Shin Ha-kyun visits his resurrected wife in sci-fi drama Yonder

September three, 2022September three, 2022

Shin Ha-kyun visits his resurrected wife in sci-fi drama Yonder
by Jenzy

As the 1st collaborative work place out by the two streaming platforms — TVING and Paramount+ — upcoming dystopian sci-fi project Yonder was currently setting higher expectations. To that, add cinema-darling director Lee Joon-ik (The Book of Fish) first’s foray into dramas, and talented actors Shin Ha-kyun (Unicorn) and Han Ji-min (Our Blues), and you have a buzzy possible hit on your hands.

Yonder is set in the close to future exactly where the memories of the dead can be uploaded to a spot referred to as Yonder, and they can continue to reside and be visited by their loved ones. Our lead Shin Ha-kyun plays a widower Jae-hyun who is wrecked more than the death of his wife Yi-hu — played by Han Ji-min — till one particular day he receives a message from her telling him to come to Yonder, exactly where she is.

We see this notion play out much more in the teaser that just dropped. In the 1st scenes, we’re shown a happier moment involving Jae-hyun and Yi-hu, laughing at a beach. This is contrasted with Jae-hyun’s distressed face as the voiceover of a medical doctor tells us Yi-hu’s time of death. He’s alone in his somber apartment till a video message of his wife pops up on his Television, exactly where she tells him, “I’m right here. Come right here if you want to see me.”
In the final scenes, Jae-hyun drives up a mountain whilst title cards inform us it is “the final spot exactly where you can see your loved ones.” As soon as he tends to make it to the mystical forest Yonder, Yi-hu serenely greets him: “You produced it.”
This promises to be an introspective and bittersweet appear at death, life, and the grieving course of action via the genre of sci-fi that I think about fans of Arrival or Following Yang would adore. This wouldn’t be my 1st time crying at a Han Ji-min project either (nevertheless recovering from The Light in Your Eyes), so I’m going to be watching this with tissues prepared.
Written by Kim Jung-Hun, Oh Seung-Hyun, and Kim Sung-Cheol, Yonder will air this October on TVING.

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