Counting down the minutes until the work day ends at Gaus Electronics

September five, 2022September five, 2022

Counting down the minutes till the operate day ends at Gaus Electronics
by tccolb

New promos have been released for Olleh Television/seezn’s Gaus Electronics, like characters posters of our colorful cast as properly as the drama’s second teaser.

The story is set inside Gaus Electronics’ advertising group, and Kwak Dong-yeon (Significant Mouth) stars as the clueless troublemaker Lee Sang-shik. Much more usually than not, he’s the bring about of Go Sung-hee’s (Wind and Cloud and Rain) increasing temper — she plays the team’s assistant manager Cha Na-rae.
Adding to the motley crew of marketers, the critical new employ Baek Ma-tan – played by Bae Hyun-sung (Our Blues) – is truly a secret chaebol in disguise. Kang Min-ah’s (At a Distance, Spring Is Green) Geon Kang-mi, on the other hand, reveals her not-so-secret “Hulk” traits anytime she drinks also considerably.
From the coffee pilfering Baek Hyun-jin (The Devil Judge) to the usually forgotten Jo Jung-chi (Ex-Girlfriend Club), the supporting cast also contains division head Heo Jung-do (Youth of Could), hair fanatic Jeon Suk-chan (Happiness), pokerface Go Woo-ri (Hello? It is Me!), and bookworm Baek Soo-jang (A Model Household).

In the newest teaser, we open on our 4 leads strutting into the workplace. The featured theme song is an upgrade from the initial teaser and introduces the drama when important words from the lyrics flash onto the screen: “Fun, inspiring, feelings, feelings. Gaus Electronics. Precisely that, a webtoon adaptation. Gaus Electronics. Suitable this moment, admiration is necessary. Gaus Electronics.”
As the song repeats the business name, we cycle by way of every single of the advertising group employees members difficult at operate ahead of their shifts finish at 6pm. But there’s a single extra telephone contact to answer, which final results in an angry voice yelling: “Lee Sang-shik!” The teaser then ends on the group turning about to see what occurred when Sang-shik innocently asks, “Yes?”
With PD Park Joon-soo (YG Future Approach Workplace) at the helm and scripts co-written by Kang Go-eun and Seo Han-na, Gaus Electronics premieres September 30 in the Friday-Saturday slot.

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