Ha Suk-jin suspects Taecyeon in new teasers for tvN

September two, 2022September two, 2022

Ha Suk-jin suspects Taecyeon in new teasers for tvN’s Blind
by solstices

tvN’s upcoming crime mystery Blind has released much more promotional material, and it appears like the drama is shaping up to be an intense thriller that will have you holding your breath.

Ok Taecyeon (Secret Royal Inspector and Joy) stars as the tenacious detective Ryu Sung-joon, who throws himself into situations with reckless abandon. In contrast, Ha Suk-jin (A DeadbEAT’s Meal) plays his older brother Ryu Sung-hoon, who is a level-headed and principled judge.
Jung Eun-ji (Function Later, Drink Now) rounds out our key trio in the function of Jo Eun-ki. Her tricky childhood led her to come to be a social worker, so that she can assist youngsters who are struggling just like she made use of to.
The mystery starts when the corpse of a higher college student is found. A suspect is apprehended and brought to court, exactly where he requests for a trial by jury. Having said that, following the case concludes, the jurors get murdered 1 by 1 — who is killing them, and why?

The drama’s character teaser provides us our initially glimpse of the presumed accurate killer, whose face has been disfigured into a perpetual smile. It appears like the killer exacts the similar mutilation they suffered upon their victims, forming their grotesque signature. A corpse lies on an autopsy table with a smile carved into her face and bruises about her ankles.
Sung-hoon vows to catch the culprit who turned his trial into a mess, even if that individual could be his younger brother. In response, Sung-joon protests that it is all a misunderstanding, and we see flashes of numerous tussles along with a gunshot. Juror Eun-ki testifies that the defendant sounded genuine when he pleaded innocence, and she’s inclined to think him.
Having said that, our protagonists’ pursuit of the elusive murderer will lead them into harmful scenarios — we see a bloody Sung-joon, and a bound Eun-ki. Nevertheless, that will not quit our protagonists from striving to uncover the truth.

Subsequent, in the drama’s key teaser, Sung-joon warns that the “crazy dogs” are coming. Two hounds run by way of the woods, although it is not clear who they’re chasing. A cynical Sung-hoon declares that he does not trust anyone, not even his younger brother. His suspicions are not completely unfounded we see Sung-joon holding a scalpel up to the forensic examiner’s face, as if to figure out how the killer did it.
In the killer’s lair, photographs of the nine jurors are accompanied by creepy mannequins beneath. Sung-joon rushes into an apartment to save somebody dangling from the rafters, with Eun-ki following close behind — except it turns out to be a mannequin. Eun-ki promises to assist in what ever way she can, and Sung-joon swears that he’ll punish the perpetrator of these heinous crimes.
Directed by Shin Yong-hwi (Voice four, Tunnel) and written by Kwon Ki-gyung (Andante), Blind airs on Friday and Saturday nights beginning September 16.

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