera opt for to head residence on foot. Concerned — but completely in denial about it — Sun-woo follows her, and when she curls up on a bench, totally ready to commit the evening at a bus quit, he methods in and escorts her residence. Sera is so drunk that she errors Sun-woo for Na-hee, and I almost died when she grabbed Sun-woo’s face and smooshed his cheeks. Why are they so adorable?!

Good Job: Episodes 5-6 Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Sadly, the cuteness is interrupted by Gwang-ki, who has stopped by to verify in on Sera, and Sun-woo — like numerous chaebol major guys just before him — has to hide in a closet to steer clear of getting noticed by our major lady’s family members. When Gwang-ki sees that Sera is protected (albeit a lot more tanked than, properly, a military tank), he leaves.

For the reason that — thank you, drama gods — he does not have a crush on Sera. I’m so more than the trope of the brother figure getting the second lead who has a crush on the major lady. Had this been a K-drama from 2010, Gwang-ki would have creepily and longingly watched her even though she slept, so I’m glad we weren’t subjected to that. Yay, for platonic adoptive brothers!

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Sera wakes up with a slight hangover, regrets, and a new activity from Sun-woo: clone Tae-joon’s cell telephone, a activity that is a lot easier stated than completed since Tae-joon’s telephone never ever appears to leave his hand. But soon after Tae-joon’s newest screw-up prompts an workplace check out and a physical beating from his father, Sera finds the opening she desires and chases Tae-joon onto the elevator so she can apply some ointment to his bloody lip.

Sun-woo, who witnessed (by means of his spy-cam) the many physical altercations and arguments that went down in Tae-joon’s workplace, decides to run interference amongst Tae-joon and Sera, but his presence ruins Sera’s program. So when he tries to force his way onto the elevator, she stomps on Sun-woo’s foot. Her tiny act of defiance endears her to Tae-joon, so he invites her to join him for lunch.

Sun-woo and Jin-mo comply with in the bat-van, and as they stake out the restaurant and wait for Sera to locate the chance to clone Tae-joon’s telephone, Jin-mo teases Sun-woo more than the reality that Sera had the audacity to step on him. But is Sun-woo’s pouting since of his injured foot and pride, or the reality that Sera and Tae-joon had been seeking awfully cozy in that elevator? Hmmmm…

Good Job: Episodes 5-6 Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Following Sera effectively clones Tae-joon’s telephone, they learn that Tae-joon’s lunch meeting is with a gifted programmer from a rival organization. It appears Tae-joon is organizing to steal the other company’s secrets and take all the credit for them. Nicely, not on Sun-woo’s watch!

Cue a different ridiculously elaborate heist that the trio appears to execute in the time it requires to cook immediate ramyeon. Sera, dressed as a member of the waitstaff, directs the personal computer programmer to a private space exactly where a disguised Sun-woo is waiting. Sun-woo tells the personal computer programmer that he’s element of the group from Eunkang Group that is performing an internal investigation on Tae-joon. He promises to ignore the cause the programmer was meeting Tae-joon if the programmer agrees to never ever speak to Tae-joon or pursue the matter additional. In a nearby space, Jin-mo meets with Tae-joon and offers him a equivalent story.

They effectively thwart Tae-joon’s shifty small business plans, but sadly Assistant KIM JAE-HA (Hong Woo-jin), who appears inexplicably loyal to Tae-joon, saw Sera and Sun-woo collectively. And he’s figured out that she’s secretly operating for Sun-woo — almost certainly not for the motives he suspects, although. Unless… what if Jae-ha is the genuine undesirable guy? Just throwing it out there since Tae-joon completely feels like a red herring.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Sun-woo requires off his detective hat for the day and swaps it for his chaebol obligations, beginning with a blind date with JANG YOO-MIN (Na Eun-saem), the daughter of Seho Group. Sun-woo is not pleased to have been lured below false pretenses to the restaurant by a quite apologetic Director Hong, and he nearly instantly texts Jin-mo for assist. I can not say that I blame him since Yoo-min turns out to be a vapid princess who’s fully undeterred by Sun-woo’s disinterest.

What Sun-woo does not know, although, is that Jin-mo is presently out to dinner with Na-hee, and he does not want to leave. You see, soon after the group rescued Soo-ah, Jin-mo and Na-hee hit the alcohol a tiny also difficult. 1 factor led to a different, and attractive occasions had been had. Na-hee appears keen to place their one particular-evening stand behind her and continue crushing on Gwang-ki, but Jin-mo is smitten. So when Sun-woo sends out the SOS, Jin-mo comes up with a Strategy B: Sera.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

She crashes Sun-woo’s date, playing the part of his girlfriend and dialing the aegyo up to eleven. If Sun-woo’s reaction to her more than-the-top rated behavior wasn’t so amusing, I’d vomit from her overly sweet functionality. Sun-woo awkwardly settles into the part of her equally doting boyfriend, and sooner or later Yoo-min leaves. But not just before tossing out a comic book inspired threat: This is not the final you have noticed of me! Mwahahah!

Yoo-min’s departure does not imply that the coast is clear, although. Not only did Jae-ha snap a image of them collectively and report to Tae-joon that Sera is spying on behalf of Sun-woo, but Director Hong, who lingered to spy on Sun-woo’s blind date, saw the entire exchange from afar. When Sera spots Director Hong peeping on them, Sun-woo decides there’s no time like the present to quell any future matchmaking schemes, so he escorts Sera up to his space at the hotel, which is his key residence when he does not want to go residence to a large, empty home.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6 Good Job: Episodes 5-6

When they’re alone, Sun-woo orders some tteokbokki for Sera. He turns his snobby nose up at the snack, but when she brings some to his lips as an supplying, he opens wide… only for her to pull it away teasingly. The flirty banter continues till Sera falls asleep on the sofa, and getting discovered his lesson from their overnight remain as a fake-couple at the hospital, Sun-woo carries her to the bed.

He grabs a pillow and falls asleep on the sofa, but that is not exactly where he wakes up. Nope, when Sun-woo opens his eyes he’s in bed subsequent to Sera, seeking exceptionally confused as to how he got there. Director Hong begins to contact him, and the sound wakes Sera, who errors it for her alarm. She reaches across Sun-woo, attempting to shut it off, and that is how we finish this week’s episode with our major couple staring doe-eyed at every other, their lips inches apart.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

Y’all, I adore it. I know this is not the greatest drama in the history of K-dramas, but it is specifically what I need to have appropriate now: a laugh-out-loud romance that aims to do nothing at all a lot more than entertain. I want an excuse to turn my brain off soon after operate, and this is it. Admittedly, I didn’t laugh as a lot this week as I have in the previous, but I consider element of that is since some of my chuckles had been replaced by squees. Sun-woo is establishing feelings for our spunky heroine! Even although he’s nonetheless in denial about it, his actions and secret glances inform a distinct story. I reside for subtle facts like these that only the audience — and Jin-mo — notice, so I’m glad that this drama is handing them out like candy on Halloween.

Sadly, I can not say I’m as satisfied about our second couple. Considering the fact that the starting, they’ve felt thrown collectively, not since they suit every other but since they’re each leftover pieces that are getting paired up solely for the sake of symmetry. This is almost certainly one particular of the couple of situations exactly where I do not want the continuously bickering couple to fall in adore, so it is particularly disappointing for me that they hooked up so promptly. Jin-mo, my preferred character, has now lost some of his flavor. He’s so a lot funnier when he goes toe-to-toe with her, and I can not say that I like the version of him that titillatingly flexes his forearms to knead dough. It also does not assist that the bromance amongst Jin-mo and Sun-woo has set the bar for on-screen chemistry exceptionally higher, and Na-hee can not appear to attain it.

Good Job: Episodes 5-6

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