Jeon Yeo-bin and Nana uncover a UFO mystery in Netflix

September ten, 2022

Jeon Yeo-bin and Nana uncover a UFO mystery in Netflix’s Glitch
by solstices

What would you do if the particular person you loved most abruptly disappeared without having a trace? That is the query that Jeon Yeo-bin (Vincenzo) has to contend with in Netflix’s upcoming drama Glitch. Billed as a mystery thriller that will transcend even the fourth dimension, Glitch promises to take its viewers on an unpredictable ride.
Jeon Yeo-bin plays Hong Ji-hyo, an ordinary lady with a steady job and a faithful boyfriend. Having said that, there’s a single aspect to her that is extraordinary — she has the capability to see aliens. In order to reside a regular life, Ji-hyo has ignored this unique energy for years. Then all of a sudden, her boyfriend of 4 years, Lee Shi-kook — played by Lee Dong-hwi (Broker) — abruptly vanishes off the face of the Earth.
Nana (Genesis) plays Heo Bora, a streamer whose content material centers about mysteries. She was childhood mates with Ji-hyo, but right after Ji-hyo went missing for a whilst in middle college, the pair drifted apart. Shi-kook’s disappearance will bring the two estranged mates back collectively, as they join hands alongside the members of a UFO forum in order to track him down.
Ji-hyo and Bora’s investigation into the supposed alien kidnapping will have them encountering pseudo-religious cults, witnessing bizarre phenomena, and drawing up absurd conspiracy theories.
Directed by Noh Deok (SF8: Manxin) and written by Jin Han-sae (Extracurricular), the ten-episode drama is slated for an October 7 release on Netflix.

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