Animation Short Review: Mountain Spirits (2016) by Qiwei Li, Zishan Huang, Yin Fu, Yuxuan Fu

Chinese animation has been generating substantial methods forward in the course of the most recent years, attempting to uncover a space of its personal in the international circuit, away from the dominating Japanese anime. &#8220Mountain Spirits&#8221, a brief created by students of CUC, the Communication University of China, proves the truth in the most eloquently manner.

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The 9-minute film starts with a auto stopping in the woods, and a man going out, right away smelling anything. It is quickly revealed that it is the smell of a meal ready in his property, exactly where he has returned with his wife and kids to stop by his relatives. His son, Xiaowen, goes out for a hike in the woods, and soon after painting on a stone statue, he returns back in a hurry, to let know his father, Nan, and his grandfather, that he saw a strange creature in the woods. His &#8220declaration&#8221 brings back Nan&amprsquors memories, who has also stumbled upon the creature when he was a small boy, with the two ultimately becoming pals. Right after this point, the film unfolds like a magical tour guide in the woods and down memory lane.

&#8220Mountain Spirits&#8221 can be conveniently described as an ode to nature, with the magical lyricism brought on by the rather attractive creatures operating excellently for the narrative, also mainly because it is ultimately revealed that a quantity of other creatures are basically living in the woods. The blooming of the flowers, the way Nan saves the small elf initially, the fireflies about the tree, the risky seeking cow, and the final goodbye are all fairly memorable scenes right here, not only for the general artistry, but also for the feelings they evoke, with the use of music in that regard becoming exceptional.

This artistry extends to each the animation, with the moves of the characters obtaining an exceptional flow that also moves in realistic paths, and the drawing, with the water-painting style of the background sometimes becoming a wonder to watch, each in the forest and in the woods. Lastly, the parallel montage that brings each Nan as a kid, and him and his son collectively in the identical spot, is also rather properly accomplished.

The message the directors appear to communicate is a bittersweet 1. As folks, just like Nan, have moved away from the nation, the magic of nature has also withered, as exhibited in the creatures that are not that uncomplicated to uncover any longer. At the identical time, the quite ending leaves a sense of hope that not almost everything is gone, as lengthy as folks continue to search for nature, each actually and metaphorically.

&#8220Mountain Spirits&#8221 is an exceptional animation brief, fairly pleasant to each eye and ear, and testament to the top quality of Chinese animation.



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