Five drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes


5 drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes

There are heroes, and then there are vigilante heroes. Regardless of whether they’re fighting against the program that failed them, against deep-rooted corruption, or against their personal demons — or heck, why not all 3 — there is anything incredibly satisfying about how K-dramas spin these tales. Right here are some of our preferred dramas about vigilante heroes: some old, some new, all wonderful.


Five drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes
City Hunter (2011)

I’ve mentioned it just before, but City Hunter will most likely constantly hold the honorary title of my preferred K-drama, regardless of how several “better” ones I’ve watched and loved due to the fact. It totally captivated me from Episode 1, drove me to various re-watches in a incredibly quick period of time, and — entertaining reality — was portion of what led me to learn recaps. (Thanks, City Hunter!)

Our hero, Lee Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho) was kidnapped as a infant and raised to be the great revenge weapon by his late father’s greatest pal, Lee Jin-pyo (Kim Sang-joong). As Jin-pyo lays out an elaborate strategy to kill the 5 males who betrayed him and his comrades, Yoon-sung finds himself caught in the classic dilemma of how to precise justice exactly where the law fails to do so without the need of losing his soul — or his enjoy — in the course of action. This of course puts him at odds with secret service agent Kim Nana (Park Min-young) and dogged prosecutor Kim Young-joo (Lee Jun-hyuk), in spite of falling in enjoy with the former and sharing somewhat of a widespread purpose (justice) with the latter.

This drama definitely does have it all: revenge, romance, secret identities, iconic fight scenes (the spoon sequence, any person?), a lovable ajusshi sidekick, complex father/son relationships, cohabitation hijinks, and considerably extra. And even though it is completely feasible that the pedestal I’ve placed it on in my head is one particular that it does not fairly deserve, I’m completely delighted to leave it there anyway.


Five drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes
Heartless City (2013)

There’s a lot of vigilante stories in dramaland, but noirs are in quick provide. That is portion of what produced Heartless City so memorable, in particular back in 2013 when it aired. The drama is about a criminal enterprise and the undercover investigation that seeks to bring them down. It is dark, it is gritty, it is intense, and it is got Jung Kyung-ho as an elusive figure in the criminal underworld who is accused of murder and seeks to catch the correct culprit.

Heartless City is the drama that introduced me to Jung Kyung-ho, and what an introduction it was. I enjoy a fantastic vigilante or antihero kind, and his inscrutable, tortured criminal boss with hidden depths hit the spot. Add in a bromance in between Jung Kyung-ho and Yoon Hyun-min and a badass Kim Yoo-mi as the enterprising criminal Madam Lee, and I was sold.

Regardless of centering on cartels and the seedy criminal underworld, as with all the greatest Korean dramas, this drama (ironically) has heart. It also keeps you guessing and has that vigilante hero goodness that tends to make for an engrossing watch. If you are hunting for a diverse kind of vigilante story with a touch of noir, Heartless City is your drama. –@quirkycase


Five drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes
Healer (2014)

At 1st glance, Healer shares a lot of similarities with City Hunter — revenge, a vigilante who pretends to be terrible at fighting to stay clear of discovery, Park Min-young — so it tends to make sense that the two are typically compared to every other, and that each rank higher on my favorites list. The titular “Healer,” A.K.A. Jung-hoo (Ji-chang-wook), is a sort of mercenary-for-employ who just desires to earn sufficient funds to move away to his personal private island for the rest of his life. Till, that is, he begins receiving deeply and personally invested in one particular of his jobs. And in a particular reporter.

With most likely my preferred performances from each Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young, an adorable and compelling romance (that locations the hero in a enjoy triangle against himself, no much less!), Kim Mi-kyung as an eccentric computer system-hacking sidekick, lots of mystery and intrigue, and a quest to correct the wrongs of the prior generation, there’s a lot to enjoy about Healer, irrespective of whether it is your 1st time by way of or a re-watch years later. In reality, you may possibly even say it is an Eternal Like. (Sorry.) (Not definitely.) –@mistyisles


Five drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes
Taxi Driver (2021)

In some cases, there’s practically nothing extra satisfying than the sheer catharsis of beating a vile villain up. Taxi Driver follows a group of vigilantes who run a taxi corporation as a cover for their actual operation — exacting vengeance on the behalf of victims who can not get recourse by way of legal channels.

Lee Je-hoon stars as Kim Do-gi, a function that highlights the ferocious intensity of his acting and showcases his versatility. As Do-gi goes undercover, he dons a wide array of (typically hilarious) disguises, and Lee Je-hoon leans into every persona with such gusto. He could be fast to use his fists, but do not error that for a lack of wit. Each and every case has the group devising detailed techniques to take down the negative guys, and it is so thrilling to watch them outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents.

The drama also characteristics one particular of my preferred musical actresses, Cha Ji-yeon, in the function of the evil madame her theater prowess shines by way of in her effortless charisma that just commands the screen every single time she seems. She presents a formidable foe for our heroes to defeat, which tends to make their cat-and-mouse game so nail-biting. I enjoy that the other major ladies, Esom and Pyo Ye-jin, are equally capable and proactive — they’re no damsels in distress, and they have the mettle to prove it.

The drama has a sturdy cast all about, from the Rainbow Taxi group to the victims of every case, and I located myself crying, laughing, and rooting for all of them by the finish of it. If you are hunting for a thrilling ride that will evoke your feelings and heal your heart, with a fashionable soundtrack and sleek cinematography to boot, Taxi Driver is the show for you. (And I’m so excited for the sequel, which is slated for subsequent year!) –@solstices


Five drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes
Vincenzo (2021)

There’s anything very eye-catching about a sharply-dressed man dishing out vigilante justice, so it ought to come as no surprise that I’m a substantial fan of Vincenzo and its titular character, who typically kicks butt even though wearing a 3-piece suit. Though Vincenzo’s (Song Joong-ki) backstory is a bit preposterous, this distinct Italian mafia consigliere is not motivated by private revenge or an overwhelming sense of righteousness like most vigilantes. Rather, our anti-hero initially avoids the fight he’s in the end drawn into, and his alliance with the wacky tenants of Geumga Plaza, the developing situated on best of his hidden gold bar stash, began out as a matter of self — effectively, gold — preservation. But when the negative guys get started crossing lines that even he wouldn’t step more than, his motivation shifts from safeguarding his gold to defending these he’s grown to care about — and his gold, of course.

Vigilante stories are only as fantastic as their villain, although, and the secret mastermind behind all the corruption and murders in this distinct drama is as compelling and intriguing as our hero. Operating in the shadows and with a puppet as the face of the evil corporation that is out to destroy the small guy, the actual Major Terrible is violent, sadistic, and not afraid to get his hands bloody — even although he has lots of individuals who can do his dirty perform for him. Although there is a lot of humor thrown into this drama and the major battlefield is in the courtroom, Vincenzo — like any vigilante — in the end functions outdoors the law to punish the villains who are as well wiley and strong to be apprehended by legal indicates. –@daebakgrits

Five drama recommendations… with vigilante heroes

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