The Good Detective 2: Episodes 11-12


The Excellent Detective two: Episodes 11-12

With the important proof in their hands, the ball is lastly in our detectives’ court, and they apprehend the correct culprits at extended final. Nevertheless, items appear to go a small as well smoothly — is an individual nevertheless playing her cards close to the vest?



The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

The incriminating voice recording of Yong-geun instructing Dong-jae to tamper with the crime scene is enough proof, and Yong-geun is arrested. The dilemma is, considering that Na-na’s video is an illegal recording, it can not be admitted as proof to indict Sang-woo.

Ji-hyuk and Do-chang head to the TJ constructing to watch the CCTV videos that Tae-ho previously requested, and they learn that the man who took the images of Tae-ho and Hee-joo’s adultery was Sang-woo’s secretary. Sang-woo had two causes to silence Hee-joo forever — 1, she had the CCTV video that captured his assault, and two, she knew he had an illegitimate youngster.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

It is a lot more than sufficient of a motive, but Ji-hyuk nevertheless finds 1 point odd. Why did Tae-ho die? If Tae-ho genuinely intended to turn himself in that evening, he would have identified that the truth about his infidelity would come out, and ready himself for it. Na-na confronting him with the adultery images shouldn’t have pushed him to suicide, as she claims.

Ji-hyuk points this out to Na-na, but she counters that Tae-ho’s confession would have sent Sang-woo to jail and permitted her to usurp his spot — why would she want to cease that from taking place? If something, Tae-ho turning himself in would have benefitted her.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

Sang-woo enables Min-ji a short glimpse of her daughter Soo-yeon by means of a video get in touch with, just to prove that she’s nevertheless alive. In other words, he nevertheless has leverage more than her. Arrogantly, Sang-woo instructs Min-ji to give false testimony that she lied out of her desperation to see Soo-yeon, as nicely as her hatred for Sang-woo.

Nevertheless, Min-ji has a request of her personal — she desires Sang-woo to formally acknowledge Soo-yeon as his daughter, and give her a suitable spot in the Cheon household. Only then will she abide by his wishes.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

Prosecutor CHA MOON-HO (Go Chang-seok) is assigned to the case, and he’s instantly approached by TJ and provided a position at the enterprise — on the situation that he “handles the case nicely.” In other words, go straightforward on the defendants and throw the case.

Nevertheless, Prosecutor Cha knows Do-chang from the previous in reality, he witnessed Do-chang’s diligence and determination firsthand on the day Do-chang caught a culprit as an alternative of attending his personal wedding. Regardless of becoming tempted by TJ’s provide, the believed of taking it up weighs on his conscience. In the finish, Prosecutor Cha’s morals win out, and he starts operating in tandem with our detective pair.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

Regardless of getting proof linking Sang-woo to Hee-joo’s murder, such as his telephone get in touch with records with Dong-jae, the police can not definitively prove that he was involved. Sang-woo was caught on CCTV close to the park exactly where the burner telephone was discarded, but Prosecutor Cha says it is just circumstantial proof.

Sang-woo is summoned to the station, exactly where he’s interrogated. Ji-hyuk confronts him with the precise words that he utilised prior to to order Dong-jae to kill Hee-joo. Nevertheless, Sang-woo continues to feign ignorance, maintaining that insufferable smug grin on his face.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

It turns out Soo-yeon is not abroad in America following all — to Sang-woo’s ire, Na-na arranges a reunion among Min-ji and her daughter. Now that he no longer has that hold more than Min-ji, Sang-woo’s beginning to really feel pressured, and he mobilizes the TJ legal group. They scour by means of endless documents to come across something that could be favorable to Sang-woo’s case, and they land upon Tae-ho as a handy scapegoat.

At the trial, TJ’s defense lawyer spins a tale that pins anything on Tae-ho as an alternative of Sang-woo. He blames Hee-joo’s murder on Tae-ho wanting to hide his adultery, cover up his involvement in the assault case, and set Sang-woo up to take the fall. Considering that the dead can not defend themselves, no 1 can sufficiently disprove these claims, and our detectives develop antsy.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

With Sang-woo on the verge of acquiring away with his crimes, the need to have to use Na-na’s illegal video is stronger than ever. Ji-hyuk goes to convince her, but she staunchly refuses. Astutely, Ji-hyuk surmises that Na-na dangers becoming branded a traitor to the Cheon household, which would have her ousted and shunned by TJ’s shareholders. To counter that, Ji-hyuk proposes a program — all Na-na wants to do is open the doors for them.

That implies letting the group in when they arrive at Tae-ho and Na-na’s residence to investigate, and they “discover” the hidden camera recording in Tae-ho’s workplace, permitting them to “deduce” that the video was taken by him. Not only does this get rid of Na-na from the equation totally, but it also fits the precise narrative that TJ’s lawyer cooked up about Tae-ho getting it out for Sang-woo. It is checkmate, and when pressed to say who gave him the order to kill Hee-joo, Yong-geun names Sang-woo.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

Soon after the trial, a seething Sang-woo drives into TJ’s parking lot. He almost provides into the impulse to run Na-na more than, but he swerves at the final second. Na-na just stares him down, totally unfazed, and he gets out of the automobile to yell at her and slap her across the face.

Except Na-na provides as great as she gets, and she slaps Sang-woo back with no a moment’s hesitation. She coos patronizingly that he shouldn’t let himself spiral into an even a lot more pitiful state, and Sang-woo moves to strangle her, but he’s interrupted by the arrival of Ji-hyuk.

Ji-hyuk provides Na-na a lift property, and he asserts that he’s not completed with the case just but. Issues do not fairly add up, and Ji-hyuk nevertheless desires to recognize Tae-ho’s believed method prior to his death. Amused, Na-na says that she feels the similar, and that she appears forward to seeing him investigate additional.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

At extended final, the verdict of the trial is lastly handed down. Yong-geun is sentenced to a paltry 5 years in prison for his involvement in the disposal of Hee-joo’s corpse, and Sang-woo is sentenced to a term of 15 years for instigating murder.

It appears like all’s nicely that ends nicely, but in its usual style, the show throws a spanner into the functions at the final moment. Hee-joo’s grandpa pays Na-na a take a look at to apologize on Hee-joo’s behalf, but proper then, Na-na’s secretary enters the area and addresses her as “Director Cheon.”

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

Grandpa flashes back to the day of Hee-joo’s death — he recalls Hee-joo getting a enterprise get in touch with from an individual she addressed the similar way, and getting to all of a sudden return to the workplace. Soon after that, she by no means returned. It raises Grandpa’s suspicions, and he asks Na-na irrespective of whether she’s “Director Cheon.”

Properly, I guess that confirms what we’ve been speculating considering that a even though ago — that Na-na had a hand in Hee-joo’s death. In a flashback, it is revealed that Na-na and Yong-geun intercepted Hee-joo prior to she could burn Tae-ho’s laptop, and that most likely contributed to Na-na’s causes for wanting Hee-joo gone.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

I ought to most likely really feel relieved and triumphant that our group has lastly caught (some of) the undesirable guys, but I didn’t come across myself feeling considerably of something this week. Probably it can be boiled down to pacing problems — it feels like the drama has been spinning its wheels in spot for a even though now, going in circles that wind up becoming tedious rather than a thrilling game of cat and mouse.

It is been fairly evident from the outset who the most likely suspects are, but the drama chose to intentionally obfuscate us by hinting at bigger conspiracies and private motives. That is fine if the script follows by means of, but the buildup took so extended that the satisfaction of the payoff feels substantially diminished.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

I feel the drama does have prospective in its disparate components, but exactly where it flounders is in its execution — I want to care for these characters, and I want to really feel invested in their investigation, but there are only so several iterations of wild goose chases I can take prior to it begins to really feel repetitive. The show has a snarky sense of humor that tickles my funny bone, but I can name a lot more than a couple of scenes that felt unnecessary and disjointed from the general plot.

I’m of the opinion that the drama would have benefitted from a tighter script (and probably fewer episodes), due to the fact proper now it feels like the luxury of time has lulled it into a complacency that blurs its concentrate and stretches out character arcs as well thin.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

It is truly a shame that the drama killed Tae-ho off — I was expecting his death to shake items up and bring some thing new to the table, but as an alternative all we got was possibly half an episode of chaos prior to absolutely everyone went proper back to their usual scheming. Each Tae-ho and Na-na are interestingly complicated villains, but they’re shortchanged by the show’s overemphasis on drawing out the mystery.

All as well generally, it feels like the characters are moving in service of the plot, rather than organically driving it. I suppose I’m of the similar thoughts as Ji-hyuk I want to know Tae-ho’s believed method, as nicely as Na-na’s and Sang-woo’s. Now that the red herrings are (hopefully) out of the way, here’s hoping that the drama delivers a compelling appear into its characters in its final weeks.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 11-12

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