Trailer: Table for Six by Chan Wing

The story revolves about 3 brothers. The eldest brother (played by Huang Zihua), who is in enjoy with his ex-girlfriend Monica (played by Teresa Teng) who has in no way forgotten, has turn into the existing girlfriend of the second brother (played by Zhang Jicong). Driven by self-esteem, the eldest brother agrees to the pursuit the newly acquainted Meowth (Lin Mingzhen). The third brother (played by Chen Zhanwen) and his girlfriend Josephine (played by Wang Yunzhi) have been in enjoy with extended-distance operating for lots of years and are also facing a enjoy crisis. The similar roof, three couples, four romances, every single evening folks consume with each other to meet steadily evolved into a dinner table Shuluo field, laughter non-quit. In the face of old enjoy and new enjoy, what decision will the large brother make? Exactly where should really everybody go from this property that everybody is attempting to preserve?



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