If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 9-10


If You Want Upon Me: Episodes 9-ten

Our volunteer’s traumatic previous comes careening back into his life, shattering his newfound peace. But his hospice household is not about to give up on him that quickly and hatches a strategy. Meanwhile, far more reveals are in shop about our mysterious patient and our beloved supervisor’s previous.


Immediately after Joon-kyung’s unceremonious arrival, she demands that Gyeo-re leave with her straight away. When he resists, she falls back on her old pattern of abuse and threatens to kill herself if he stays. So, he leaves with her, seeking like he’s been handed a death sentence. He can barely meet Yeon-joo’s eyes as he leaves.

Joon-kyung’s abusive and emotionally manipulative behavior produced me so angry it was honestly really hard to get via the episode. I kept pausing for deep breaths. She’s profoundly broken, but it is really hard to sympathize with her on account of her getting so awful. Creating matters worse, it appears like he’s by no means even wanted to be in a romantic partnership with her – she’s just attempting to coerce him into it.

In addition to her continual threats of self-harm, she also guilts him into cooperation by blaming him for this complete circumstance. When they have been tiny, she virtually got adopted by a wealthy household, but she refused the adoption just after Gyeo-re asked her to turn into household with him alternatively. Now, she holds onto him with a death grip making use of that innocent childhood guarantee.

Gyeo-re tries to convince Joon-kyung to seek experienced assistance, but she lashes out and refuses to accept that she’s mentally ill. Rather, she focuses all her efforts on holding onto Gyeo-re, actually and figuratively. She will not let him out of her sight and clings to him just about every likelihood she gets.

When he attends the wedding ceremony of a wishee, Joon-kyung follows him seeking sullen at the mere believed Gyeo-re can be content with no her. He chats with Group Genie, while he avoids Yeon-joo, afraid of dragging her into his mess. Fortunately, Gyeo-re does speak to Tae-shik and clarify his circumstance.

Gyeo-re ultimately reaches a breaking point just after Joon-kyung has a dish-breaking screaming-bloody-murder meltdown when he will not consume the meal she produced for him. He’s so desperate he texts his address to Seok-joon since he’d rather die by the gangster’s hand than reside like this.

Though Gyeo-re waits for Seok-joon on the roof, Tae-shik has a chat with Yeon-joo to clarify Gyeo-re’s circumstance. When she hears he’s fundamentally in a hostage circumstance, she grabs her boxing gloves and marches more than to save him.

Yeon-joo finds Gyeo-re prepared to die on the roof and tells him off ahead of punching Joon-kyung twice when she begins acting up. Then, Yeon-joo locks Gyeo-re out and has it out with Joon-kyung. She lets Joon-kyung rage like a parent riding out a tantrum. Yeon-joo is fully unfazed by Joon-kyung’s histrionics and calls her out on her abuse and BS. It is SO satisfying.

Somehow, Yeon-joo manages to uncover empathy for the lady and provides her the boxing gloves, telling Joon-kyung to come by the hospice when she’s prepared for assistance. On their way out, Yeon-joo and Gyeo-re are intercepted by Seok-joon. They get in a scuffle and escape with some bruises.

After Yeon-joo leaves with Gyeo-re, Joon-kyung cannot face reality and ends up jumping off the roof. She survives with Seok-joon – who is completely in appreciate with her – at her side when she wakes up. (Why not choose the guy who does not uncover getting with you a sentence worse than death?)

Elsewhere, Gyeo-re is welcomed back by his Group Genie household who give him a really hard time but are thrilled he’s returned. Tae-shik does his most effective to hide his worsening discomfort from Gyeo-re and absolutely everyone else, but it is a struggle.

We do get some additional developments on our mysterious patient in the locked space who appears to have woken up. Unbeknownst to the employees, he’s taken to lurking about the hospice at evening and even finds the will Gyeo-re left. His intentions are unclear considering that he did assistance Yeon-joo when she fainted in the hallway, but he was holding a knife and appears to have produced a shallow reduce on her neck for some explanation.

But we ultimately understand the deal with this bizarre circumstance. The man is the shady organization companion from Tae-shik’s previous, and one particular day he came with his minions to the hospice to uncover Tae-shik. Now, here’s exactly where issues get a tiny murky. Somehow, he ended up injured and on the brink of death in the woods nearby. Grandpa Yoon located him and got Group Genie to save the man, saying he didn’t want Tae-shik to be branded a murderer.

We by no means see Tae-shik attack the man, so I’m not positive if it is to retain Tae-shik from getting falsely accused or if Grandpa Yoon saw Tae-shik hurt him. Either way, Group Genie has kept him alive and stashed away ever considering that. Gyeo-re overhears Yeon-joo speaking to Dr. Yang about it and ultimately gets his answer about the mysterious patient.

Then, we get yet another flashback that answers the query as soon as and for all: what is Tae-shik’s connection to Gyeo-re? And my initial interpretation was ideal! Gyeo-re’s father is none other than Tae-shik’s ex-organization companion now stashed at the hospice. Immediately after Tae-shik saw tiny Gyeo-re with clear marks of intense abuse, he encouraged him to run away and save himself. And Gyeo-re did just that.

Now, Tae-shik asks Gyeo-re about his household – is not he curious about his parents? Gyeo-re reveals he cannot don’t forget his mother who left when he was tiny. As for his horribly abusive father, Gyeo-re intentionally wiped him from his memory and can no longer recall his face. (Whelp, I have a feeling his memory is going to be jogged quickly adequate.) Gyeo-re worries he’ll be like his father, but Tae-shik assures him he’s as well warm and sort for that.

We finish the week with Tae-shik, Gyeo-re, and Yeon-joo going on a want-granting trip. When they quit for meals, Tae-shik’s discomfort leads him to pass out in the street. Yeon-joo and Gyeo-re frantically attempt to wake him.

Haven’t we had adequate trauma and sadness? I’m not prepared to drop Tae-shik, as well. At least we ultimately have some answers about each Gyeo-re’s connection to Tae-shik and the mysterious patient. I want they hadn’t accomplished the red herring point with Tae-shik and Gyeo-re considering that I do not assume we necessary the further mystery – there’s adequate going on with no creating Gyeo-re’s parentage a guessing game.

Now that Gyeo-re’s father has woken up, it is only a matter of time ahead of he and Gyeo-re come face to face. Thank goodness Gyeo-re has his new household by his side who have proved they’ll guard him no matter what.

And I have to say, I appreciate that Yeon-joo gets the knight in shining armor function. It is enjoyable to see the gender reversal with her getting the protector and the initiator in the partnership. Whether or not it is obtaining him out of a hostage circumstance or scandalizing him with her forward remarks (that lunch box comment produced me LOL), Yeon-joo is such an active character. With her and the rest of Group Genie by his side, I’m confident Gyeo-re will be capable to get via what ever comes subsequent, irrespective of whether that is Tae-shik’s worsening situation or obtaining to face his father.

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