Once Upon a Small Town: Episodes 1-3


When Upon a Smaller Town: Episodes 1-three

When Upon a Smaller Town is ultimately right here and it is as fluffy and adorable as you would picture for a show about animals and the individuals who take care of them. Every thing about this drama is fairly from the animated intro to the pastoral setting — and the budding romance promises to be just as beautiful. I am so in the mood for bike riding and peach selecting in the sunshine, and now that I’ve got it, there’s no going back. Countryside, right here I come!


once upon a small town 1-3

This could not be additional from the other show I’m covering ideal now, and I could not be happier about it! Green grass, organic light, flowers in bloom, and a crop of new young actors that are as fantastic-hunting as their surroundings. For a compact drama, the very first 3 episodes are large on heart.

We start out by meeting HAN JI-YOOL (Choo Young-woo), a veterinarian at a state-of-the-art clinic in Seoul. In the middle of treating a pampered pet, he receives a message about his grandfather telling him to come promptly simply because there’s not a lot time. In a panic, he drives to the rural village of Huidong, repeatedly failing to get ahold of his grandparents. At their home, no one particular answers the door and he starts to climb the gate. Right here, 3 minutes in, below the pouring rain, we get our meet-cute — and it is all the things you’d hope it would be.

once upon a small town 1-3

AHN JA-YOUNG (Joy) is a nearby police officer touring the neighborhood on the lookout for a compact-time thief who’s been robbing the elderly. She spots Ji-yool, pulls him down, twists his arm behind his back, and asks to see his ID. It is hilarious as he tries to clarify what he’s performing and she does not think a word. By the time she realizes she’s mistaken and lets him go, her companion comes along, considering she’s in danger, and flips Ji-yool more than his back and onto the ground, knocking him unconscious.

This is the very first in a stream of physical comedy that earns its laughs not from the outrageous actions (throwing individuals down, falling in the mud) but from the other characters’ nonchalant reactions to it all. In this case, Ja-young’s companion has no concept what’s going on and plays the scene straight-faced as she offers him a dumbfounded appear. This is the show’s style. The setups are more than the top rated, but the punchlines are slight — creating for playfully funny final results.

once upon a small town 1-3

Ji-yool wakes to come across he’s in his grandfather’s vet clinic and the text messages had been a ruse. His grandfather lured him there so the grandparents could go on a two-month cruise and leave him in charge of their animal hospital. When he protests that he has to be at his personal clinic in Seoul, his grandfather says it is all taken care of and, no, he does not (heh).

From right here we’re off and operating. It is a classic fish out of water story as Ji-yool tries to make sense of nation customs, keep his boundaries, and get employed to his new job. It is not effortless to go from the each day concerns of dogs to vaccinating pigs and checking up on infant goats with colic. But it is even tougher to get employed to the neighborly ajummas walking into the home unannounced (even if they come with kimchi).

For Ji-yool, the new customs are not just confusing, they often violate his animal-loving ethics and penchant for sticking to the guidelines. When he goes to assist out a farmer whose chickens are becoming attacked by a wild dog, he finds the dog’s leg in a trap, bleeding. He gets angry, requires the dog’s side, and states it is illegal to trap a dog like that. Ja-young is there but says it is her job to defend the farmer’s house, not to give him a citation. Ji-yool requires the dog back to his hospital and fixes him up but the animal refuses to consume. Right after a week or so, the dog ultimately begins consuming and the nurse says, “What can he do? He has to adapt” — and we see our hero agree, just as he starts to take measures toward adaptation as effectively.

once upon a small town 1-3

Since Ja-young does double duty as police officer and farm hand (of course), she and Ji-yool are in continual firm. Although they snap at each and every other more than their unique methods of seeing the globe, Ja-young really has a terrible crush on Ji-yool — from when they had been twelve. That is ideal, they had been “secret friends” as youngsters but Ji-yool hasn’t recognized her but. She knew the minute she saw the name on his ID when she had him detained at his grandfather’s gate.

Even even though Ji-yool does not recall Ja-young, his feelings toward her soften when he finds out that she was abandoned by her mother. He lost each of his parents as effectively, and seeing her vulnerability tends to make him wonder who requires care of her even though she requires care of absolutely everyone else. He realizes that the nearby individuals have no boundaries but begins to see it is simply because they care about each and every other.

once upon a small town 1-3

The group of gossipy ajummas that run the women’s association want to set up Ja-young with an individual but the town only has a handful of young individuals. One particular is the spectacular new veterinarian in town and the other is Ja-young’s finest buddy LEE SANG-HYUN (Baek Sung-chul), who runs a peach farm (can you get any cuter than this?) and also has a crush on her. And even though the show is setting him up as a second lead, it is also setting him up for heartbreak, simply because it is pretty clear she only has eyes for Ji-yool.

I’m liking Ji-yool a lot as well and it is not simply because he’s so fresh-faced and fairly (not completely). He’s adapting promptly to his new atmosphere and appears like a actually fantastic particular person. In truth, all the characters strike me as fantastic individuals. So far, we have no higher drama. The minor conflicts have cleared up conveniently and absolutely everyone is effortless to forgive without the need of a grudge. And even even though Ja-young desires Ji-yool to recall her from when they had been youngsters, it is far more critical to her that he has a good time even though he’s in town this summer time. (Of course, she could just inform him — but if she did that, this wouldn’t be a K-drama.)

once upon a small town 1-3 once upon a small town 1-3

Yet another explanation I like Ji-yool is simply because the actor is proving to be pretty funny. This is my very first time seeing Choo Young-woo and his slight, fast facial expressions are just hilarious. One particular of the operating jokes is that he’s hunting for a fantastic cup of coffee. When the nurse at his hospital offers him immediate coffee, he asks, “Is this the only coffee you have?” She responds, “Are you afraid we’ll run out? No, we have far more. Do not be concerned!” And his compact, reflexive head movements are comedy gold (and not possible to capture in a screenshot).

Other highlights in these episodes are watching Joy manage reside pigs (I do not know why I discovered this hysterical) and the cast of side characters at the police station, the vet clinic, and the women’s association, which I’m certain we’ll continue to get to know. Notably, we have Jung Suk-yong as police chief HWANG MAN-SEONG and Baek Ji-won as CHOI SE-RYUN, the loudest of the 3 ladies top the upcoming conflict against the neighboring town. We just saw these two in Extraordinary Lawyer Woo and their roles right here couldn’t be any far more campy and unique.

So far, When Upon a Smaller Town has components of an old-college silly K-drama that does not take itself as well seriously and will make you smile all the way by way of. I’m completely camping out for far more.

once upon a small town 1-3

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