The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2


The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-two

If you have ever wondered what the enjoy kid among Vincenzo and Our Beloved Summer time would appear like, then you are in luck. KBS’s most recent rom-com The Law Cafe has all the sweetness of a rekindled higher college romance with the added kick of a brazen, justice-in search of heroine. But when our top lady quits her day job at a prestigious law firm to open a “law cafe,” will her new business enterprise prove fruitful, or will her top man get in her way?


The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

I wasn’t positive what to anticipate with our most recent rom-com The Law Cafe. This drama promised a lot, and I had a couple of issues that it wouldn’t obtain a balance among all the numerous plot devices. There’s the more than-the-prime comedy, the bickering former lovers, numerous legal instances, and the coffee shop setting, exactly where clients are capable to ogle flower boys and order a side of legal guidance with their morning Americanos. It seemed like the pretty embodiment of the idiom “to throw all the things at the wall and see what sticks.” And yet… it operates for me (so far).

Admittedly, I was nonetheless a bit concerned immediately after our initial introduction to our top lady KIM YURI (Lee Se-young), since her actions in the opening courtroom scene have been annoyingly unprofessional. I do not very have an understanding of the supposed faux pas of her wearing a tiger-striped blouse, but the way Yuri talked out of turn and argued straight with her opposing counsel was off-placing. If the writers have been attempting to portray her as becoming an intelligent lady who also marches to the beat of her personal drum, I feel they missed the mark a bit with that scene.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2 The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

1st impression aside, we do rapidly discover that Yuri is a talented, hardworking lawyer who has accumulated a complete wall of awards and accolades. Even her boss CEO HWANG (the generally delightful Kim Won-hae) is torn among celebrating and mourning her current resignation. She might be a discomfort in his butt, but he cannot deny that she’s an astounding lawyer that he’d like to preserve on the payroll — even if her pro bono operate expenses their firm extra funds than she earns.

Yuri has just one particular case left prior to she leaves the prestigious Hwang &amp Goo Law Firm, and immediately after she wraps up the public service lawsuit against a factory exactly where unsafe circumstances led to a worker’s death, she’s going to open a law cafe. And in case you are just as confused as everybody else who hears Yuri’s business enterprise strategy, a law cafe is like a typical cafe — but with an optional side of cost-free legal guidance for these who will need it.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

Yuri’s logic is that she can assistance prospective consumers steer clear of the hassle of a courtroom battle with her savviness and some sternly worded documents, and she’s confident that her business enterprise will be profitable. Her new landlord KIM JUNG-HO (Lee Seung-gi), nevertheless, has many factors for becoming opposed to her cafe.

The rationale he delivers her for wanting to terminate her newly signed lease — penalty costs be damned! — is the one particular most rooted in logic: she couldn’t inform the distinction among a coffee bean and a lima bean. In a neighborhood dwelling to various other coffee shops, her incapacity to brew a excellent cup of coffee is a valid concern. It is understandable that he’d query the profitability of her business enterprise and, therefore, her capacity to spend the rent, but Yuri suspects the genuine explanation Jung-ho is so eager to kick her to the curb is extra individual.

In accurate K-drama style, our top man and lady share a previous. In reality, they have been close pals in higher college and college, but for some explanation that remains a mystery to Yuri, Jung-ho constructed a metaphorical wall among them and has given that gone to fantastic lengths to steer clear of her. Like, he actually ran away and hid from her immediately after the wedding ceremony for their mutual pals HAN SE-YEON (yay, Kim Seul-gi!) and DO JIN-KI (Oh Dong-min).

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2 The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

Yuri breaks the fourth wall to inform her version of events, and she laughs and responds as even though her trip down memory lane was prompted by a person asking if she liked Jung-ho. She vehemently denies ever possessing feelings for him, but methinks she doth protest as well considerably.

I imply, even if we ignore the reality that this is a romance drama and acknowledge that men and women (and K-drama characters) are capable of going from one hundred% platonic pals to possessing romantic feelings later in life, her suggestion that they fake date in college seemed rather sus. Was it definitely a signifies to deter undesirable suitors, or was it her juvenile try to ask him out even though nonetheless possessing the “I was just kidding lol” security net to fall back on if he rejected her?

Regardless of Yuri’s motivations, Jung-ho accepted her contract partnership proposal, and we are treated to a pretty cute montage of this fake couple “acting” like they’re a campus couple. Proper up till the moment Jung-ho decides to finish their pretend romance and leave Yuri hanging.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

In the present, Jung-ho keeps insisting that he’s going to terminate the lease, even if it signifies that he will have to sue her, but his opinion softens immediately after Yuri tricks him into attending her final courtroom trial. She effectively proves that the factory’s security violations created the firm liable for the victim’s death, and her justice-driven need to defend the tiny guy in the end wins Jung-ho more than — but not without the need of some in depth stipulations.

Jung-ho stays up all evening composing an addendum to Yuri’s lease that is thicker than a John Grisham novel, and it consists of petty and restrictive guidelines intended to drive Yuri away. This, Beanies, is when we discover that Jung-ho — who also breaks the fourth wall to inform his version of previous events — did have romantic feelings for Yuri.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

When he transferred to Yuri’s higher college, he right away usurped her spot as the prime ranking student, but alternatively of becoming upset, she asked him to assistance her obtain the answer to the math issue that she couldn’t resolve. So started his 17-year unrequited crush. But if he has feelings for her, why is he pushing her away?

K-drama logic would recommend one particular of two factors: either he’s attempting to keep the physical distance necessary to get more than his feelings or he’s becoming a noble idiot. Initially, I believed it was the former since — let’s be genuine — fake dating the lady he loved could not have been simple, but it seems there’s some of the latter thrown into the mix, too… but extra on that later.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

Yuri requires on her very first law cafe client JO SUK-JOON (Jo Bok-rae), a man driven insane by the excessive noise coming from his neighbors’ apartments. At very first, it seems to be a quite reduce and dry case, but then she learns that the apartment above Suk-joon is vacant. With other tenants reporting equivalent loud noises of equally mysterious origins, Yuri suspects that his issue lies with the poorly constructed developing, not his neighbors. As she digs deeper, Yuri discovers that the apartment complicated was constructed by Dohan Building, the firm accountable for her father’s operate-connected death.

In order to steer clear of culpability for the fire that killed Yuri’s father and various other workers, the CEO of Dohan Building LEE PYUN-WOONG (Jo Han-chul) framed Yuri’s father. A witness lied that Yuri’s father came to operate intoxicated and began the fire, and KIM SEUNG-WOON (Jeon No-min), Jung-ho’s father and the prosecutor on the case, failed to convict Pyun-woong.

Soon after the trial, Yuri was infuriated at the injustice, and she took her aggravation out on Seung-woon and Jung-ho. She rebuffed Jung-ho’s comforting affection and umbrella to shield her from the thematically proper downpour, but immediately after Yuri got more than her initial anger, she apologized to Jung-ho. Logically, she knew that he and his father have been not accountable, but in the aftermath of the trial she was blinded by her feelings. Jung-ho and his father just occurred to get caught in her crosshairs.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2 The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

Even so, Jung-ho never ever forgot about the Dohan Building fire, and when Jung-ho became a prosecutor, he looked into the case files. One thing about the documents looked janky to him, and he confronted his father, suspicious that Seung-woon had gone simple on the defendant since — shocker — Jung-ho’s maternal household owns Dohan Building.

Even though Seung-woon claimed he and Jung-ho’s mother reduce ties with her household, Jung-ho remained unconvinced and started wallowing in his guilt by association. Jung-ho resolved to be a noble idiot and distance himself from Yuri, believing the misdeeds of his household created him unworthy. So he got drunk, waited outdoors exactly where he knew Yuri would obtain him, and tearfully bids her goodbye. She does not understand it, of course, since he never ever essentially explains his intentions. Hence, her present-day confusion.

We can also assume that it is at this point that Jung-ho quit his job as a prosecutor and transitioned into his existing persona as a track-suit wearing bum who also moonlights as a profitable author. But if you believed Jung-ho was secretly a romance writer — I completely wanted that be the case — you’d be incorrect. Alternatively, his on the internet novels are essentially component of his personal revenge plot to expose his family’s dirty laundry.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2 The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

And if the tiny speech Jung-ho gave when he was attempting to speak Suk-joon down from the ledge of his apartment developing is any indication, Jung-ho has been plotting and biding his time so he can enact his revenge at the greatest attainable moment. Yuri’s heart goes pitter-patter as Jung-ho promises to assistance her and Suk-joon file a lawsuit against Dohan Building, and it is downright amusing to see her absolutely flustered and unable to determine her feelings.

Her existing confusion does appear to recommend that she was becoming truthful when she claimed that she didn’t have feelings for Jung-ho when they have been younger, so perhaps absence did make the heart develop fonder? Or perhaps she’s just been in denial for a ridiculously lengthy time? Personally, I like the reality that the timeline for Yuri’s feelings is a bit of a mystery. With a premise like this one particular, we currently know that there will be romance, so the genuine exciting is going to be watching her go by way of the mental gymnastics of denying and then accepting her feelings. And from what we’ve observed of her character so far, that should really be a quite exciting ride.

I also like that the romance is at the forefront of the plot even though the legal elements of the story are seemingly taking a backseat. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of plot devices and artistic possibilities becoming thrown about in this drama — mainly for quirkiness and comedy — but I feel grounding and embedding the chaos inside the equally crazy romance assists preserve all the things in verify. Properly, mainly.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

The comedy does not generally stick the landing or tickle my funny bone, and I have reservations about the characters breaking the fourth wall. It appears heavily inspired by Our Beloved Summer time, specially in context with the former higher college/college romance, but without the need of an explanation for why the characters — even the random neighborhood ajummas — are speaking to the camera, it feels like a poorly conceived imitation. If they are not going to give a valid explanation for why the characters are speaking to us straight (e.g., a documentary set-up), I want that the capacity to break the fourth wall was restricted to Yuri and Jung-ho so it appears extra like a cheeky tiny way of emphasizing their diverse perspectives. But if the complete neighborhood is capable to address us, as would appear to be the case, it loses some of its influence, in my opinion.

In common, even though, I believed this was a exciting premiere, but as of suitable now I do not see this becoming a runaway hit. I suspect that the stylistic humor and video editing is going to be an acquired taste for numerous, but I also feel numerous men and women will stick about to see how the romance among our top couple plays out. I just hope they do not address their feelings as well quickly since the higher-finish power of their bickering is a substantial component of this drama’s appeal, and if the romance progresses rapidly so the story can shift and concentrate on the revenge plot, I worry the magic I located in these two episodes is going to peter out.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2 The Law Cafe: Episodes 1-2

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