If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8


If You Want Upon Me: Episodes 7-eight

Just as factors are seeking up for our newest want-granter, a loss and an unwelcome blast from the previous threaten to send him spiraling. As his neighborhood service hours come to an finish, he’ll have to choose no matter whether to embrace his new life or pack up the way he initially intended.


If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

We do not get any definitive answers about the mysterious resident in the locked area is this week, even though it does not look like absolutely everyone in Group Genie is in on the secret. When Gyeo-re mentions he saw somebody in the area, Tae-shik asks Yeon-joo about it, but she’s cagey. He does not push and encourages Gyeo-re to let it go.

Gyeo-re truly tends to make himself at house at the hospice now, assisting sufferers nevertheless he can. That, apparently, incorporates reading 50 Shades of Grey aloud to an elderly lady who claims it is art. HA, Gyeo-re’s face when it gets spicy.

Also maintaining Gyeo-re busy is his continued flirtation with Yeon-joo who is not-so-patiently waiting for his response to her confession. He may well not have mentioned it out loud however, but does he have to have to? He even goes heroically trekking into the woods to rescue her when he hears there’s a wild boar in the region. Only she’s entirely fine, regardless of becoming drenched in the rain, although he gets sick leaving her to invest the evening taking care of him. At least Gyeo-re ends up blurting out that he likes her although he’s feverish.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, we study much more about yet another Group Genie member CHOI DEOK-JA (Gil Hae-yeon), the hospice cleaner. When she returns house a single evening, she’s shocked to see HWANG CHA-YONG (Yoo Quickly-woong) there also. As he does each day, Cha-yong patiently shows her the sticky notes and pictures, assisting her keep in mind that he’s her husband. Ooof.

Deok-ja utilised to perform at the hospice as a cleaner and nevertheless thinks that is her job. Now, they let her continue on as a volunteer although her husband quietly watches more than her. Cha-yong is so sweet with her and clearly adores her.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

Now that Gyeo-re’s service hours are up, Group Genie throws him the most depressing congratulatory celebration exactly where absolutely everyone appears miserable. Gyeo-re is naturally reluctant to leave and has a heart-to-heart with Tae-shik who shares that his cancer has returned. (Yeon-joo overhears this.)

Tae-shik desires Gyeo-re to replace him as Group Genie supervisor. He hopes Gyeo-re will leave his old life behind and pick happiness like he did. In a flashback, we see that he’d jumped off a bridge following his initial diagnosis but was saved by Group Genie members.

Gyeo-re barely has time to assume it more than since Son requires a turn for the worst, and Gyeo-re does not deal with it properly. He seeks out the web-renowned couple who abandoned Son and is caught on camera taking a bat to their fancy car or truck. Fortunately, Yeon-joo shows up in time to quit him from assaulting the couple.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

I anticipated this to bring some significant legal difficulty because Gyeo-re just barely completed neighborhood service, but somehow, they do not charge him. It could possibly have some thing to do with the truth that Yeon-joo broke the reside streamer’s telephone that had the recording.

Group Genie then take Gyeo-re and Son to an outside spot exactly where they’ve set up a projector. Due to the fact Gyeo-re as soon as mentioned he wanted Son to get to run once more, they play a nature video for Son to watch although he spends his final moments in Gyeo-re’s arms.

Okay, I knew this was coming, but I was not ready. And the montage of their moments with each other is not assisting. Small Son passes peacefully in Gyeo-re’s arms with Group Genie in the wings. I adore that they gave Son the similar final want remedy as their hospice sufferers because he’s Gyeo-re’s only household.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

Not that Joon-young would agree with that statement. She ultimately manages to find Gyeo-re and watches the scene from afar, but fortunately does not ruin the moment. Joon-young requires note of Yeon-joo, which cannot be fantastic.

Regardless of virtually killing them each and obtaining them sent to prison, Joon-young insists she and Gyeo-re adore every single other and are household. We see in flashbacks that she’d desperately attempted to hold onto Gyeo-re by manipulating him with the threat of suicide if he left her. At a single point, Gyeo-re begged her to let him go, but she’d refused and mentioned she’d kill them each if he discovered happiness with out her. I knew this was a toxic connection, but wow.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

Soon after losing Son, Gyeo-re decides to remain at the hospice and continue granting wishes, ultimately enabling himself to attempt to be content. He’s becoming really the chef and is adorably proud of himself for the elaborate birthday dinner he cooks for Tae-shik.

Speaking of Tae-shik, we get some much more confusing info about his previous. He tends to make a go to to a cemetery exactly where his wife and son (!) are buried. Turns out that photo he keeps is of his son Joon-il. So does that imply Gyeo-re is not his son and perhaps my very first assumption about their history was correct? I’m not even going to attempt to guess at this point.

We also see that Tae-shik’s wife was angry at him for obtaining involved with some guy who was poor news, but Tae-shik argued it was all enterprise. Now, Tae-shik regrets losing himself to his greed for results.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, Gyeo-re plucks up his courage and officially asks Yeon-joo out on a date. He’s thrilled when she says yes but significantly less thrilled at her concept of a day out. She drags him to do CPR education, much more volunteering, and rock climbing. Nonetheless, they finish the date on a romantic note and even share their very first genuine kiss. Or kisses, much more like.

The blissful couple’s evening screeches to a halt when they return to the hospice to obtain Gyeo-re’s supposed “girlfriend” Joon-young waiting for him. We finish on a shot of Gyeo-re seeking shattered although he stares at the lady he cannot look to escape.

If Joon-young messes up Gyeo-re’s life correct when he’s ultimately beginning to be content, I will have words. Hopefully, now that he’s believing in himself much more and obtaining a taste of a steady life, Gyeo-re will have the strength to not let her win any longer. And I do not assume Group Genie will sit on the sidelines and watch Joon-young destroy him once more. That girl is like a volcano, and I do not want to see what takes place the subsequent time she erupts.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

For a healing drama, we’ve got really a handful of mysteries going on. What the heck occurred to Tae-shik’s wife and youngster, and is it associated to his forays into “business” with a shady character? And if Tae-shik is not Gyeo-re’s father, what is their connection? Then, there’s the mysterious patient in the locked area. Now I’m asking yourself if he’s Gyeo-re’s father. And (regrettably) we cannot overlook the gangsters nevertheless following Gyeo-re since of the funds.

Whatever’s going on with Tae-shik, I do hope he’s sincere with Gyeo-re about how he knows him quickly. Gyeo-re is probably going to really feel betrayed no matter what, but it is going to be considerably worse if he drags factors out. All I want is for poor Gyeo-re to catch a break and be with the people today he cares about, cooking and drawing his tiny heart out although granting wishes.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 7-8

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