Big Mouth: Episodes 11-12


Huge Mouth: Episodes 11-12

It is everybody for themselves this week, but it does not imply they will not have to perform with their enemies to get what they want. Now that we have a ton of dirt on the mayor (and he knows it), the gloves are off and there’s no much more pretending. And thanks to our crime-fighting OTP — who come by way of in a massive way — we get to see our hero in no significantly less than 4 diverse suits.


Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

Man oh man, the mayor is so terrible. And I have to say, I definitely like Kim Joo-hun in his part right here. I’ve noticed him as well quite a few instances as a second lead like interest exactly where I believed he just didn’t rather match (mainly because, truthfully, he gave me a tiny bit of a creepy vibe). With this character, creepy comes in handy and he is playing it completely. So completely that as terrible as he is, I’m liking it.

So considerably of what occurs this week tilts about the alter in alliance — or pretend alliance — among the mayor and our heroic OTP. When the mayor figures out that Mi-ho and Chang-ho know about his crimes, he assumes that Chang-ho should be operating with Huge Mouse and blames Chang-ho for drugging Joo-hee. From there, he stops taking calls from our top couple and begins setting up antagonizing conditions for them. Oh, he also orders them to be killed.

It begins with the new warden who replaces Warden Park. WARDEN GAN (Kim Dong-won) is appointed by the mayor at Chang-ho’s request so they can perform with each other to locate Huge Mouse. Chang-ho then begins bossing about Warden Gan, generating him super angry and prepared to devise his personal procedures for uncovering Huge Mouse. As soon as the mayor stops the niceties with Chang-ho and Mi-ho, he permits the new warden to go ahead with his procedures. Namely: inform the complete prison that Chang-ho is a fraud and take away all inmate privileges till they locate the genuine Huge Mouse. This causes some upset, but Chang-ho nevertheless has a couple of supporters — which is very good mainly because they quit him from getting beaten to death on at least two occasions.

Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

Poor Hye-jin is also impacted by this broken alliance. We see her in the US, continuing to be an ally to Mi-ho by assisting her test the blood samples that Mi-ho took from the inmates. They locate that the drug the inmates are getting is causing leukemia and Mi-ho advises Hye-jin to come back to Korea to get to the bottom of issues (why?). As quickly as Hye-jin is there, her scumbag husband finds her, turns into a cartoon villain (I imply, this is just terrible Television), and murders her. Even though, if he didn’t kill her, the mayor was on his way to do it anyway mainly because he knows Hye-jin was the 1 who tipped off Mi-ho about him. The mayor cleans up the murder scene and Hye-jin is officially “missing.”

It is about this time that Mayor Choi calls Warden Gan and tells him they’ve been had: Chang-ho and Mi-ho are not searching to take down Huge Mouse — they’re operating with him. He tells the warden to incite a riot and, in the chaos, to kill Chang-ho and Mi-ho. In the ensuing nutsness, Warden Gan dies (at the hands of Warden Park who — in a globe that tends to make no sense — is now an inmate in the prison). Chang-ho and Mi-ho survive (thanks to some severe butt-kicking abilities) but have to ally themselves, at least partially, with Ji-hoon to do it.

Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

Here’s how it goes down. Warden Park thinks Chang-ho betrayed Huge Mouse by operating with the mayor. Chang-ho says he’s only pretending to be on the mayor’s side. This sparks some interest from the ex-warden, who thinks Huge Mouse could possibly be interested in teaming up once again. Chang-ho asks for a meeting with Huge Mouse that evening. Reduce to Jerry, on the telephone with a person, saying, “Nothing will come of a meeting” (lol this show).

When the energy is purposefully reduce throughout the riot, Chang-ho goes to the meeting spot and finds himself face-to-face with his fortunetelling cell mate — Space LEADER NOH (Yang Hyung-wook). As viewers, we’ve noticed this trick prior to, so it is challenging to think any of what occurs subsequent. Except, what the area leader says appears to verify out.

Big Mouth Episodes 11-12 Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

He claims he’s Huge Mouse and that he framed Chang-ho as Huge Mouse in order to save his life. When the VIPs wanted to kill Chang-ho for his involvement in their case, “someone” told Huge Mouse to save Chang-ho and turning him into Huge Mouse was the way to do it. But, at some point, the tables turned and Chang-ho began dragging Huge Mouse down.

Space Leader Noh’s want to Chang-ho in the starting (back when Chang-ho was claiming to grant wishes) was to locate out information and facts about his missing daughter. Now, he tells Chang-ho that he desires Dr. Seo’s paper for the exact same purpose (which tends to make me wonder: when are the other wishes going to come up once again? Are not they connected to the story somehow?). Just after some negotiation, and a couple of threats, the two cook up a program to get Chang-ho out of prison so he can support locate the paper from the outdoors. The program is basic: he will turn in Huge Mouse.

Big Mouth Episodes 11-12 Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

When it is evident the guards are about to kill them all throughout the riot, Chang-ho calls Ji-hoon and tells him to come gather Huge Mouse. Chang-ho hands more than Space Leader Noh (with his agreement), as nicely as the blood samples Mi-ho took from the prisoners, and the mayor is there to witness the entire point (he had stopped by to locate out why Warden Gan wasn’t answering his telephone). Chang-ho and Mi-ho know the mayor wanted the blood samples and they come to be antagonistic. Everyone now lays their cards out, generating it clear there’s terrible blood (actually and figuratively).

For the reason that Chang-ho identified and turned in the genuine Huge Mouse, the charges against him are dropped and he’s freed. His notoriety also brings him a bunch of customers and he rents a giant new law workplace and begins wearing a new suit each day (lastly!). His group can commence finding down to company solving Dr. Seo’s murder case — and they have the inmate blood samples to do it. As it turns out, the vials they gave to Ji-hoon have been phonies. The massive deal about the blood is that it gives proof of all the cruddy stuff going on at the hospital and the prison, even without having obtaining Dr. Seo’s paper in hand.

Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

Because Huge Mouse/Space Leader Noh desires to expose the truth about the paper and Dr. Seo’s murder, Chang-ho becomes his lawyer. At a press conference, Chang-ho tends to make it clear that the VIPs (quickly to have an appeal trial) are at the bottom of a tower of criminals. He stops brief of saying the Elder is at the major, but off-camera says that Hye-jin told him who the boss is (they nevertheless do not know she’s dead, btw).

The show has now set us up for a head-to-head stand-off among the mayor and Chang-ho. Chang-ho knows Mayor Choi is the 1 that ordered him killed, as nicely as recognizing the mayor’s involvement in the murder of Dr. Seo. There’s also a battle coming among the Elder and his NR Forum “family” and the Huge Mouse/Huge Mouth group. The mayor, as we know, is an adversary of the Elder as nicely, but pretends to be on his side in order to carry out a revenge plot obtaining to do with his grandfather’s death. With all these components in spot, we’ve got a 3-way showdown that is about to boil more than.

Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

The mayor’s very first move in this war is to ask the Elder to post bail for Huge Mouse. As soon as he’s out of prison, it’ll be a lot easier to kill him (or, carry out “justice” as the mayor frames it). When Space Leader Noh is released, Chang-ho requires him to the restaurant exactly where he employed to make his living. The restaurant’s logo is the infamous Huge Mouse symbol, and Chang-ho wonders how no 1 could catch Huge Mouse when his symbol was ideal there on the side of the developing.

Just before Chang-ho leaves, he lastly asks who the “someone” is that told Huge Mouse to save him back when the VIPs have been about to kill him. The answer: come back at 9PM tomorrow and I’ll introduce you. Chang-ho leaves and as Space Leader Noh appears about his restaurant and remembers his life there, he opens a cooler and the entire developing explodes.

Holy moly, information and facts overload. And but, as considerably as these episodes cleared issues up, they also led to new doubts. It appears believable adequate that the area leader is Huge Mouse but right after so considerably guessing, I didn’t get that excited about this outcome. I realized the only purpose I’m interested in Huge Mouse at all is mainly because of Chang-ho’s involvement. Now that Chang-ho is on the outdoors, and Mayor Choi and Huge Mouse are arranged as comparable opponents, I’m prepared for this to come to be a story about our crime-fighting couple once again. I nevertheless have a million unanswered inquiries about the sensible specifics of the storyline, but for now I’m going to appear at that as a very good point — mainly because we require to fill yet another 4 episodes.

Big Mouth Episodes 11-12

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