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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for extra (or agonizing when there was no extra), and what produced you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At present covering: Adamas

Alchemy of Souls: Also lots of feelings to create about appropriate now. Possibly subsequent week.

Excellent Job: This show is just soooo silly and enjoyable. It feels like an older show, with all the dumb factors it does and how it is not super polished with, properly, something — but I am definitely enjoying it. It happens to me that Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yuri are so excellent onscreen collectively for the reason that they’re capable to match every other’s power so completely — rather than a painful situation exactly where 1 actor is pulling all the weight, these two are sharing the yoke and I’m loving it. Get married, you crazy children!!

Adamas: [Shameless plug] Like a polished, tense, and virtually completely executed suspense drama? WATCH THIS NOW.



Alchemy of Souls: What a (series) finale that was! I have so lots of thoughts/feelings about it, but they retain coming out in a thing that sounds roughly like a keyboard smash, so here’s my most effective try at placing them into words. 1: I knew all the happily ever afters weren’t going to final, but it nonetheless wrecked me the way they all fell apart. two: I really like Alchemy’s planet-constructing so a great deal, even when it does not rather make sense. three: Prince Won, I nonetheless think in you — please do not let me down! four: I do not know if I’ve ever loved a second lead as a great deal as I really like Yul. five: I’ll miss Jung So-min’s Mu-deok a lot, but I’m cautiously searching forward to exactly where the writing and Go Yoon-jung take Naksu from right here. six: December can’t come speedy adequate!



At present covering: Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist

It is Wonderful Now: Fortunately, we are carried out with the sob stories/birth secret plot and we can move forward. The new and complicated household relationships is producing for enjoyable, dramatic (and confusing) moments, and I’m loving it. Going from not too long ago located household to in-laws is not quick and I completely get Kyung-ae’s frustrations at the predicament. She appears to be possessing it the hardest at this point, and I believed Min-ho would be extra understanding of her, even if grandpa is oblivious. Min-ho keeps saying sorry when nonetheless carrying out the very same factors, and if as a viewer I’m frustrated, how a great deal extra Kyung-ae? Soo-jae and Mi-rae’s brother became mates more quickly than I anticipated, and I definitely like that for them. Even superior, is Soo-jae and Yu-na on the way to mending their connection. Yaay for child actions! Does any individual else consider Yoon-jae is spending way as well a great deal cash on Dolt Junior? I get his excitement for the child, but he wants to study to be extra financially intelligent. Pffft.
PS: The subtle battle for most effective in daughter-in-law was funny.
PPS: The brothers bickering more than lunch and Yoon-jae’s water splash was hilarious!
PPPS: The aunt from upstairs is just annoying!

Today’s Webtoon: Hurray for Artist Shin’s debut!! Anytime he cries, I cry as well, and I want to place him in my pocket and guard him. Ma-eum is excellent for him as a PD, but I consider he also wants therapy for the reason that drawing is not adequate of an outlet for him to fight his demons. Meanwhile, there are a quantity of scattered side plots in the story, and I want we just stick to a handful of constant ones.



At present covering: Huge Mouth

Negative Girlfriend: Did any individual else watch this? I just completed all 12 episodes at only 20 minutes apiece and I barely produced it by way of. The FL character is not just a undesirable girlfriend, she’s type of a undesirable individual. There’s practically nothing incorrect with a two-timing protagonist in principle, but this girl does not look to have any feelings. Other undesirable factors in the drama contain the writing, the chemistry, and the Nonetheless imitation in the course of the (not at all) steamy scene. Even if you mainly leave it on in the background when you are cleaning your kitchen like I did, I nonetheless do not propose it.

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