Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12 (Final)


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

In the battle among superior and evil, only a single side will emerge victorious. And as our story comes to its conclusion this week with the final showdown among our hero and the villains, we are left to wonder if almost everything is genuinely more than till it is more than.


Shin-woo’s re-alliance with the council of wickedness tends to make him vow to his father to kill Poong and retrieve the colour-changed needle when at it. He rightly guesses that the needle is with Commander Im (who looked extremely shocked to see him alive lol), but with Im’s realization that the needle need to be extremely critical to the second state councilor, he refuses to give it up for insurance coverage purposes.

Poong travels to Hanyang to report the court maid’s death to the king, and pretends to be newlyweds with Eun-woo when they’re questioned by the guards at the city’s gate. This is entirely Eun-woo’s thought, and she appears extremely pleased to be his fake wife. Lol. The king is devastated to discover about the maid’s death, and he orders them to carry out the autopsy of his court lady who died earlier in the show. And to nobody’s surprise, Poong and Eun-woo confirm that she was poisoned just like the late king.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12

Back in the village, Commander Im also hyperlinks the colour-changed needle to the king’s death. And when his addictive drug (a pro-max version of opium) hits the industry, Ji-han ultimately realizes that Commander Im wanted to take more than the clinic’s land to develop opium. Commander Im can’t be arrested without the need of proof but he’s not a single to sit about waiting for proof against him to surface. Therefore, he utilizes the needle to threaten the second state councilor into defending him and his farm. It is practically laughable how the cartoon villain thinks he can threaten the reside action a single. Pfft.

The second state councilor is unfazed by the threats, and Commander Im goes into pleading mode as an alternative. He swears allegiance to the second state councilor and promises to hand more than the needle right after harvesting the existing batch of opium. Thanks to his acquired immunity from the second state councilor, Commander Im is capable to prevent arrest, and he utilizes his newfound powers to take members of the clinic household into his custody. Ugh! I hate him so considerably!

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12

Poong and Eun-woo return from Hanyang to meet the clinic in disarray, and discover about the arrest from Grandmother who is the only a single left. Involving Grandmother and an addicted patient’s ramblings, they get an thought as to exactly where Commander Im’s farm is positioned. It is in the middle of a deserted forest on which lies the remains of escapees killed in the course of the barbarian invasion. And it is sad that by expanding opium – which is ruining the lives of the people today in their village – on this identical ground, Commander Im is successfully killing the escapees twice!

As a testament to how disbelievingly resourceful the members of the clinic are, Poong and Eun-woo whip up a smoke bomb of sorts to disarm the guards at the farm. Poong is caught by Commander Im when he goes to rescue Ji-han, but Commander Im does not get to gloat for lengthy with the arrival of the district governor’s guys. Cornered, Commander Im tries to negotiate for his freedom, but he comes to his inglorious finish when he’s struck down by an assassin’s (Shin-woo’s) arrow. The clown even dies when nonetheless attempting to hold on to his opium plants. Tsk.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12

With Commander Im’s death, the needle returns to Poong who requires it to the king as proof with a ledger of the dirty transactions among Im and the second state councilor. Ji-han also goes to Hanyang separately, to meet with the royal doctor – an old colleague of his, and a co-conspirator in the late king’s poisoning. However, the royal doctor is as well scared of the second state councilor, and refuses to turn against him.

The royal doctor gets arrested alongside Shin-woo who is taken in for killing the court maid but they each preserve their silence. The anxiety from all of this requires a toll on the king’s wellness, but he does not trust the health-related workplace with his therapy. This is exactly where Eun-woo comes in to administer acupuncture, and she invites the rest of the clinic household to Hanyang to prepare the medicines for the king. They all appear so content to be reunited in the significant city, and Man-bok is all boastful about the size of Poong’s residence. Lol.

More than dinner, Eun-woo realizes the late king was poisoned via his final meal, and the king orders for the identical dish to be ready for all the ministers. The other ministers dig into the meals, but the second state councilor leaves his bowl untouched, and somehow, this proves that he’s the only a single who knows how the late king was poisoned. (It is hilarious how the other ministers commence to push their bowls away when they hear about the poisoning. Heh.) The second state councilor is arrested on the spot, but he manages to slip a note to a single of the guards.

Poong gets accosted by an assassin at household, and Ji-han is slashed when attempting to defend him. Prior to the assassin can do extra harm, he’s stopped by the arrows of a hidden marksman. Hmmm. This incident leaves Poong with a burning need to get justice for every person harmed by the second state councilor, but the second state councilor and the royal doctor of course deny all the charges even in the face of overwhelming proof.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12

The final nail to their coffin comes in, and surprise, it is the court maid who’s brought in by Shin-woo! Yes! Shin-woo, I never ever stopped believing in you! The court maid testifies that she added the poisonous plant to the king’s meal on orders of the royal doctor who claimed it was a flavor enhancer. The royal doctor in turn throws the second state councilor below the bus for getting the mastermind of the scheme, and the second state councilor is ultimately convicted of his crimes.

But like all evil Joseon ministers, the second state councilor refuses to go down without the need of a fight. His assassins rush in to defend their master, and they’re reduce down just as swiftly as they arrive. Out of selections, the second state councilor extracts the poisonous plant from his garments and chomps on it. As he breaks out in sores, he claims almost everything he did was for the advantage of Joseon, and proclaims himself as the most loyal topic of the nation ahead of he dies. Loool. Please inform me he genuinely does not think this about himself.

With the council of wickedness dissolved, the king reinstates Poong with his old name and tends to make him royal doctor. But as opposed to Ji-han who readily turns down the king’s present to return to the health-related workplace, Poong wavers and Shin-woo knows this is due to the fact of Eun-woo. As an individual who was uncomfortable with the privileges of getting the second state councilor’s son when other individuals died for no cause, Shin-woo — who plans to leave Joseon *Sniffs* — advises Poong not to reside in discomfort in a position that he does not want.

Poong decides to stay by the king’s side lengthy adequate to nurse him back to complete wellness, and he returns to the clinic right after a time skip of 3 months. Absolutely everyone is thrilled at his return, but of course, Eun-woo is the happiest. Awww. Poong nonetheless can’t carry out acupuncture, but he has created peace with getting a psychiatrist and amongst his identified household as an alternative. All that is left is to propose to the really like of his life, and Poong has got it all planned out. The ring, the romantic place beneath a tree in town, and I’m positive he has a entire speech ready as well. Lol.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12

But just as Eun-woo sets out to be proposed to the following day, her father comes with some news. He has been transferred to a different village, and they need to leave right away. Eun-woo rushes to Poong with the news, but there, she meets some royal guards who have come with a however to be identified royal order for him. Poong stands, torn among Eun-woo and stated order — cue freeze frame, a romantic OST playing in the background, and then a footnote telling us to anticipate season two in January 2023! *Maniacal laughter*

Was I the only a single who had no thought that there had been plans for a second season? Ugh! What is with dramaland these days and second seasons that no one asked for, and why does this drama even will need a season two? What occurred to maintaining points quick and sweet? At least, they really should have offered us the closure we required right here so that people today who want to move on right after this season can do so in peace. What’s with that cliffhanger now?

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12

I have to say, whoever reduce the trailer and handled the promotional aspect of this drama did such a superb job at misdirecting its possible audience. I came in for the guarantee of lightheartedness and entertaining – admittedly, it was funny when it wanted to be – but got political machinations as an alternative. I stayed on for the psychiatry, but got bamboozled with Commander Im and other plotlines that didn’t add any really serious worth to the story.

I had higher hopes for this drama, and when I enjoyed it for some components (Kim Min-jae’s smile, his voice, and the clinic household antics), I’m disappointed at what could have been. It felt like a meal with all the correct components but the incorrect measurements — not precisely tasteless, but not a thing you are prepared to come back to either. Will I tune in for Season two? I’m not positive however, but time will inform.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 11-12

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