Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 11-12

Issues are beginning to appear up for our group as they progress ahead and celebrate milestones. Nonetheless, they cannot get as well comfy just however — appropriate when they commence to see a glimmer of hope, our scheming antagonist conspires to snatch it away.



“Today’s “Today’s

The group dinner winds down, and everybody heads property in varying states of inebriation. Aw, Man-cheol drunkenly wails that he’s sorry for holding Ji-hyung’s profession back twice, but Ji-hyung reassures him that he genuinely desires to remain.

The subsequent morning, the tension in between Ji-hyung and Joon-young is unbearably thick. Ji-hyung pulls him aside to finish final night’s conversation, but Joon-young brushes him off brusquely.


A flashback explains Joon-young’s cold behavior — Joon-young provides his uncle the money he demanded, and his uncle reveals that Ae-ri was a contract employee at Neon. She was promised a complete-time position, but they overworked her and then fired her after her contract expired.

Dong-hee comes up to Seoul to spend Writer Baek a pay a visit to, and they have a meal collectively at Writer Baek’s residence. To their surprise, Dae-ryuk joins them, and Dong-hee tells him that he’s enjoying his webtoon. Aww, Dae-ryuk sheepishly says that he came for the reason that he missed Dong-hee, and Dong-hee echoes the sentiment.


Ma-eum and Joon-young consume lunch collectively in the cafeteria, only for Joon-young’s “friends” to sidle up to their table. They make backhanded remarks about how Joon-young have to love living in a fancy residence for free of charge, as a perk of his buyer service job for rental lodgings. Ah, that explains his uncharacteristically lavish residence, as effectively as the booking messages he keeps getting.

Exasperated, Joon-young leaves, and Ma-eum follows just after him — but not prior to pointing out to the two nasty “friends” that they’re just generating their inferiority complicated apparent.

Ma-eum catches up to Joon-young, but he’s on edge from the encounter, and he ends up rebuffing her concern. Bluntly, Joon-young reminds her to look at no matter whether there actually is a location for her on the webtoon group, or not.


Chief Heo asks Joon-young for an update on the files he requested, but Joon-young demurs, saying that he cannot give them to him just however. Joon-young tells Chief Heo that he’s decided to wait and evaluate no matter whether providing him the files will be useful or detrimental to the group, substantially to the chief’s displeasure.

Riding on the accomplishment of his webtoon (which is even going to be adapted into a drama), Dae-ryuk moves into a new apartment, yay! Ma-eum aids him unpack, and she provides him a dreamcatcher as a housewarming present, in the hope that he’ll be capable to sleep peacefully. Dae-ryuk comments that it is quite, but he’s seeking at Ma-eum.

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Ma-eum returns property to come across Joon-young waiting outdoors, and he apologizes for getting harsh with his words earlier. Very good-natured as normally, Ma-eum reassures him that it is alright. They reminisce about the goofy reference images they took for Dae-ryuk, and it puts wide smiles on each their faces. (Joon-young’s dimples!!)

Oh no, Man-cheol arrives at function the subsequent morning only to uncover Joon-young’s resignation letter on his desk. In order to stay away from affecting group morale, Man-cheol fibs that Joon-young just took an off day, but Ma-eum finds out the truth when she overhears Ji-hyung’s telephone contact.


Ji-hyung tells Ma-eum the complete truth, and we see it in flashback. At the finish of Gingertoon’s lifespan, Man-cheol regretfully tells Ae-ri that he has no option but to let her go. Even although he’d appreciate to hold her on the group, he cannot do so with Gingertoon shutting down, although he does not inform her this. With no difficult feelings whatsoever, Ae-ri promises that she’ll continue supporting the group as a loyal reader.

Subsequently, Man-cheol goes from door to door, begging several firms to look at taking more than the webtoon group. Right after a lengthy string of rejections, CEO Yoon is moved by Man-cheol’s sincerity, and she provides them the chance to join Neon. Sadly, that incredibly evening, Ae-ri is run more than by a drowsy driver.


Back in the present, Man-cheol goes browsing for Joon-young, and they finish up meeting at Ae-ri’s columbarium. Man-cheol tells Joon-young that he left Ae-ri’s function belongings on his desk, and entreats him to take a appear at them prior to finalizing his selection to resign.

Late that evening, Joon-young returns to the workplace. Ae-ri’s diary sits on his desk, and he opens it to reveal a scrapbook of her favourite webtoon panels and quotes. It sparks Joon-young’s memories, and we see that Ae-ri utilized to leave small notes with webtoon quotes about for Joon-young to come across. The uplifting messages normally produced Joon-young smile, and he collected them all in a glass jar.


Joon-young cries more than his sister’s diary, and Ma-eum finds him like that, consumed by his sorrow. Guilt-ridden that his sister died attempting to earn sufficient income to help his overseas research, Joon-young sobs that his location in the group ought to have been his sister’s. No words could possibly soothe his grief, and Ma-eum pulls him into a hug, holding him close.

Later, they wait for the bus property collectively. Joon-young repeats the quote from Berserk about how there’s no paradise to be identified if he runs away, and he admits that he’s been operating away from webtoons. At very first, he disliked webtoons for the reason that they felt like fantasies far displaced from his harsh reality. Then later on, he couldn’t stand even the sight of them, for the reason that they reminded him of his late sister.

“Today’s “Today’s

Right after Ma-eum reaches property, she contemplates texting Joon-young the words she meant to say earlier — that he is not operating away. She hesitates, but then her sister startles her, and she accidentally presses send. Dilemma is, the text is unfinished and only says “Run away,” LOL.

Joon-young calls Ma-eum, understandably confused by her text, and she gets super flustered and rapidly brushes it off as no significant deal. Except it clearly signifies a thing to Joon-young, and the pair are adorably bashful in the workplace the subsequent morning.


Man-cheol calls for a group meeting Chief Heo is pushing for the acquisition of Youngtoon, which signifies our group is at threat of getting pushed out. They resolve to place their ideal foot forward, which signifies recruiting webtoon author MO YOUNG-SOO (Jung Eun-pyo). Young-bae utilized to function with him throughout their Gingertoon days, but that bridge has because been burned just after Gingertoon abruptly shut down.

Writer Mo is now a well-known author with his personal studio and organization creating, and Man-cheol personally goes to persuade him. Nonetheless, pragmatic Writer Mo is now totally business enterprise-minded he does not want to companion with a platform that cannot assure final results.

Recognizing this, Man-cheol requires a various method, leveraging on the Neon platform as a entire to provide an investment contract with Writer Mo’s organization. It performs, and Writer Mo agrees to look at.


Tired of watching her husband and her daughter continue tiptoeing about each and every other, Ma-eum’s mom requires it upon herself to bring the two back collectively. Not only does she give Ma-eum’s rejected cologne to Dad, but she also sends the two on a produced-up errand so that they can have alone time collectively.

Old habits die difficult — father and daughter hold overlapping in each their tastes and their actions. By the finish of the evening, they could not have explicitly produced up however, but the atmosphere is absolutely a lot much more comfy.


Ma-eum and Joon-young spend Pomme a pay a visit to, providing to support her acquire groceries because she cannot threat deliveries any longer. Her assistant HYUN-SOO (Lee Sung-hoon) volunteers to go with them, but he’s antsy and avoids their gaze the whole time.

As they exit the elevator, they come across a suspicious man in the lobby. The apartment safety guard addresses him as a deliveryman, pointing out that he claimed he was one particular the earlier time, but the man hems and haws. Ma-eum gets a very good appear at his face, and it is the creepy man that harassed Pomme back in episode one particular — in other words, he’s the stalker!


He requires off operating, and our 3 characters give chase. Cornered, he pulls a knife on them, but Ma-eum swiftly disarms him with her judo moves, pinning him to the ground for the second time. Haha, I believe that just produced Joon-young fall for her even much more.

It turns out Hyun-soo’s just incredibly reserved, and he finds it hard to appear other men and women in the eyes — sorry for suspecting him final week! He apologizes for not noticing the stalker earlier, but Pomme says she enjoys her assistants’ organization, and would like to continue functioning with them. Aw, appear at that character improvement!


Possessing fallen down throughout the earlier chase, Ma-eum tapes her sprained ankle, then tapes Joon-young’s sprained wrist for him. He gazes at her even though she focuses on her activity, and he begins to say a thing, but backs out at the final minute. Deflecting Ma-eum’s curiosity, Joon-young says he desires to inform her correctly an additional time. Ooh, do I sense a confession on the horizon?

Joon-young wasn’t the only one particular impacted by the moment — Ma-eum is as well, and she recalls their charged atmosphere after she’s property, although she does not let herself linger on it for as well lengthy.

“Today’s “Today’s

Sadly, Joon-young has much more than just appreciate to be concerned about. Impatient to make a move, Chief Heo pressures Joon-young to create him a report on Youngtoon’s viability more than the present webtoon group, then baits him into a meal with Youngtoon’s CEO.

The subsequent morning, an write-up is released — it is an exclusive interview in which Chief Heo declares Neon’s program to obtain Youngtoon. It is basically signaling that the present webtoon team’s days are numbered, diminishing their credibility and upsetting their artists. Burned twice, Writer Mo promptly calls off their contract, vowing in no way to trust the webtoon group once again.


I do not believe Joon-young anticipated Chief Heo’s schemes to escalate this far — it is proving hard to extricate himself from Chief Heo’s slimy grasp. Now that Joon-young has created a loyalty towards the webtoon group, he’s decided to play each sides and beat Chief Heo at his personal game, but it will not be an simple activity.

Joon-young could be attempting to play double agent in order to safe proof of Chief Heo’s internal sabotage, but on the surface it just seems as if he’s betrayed the group. That is precisely what it appears like to Ma-eum, who not only saw the trio exit the restaurant the other evening, but also witnesses Chief Heo patting Joon-young’s shoulders patronizingly.


Oof, this week was rough on Joon-young, but I’m proud of him for shouldering by means of and taking methods to move forward. I suppose he’s attempting to make the ideal out of the Chief Heo scenario now that he’s in as well deep to back out — the incriminating traces of him forwarding confidential details are there, although they would absolutely have worse implications for Chief Heo (assuming he is not capable to weasel out of it).

I believe Joon-young resembles a lost sheep that is gradually discovering his way at the starting of the drama, he was disillusioned and adrift in the wake of his sister’s death. He came to Neon in search for a job that could give him objective, and I believe that is portion of the cause he fell for Chief Heo’s coercion, for the reason that he conflated profession achievements with a sense of path. Now that he’s identified his location in the webtoon group, although, he’s starting to develop into himself and recognize his personal capabilities and feelings.


Ae-ri’s apparition disappeared as Joon-young cried, as if signifying that he’s ultimately acknowledging his grief and enabling himself to correctly mourn. I hope this is the commence of Joon-young’s healing journey although he blames himself for leaving his sister and studying abroad, her death is not his fault. Joon-young could have lost a household member, but he’s not alone, now that he’s a portion of the webtoon group.

Plus, Joon-young’s ever-expanding crush on Ma-eum is so cute! I appreciate how he virtually wears his heart on his sleeve, even if he could not comprehend it himself. His smiles — a uncommon sighting — are so vibrant and genuine anytime he’s with Ma-eum, and he’s beginning to develop into incredibly conscious of her interactions with Ji-hyung.

“Today’s “Today’s

This is illustrated in a incredibly cute scene, in which Joon-young suggests alterations to the loveline in Woo-jin’s baseball webtoon. Rather of ending up with her senior, Joon-young argues that it’d be much more convincing for her to finish up with her fellow teammate, whom she can develop alongside. LOL, the webtoon is visualized with our most important trio in the lead roles, generating the parallels even much more apparent.

Woo-jin concedes to his opinion on the webtoon, but she maintains that in reality, after the senior catches the girl’s interest, it is game more than. In response, Joon-young requires a incredibly indignant bite out of his Subway sandwich, HAHA. Do not be concerned, Joon-young — I’m rooting for you and your adorable dimples!


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