Adamas: Episodes 13-14


Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Could it get any a lot more intense?! The penultimate week of Adamas sees a lot of our characters coming with each other and uniting more than a prevalent purpose, but at the identical time, factions of energy are forming, rifts are suffered, and lives are lost. What a set of episodes!


Adamas: Episodes 13-14

This show just does not quit! Rather than drop steam, Adamas is undertaking the precise opposite and just about every episode appears to get a lot more and a lot more intense. Did I mention it was intense? Also, we ultimately have our lengthy-awaited twin switch this week, even though it was pretty minor, due to the fact precedence was provided to all the backstory and extended flashbacks. I knew we had a fantastic collection of actors in this drama, but they genuinely knocked it out of the park this week. I believe I nevertheless have goosebumps!

We choose up with Soo-hyun going to Lee Chang-woo in prison, this time wiser and armed with a lot a lot more information. He ultimately reveals that he now knows Lee Chang-woo is his biological father, and this scene is not only exploding with incredible acting, but pretty a chunk of backstory that I’ve been itching to see play out.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14 Adamas: Episodes 13-14

We see the infamous events from 22 years ago by way of Lee Chang-woo’s eyes — almost everything from how he located out that his son was truly sons to the adamas-stealing scheme that Group Leader Lee convinced him to partake in. Lee Chang-woo says he knew that Lee was playing him. Even even though his greed created him agree to the scheme, it sounds like he anticipated Lee to kill him and take all immediately after the theft was executed and the fake adamas place in the genuine one’s location.

In the present, Lee Chang-woo tells Soo-hyun that he gave and stuck by his false confession in order to preserve the boys protected. He knows now, as properly as they do, that as soon as that secret is revealed, their heads are all on the chopping block.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Turns out the prison scene and the flashbacks are the calmest components of our episodes this week — elsewhere, almost everything goes haywire. To start off, Chairman Kwon decides to test Tae-sung’s loyalty/usefulness and requires him to the creepy “fishing” place exactly where far also several individuals have died.

And waiting there all tied up for interrogation is… Group Leader Lee, absolutely not dead, even immediately after getting poisoned! It is a hair-raising scene with him and the chairman, but immediately after the chairman realizes that Lee definitely does not know exactly where the genuine adamas — he says he has no purpose to preserve Lee alive. Oh, and Tae-sung can do the deed to prove himself. Heo Sung-tae’s acting blew me awayyyy this week, and this scene is only the initially of it. Anyway, he kicks a tied up Lee into the water, but we come across out later he’ll be rescued and that maintaining Lee alive was a component of the deal Hye-soo and Woo-shin created.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Meanwhile, a lot more mayhem! The SIH is, as anticipated, supplied up as a scapegoat for the terrorist attack and is forced to disband. Hyuk-pil in distinct requires the weight of the point I genuinely like this character even with all of his terrible methods. Later, we come across out that he’s retained 4 of his most trusted agents, and they’ll enable our other great guys, and safeguard Soo-hyun in distinct.

But just before that can occur, even a lot more mayhem! Dragon Lady Kwon does not have lengthy for this earth — she gets poisoned in prison and moved to Hye-soo’s hospital exactly where she’s about to get offed by Group A, till Hye-soo saves her. This will all come to be essential later.

But just before that, Woo-shin masquerades as his prosecutor brother and talks to the inmate accountable for the prison massacre that opened our drama so several episodes ago. He gathers a complete bunch of information about how the complete point was ordered by Haesong to get rid of a single man in distinct (so there was a lot a lot more to it then just the death penalty political scheming).

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Back to Tae-sung — he officially loses his sh!t immediately after almost everything that he and the SIH have been by way of, and all the lives lost to no avail. He grabs a gun from his secret armory, marches into the chairman’s workplace, and shoots him in cold blood. It is insane. The chairman is secretly rushed to Hye-soo’s hospital, exactly where all is kept prime secret and the whole VIP ward is cleared for his advantage.

He survives, and no a single is pleased. Hyun-jo is like a caged rat and just desires the succession to be finalized just before he dies Tae-sung is nevertheless determined to kill him and plans to do it with a pair of scissors but Hye-soo, who also wished he had died, has a far a lot more nefarious program in thoughts.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14 Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Hye-soo has been squirreling away energy when her husband loses it — she has amassed sufficient of it now that she sits coldly in the VIP space in a red dress when a deranged-hunting Dragon Lady Kwon is let into the space.

Her fury is a lot more terrifying than ever, and Chairman Kwon could possibly have woken up, but he does not remain awake lengthy. His faithful servant stabs him in the heart with her walking stick blade, claiming that due to the fact he has her son’s heart, she has the correct to it. Gosh, this scene is horrifying and however mesmerizing we’re at Greek tragedy levels at this point! And so, Chairman Kwon is dead. The death will be covered up. Hye-soo claims manage of Haesong.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Meanwhile, our favourite novelist and our favourite prosecutor have hatched a program, but we do not know the complete particulars however. Soo-hyun is met by Sun on his way out of the prison (ugh, I genuinely hate her, and no quantity of horrific backstory can repair it), and she tends to make creepy taunts towards him. Then we jump to Woo-shin, who’s in his vehicle and there’s this uncomfortable moment exactly where he’s stopped by a truck and he knows some thing is not right…

Just before we know it, Woo-shin is captured in a shipping container with Lee Chang-woo… but it is type of all going according to program? We find out that the boys are now each GPS tracking enabled, and that they’ve been speedy texting each and every other all of a sudden due to the fact of this program of theirs. In the words of their father: “What have you two carried out?”

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Soo-hyun and Seo-hee are tracking Woo-shin’s place and are off to the rescue, but OMG it is a genuine nail-biter. A Group A agent is there, and begins torturing Woo-shin (by means of a hammer to his hand)(the hand with the tracker in it), and I do not know who is in a lot more agony — Woo-shin himself, who ultimately passes out from the discomfort, or his father who has to watch. But what I do know is that in the war of Song twins in my heart, I am swinging a lot more towards Woo-shin. I just adore his sharp thoughts, and his bravery wowed me in these episodes.

Anyway, his tracker goes out, and Soo-hyun mutters in the vehicle what we’re all screaming from our couches: “Woo-shin, please remain alive!” The Group A agent is attempting to get the place of the adamas out of Lee Chang-woo, but the only point that Lee Chang-woo gets out of is his handcuffs. Which he then makes use of to kill the agent and save his son.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

They emerge from the shipping container just as Soo-hyun, Seo-hee, and the remaining SIH agents come across them, and even even though it is a bloody and heartbreaking moment, it was squee-worthy. Woo-shin collapses onto his brother, and our group of great guys are ultimately forming a single front.

There is some thing so extremely satisfying about the way the drama brings with each other all the characters at this point in the story. Even though they all go into hiding with each other, they’re joined by Tae-sung, and it genuinely feels like a loved ones reunion. So several players from so several plots, all in the identical space, all on the identical side! But not for lengthy.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14 Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Absolutely everyone could possibly be with each other, but they do not see eye to eye, and we linger with the characters for a when right here as they interact and attempt to figure out what to do subsequent. This chunk of scenes is just jaw-droppingly great — raw, desperate, and complete of all the tension each and every character is feeling. There are various heated exchanges about how far they are prepared to go. Will they cross the line and act like Group A to take down Group A? Or will they seek justice when themselves remaining just?

Just about every single exchange right here was incredible, but my favourite was absolutely Woo-shin — nevertheless a mess immediately after getting tortured – who limps into the space and tells them there’s yet another way. But rather than agree, it is a lot more standoffs, no matter if amongst him and Lee Chang-woo, or Soo-hyun, who actually has to be dragged away by Tae-sung and the SIH cuties.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14 Adamas: Episodes 13-14

In the finish, Soo-hyun decides to remain with the “cross the line” group to take down Group Leader Lee, when Seo-hee and Woo-shin are excused — and I do not know which a single is a lot more heartbroken. Nevertheless, I adore the subtle moment Seo-hee and Soo-hyun share just before he turns to leave.

Back at his apartment with Seo-hee and Dong-rim, Woo-shin does what he does most effective: stare thoughtfully off into space and figure points out. We’ve noticed him do it several instances just before, and now he does it when listening to Lee Chang-woo’s statement to his brother — all when his hand shakes from the trauma it endured.

Then, in this totally scrumptious chills-inducing moment, Woo-shin ultimately realizes exactly where the adamas is hidden (great grief, Ji Sung’s ears had been even acting right here!!). This scene — and the way the complete point played out — was so absolutely satisfying that I do not even thoughts that I figured out exactly where the adamas was about 4 episodes ago. Also, I adore you Woo-shin.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

1 of the major arguments throughout the loved ones reunion was the deal Woo-shin reduce with Hye-soo. No a single else thinks she can be trusted, and immediately after this week’s episodes, I’m not positive if they’re incorrect!

Group Leader Lee survives death #two and is named to the Haesong mansion along with Mr. Jung. They march into the chairman’s workplace and who is seated on the throne but Hye-soo herself! She’s kept Lee alive as a component of her deal with Woo-shin, but she also claims that she desires to be partners with Group A, and prepares to hatch however yet another deal with Group Leader Lee. She desires him to take out the SIH (which she calls the largest threat to Haesong), and Lee agrees due to the fact there’s a small a person he desires to kill also.

Hye-soo also desires to know who was accountable for the hit on her beloved Min-jo, and we find out it was a directive straight from Hyun-jo to Sun. I do not trust Hye-soo a single bit, but what I do trust is her adore for Min-jo. I believe that will win out in the finish (but do not quote me if I’m incorrect!).

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

Even though Woo-shin rushes out immediately after his eureka moment, Seo-hee has her personal and heads out to speak to her significantly-hated Candidate Hwang, exactly where she tries to convince him to turn on Haesong.

And then ultimately, we have Soo-hyun, Tae-sung, and the rest of the SIH, who learn the coordinates of a preceding Group A hideout thanks to Soo-hyun getting wise, the deceased agent reading Woo-shin’s book, and the reality that Lee Chang-woo is providing them a lot of significantly-required insight on how Group A functions.

They find and infiltrate a creepy abandoned tourist motel, and it is super suspenseful as they wander by way of the developing (oh, Adamas, why do you preserve undertaking this to us!). What they come across — in a moment of genuine horror — is fundamentally a mass grave of all the individuals Group A has “disappeared” for Haesong. It is positively hair-raising. And it is a imply cliff-hanger also, due to the fact we have to wait a complete week for our finale episodes. There’s a ton to pull with each other nevertheless, but the action — and characters — have reached such a crescendo that it is glorious.

Adamas: Episodes 13-14

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