Good Job: Episodes 3-4


Superior Job: Episodes three-four

In its second week, Superior Job continues to do a great job (heh) with what it is great at: silly capers, hilarious hijinks produced for pure fan service, and the hint of romances to come. I wasn’t fully sold final week, but I enjoyed this week a lot — if you come for the silly (and boy Jung Il-woo is great at it), you will not leave disappointed.


Superior Job wouldn’t operate as effectively as it does if it weren’t for our 3 key players and their interactions — I just about do not care about the actual sleuthing at all — just show me scenes of our key characters becoming goofy and silly. And swoony.

We choose up with that most outstanding ending scene from final week, exactly where Sera outs herself (and her super vision). In Sun-woo’s personal words, he proved the truth ingeniously. The scene had such a robust reveal they could have left it at that, but this is Superior Job, so there has to be some childish repartee and bird poop jokes to finish off the scene appropriately. And I’m not complaining.

But the investigation should go on, and Sun-woo’s only lead correct now is the bracelet that Sera identified. The bracelet points them to a youngster cancer foundation and the pediatric ward of a hospital, exactly where a steady string of clues leads them, like so lots of breadcrumbs, in a circle correct back to Oh Ah-ra.

Chock complete of red herrings and suspicious nurses, this entire plot arc (and episode and a quarter) was actually constructed for the hijinks — not for the reason that the rogue nurse and mystery volunteer plot line was specifically effectively-written. But that does not matter, for the reason that we’re right here for the hijinks! And what could be additional entertaining than Sun-woo and Sera forced to play lovey dovey newlyweds?

They pretend to dote on each and every other with a layer of falsity that is hilarious — Sun-woo requires the hospital bed although his “wife” the “patient,” should sleep on the cot. And as revenge, Sera tends to make her “husband” spoon feed her. Seriously, they are obtaining as significantly entertaining acting this out (in genuine life and in-planet) as I am watching.

But back to the plot. Sun-woo dons numerous various identities (i.e., eye glasses) and snoops about sufficient so we ultimately find out that Jang Min-soo is in fact abusing the boy he claims is his son, and that Oh Ah-ra herself was a single of the volunteers in the hospital.

Sun-woo and Sera continue their snooping, and soon after a handful of red herrings with the nurses in the ward, bits of proof, and the keychain Sera identified final week, they find out the charge nurse was involved. Oh, did I mention that Min-soo’s son is missing?

Not to de-prioritize the adorable boy that requires healthcare care, or the “father” that requires to meet the inside of a prison for a extremely lengthy time, but once again, this entire complete arc is mainly just for the pivotal fan service scene.

The charge nurse knows they are onto her, and she injects Sera in a storage space and she speedily passes out. Sun-woo comes to her rescue and regardless of his epic fighting expertise, he as well is taken down by a syringe. Subsequent issue we know they are tied up with each other with IV tubing in the storage space, and considering that there’s no other way to attempt to free of charge themselves in time and save the boy, they go at the tubing with their mouths/teeth/what ever. It is the most weirdly erotic issue ever — and Jin-mo, who ultimately locates them, also appears to agree with that assessment.

Immediately after escaping, the 3 head off soon after the nurse, and Sun-woo and his wonderful deductive expertise are ten measures ahead as usual. So he’s not at all shocked when he flings open the door of the automobile they’ve been chasing to not only discover the boy (Han-byul), but the unquestionably-not-dead Oh Ah-ra.

Ah-ra — along with the nurse — has orchestrated this entire murder ruse in order to save Han-byul. And it does not take a private eye to figure out why: Han-byul is in fact Ah-ra’s son! She tells our crew the complete tale, from the reality that she believed her son died at birth, to the nurse admitting that Ah-ra’s boyfriend of the time told her to inform Ah-ra the infant died. Excuse me, but is that not the most illegal issue ever??

Anyway, Ah-ra has thrown her profession into the wind and only desires to save and grow to be a mother to Han-byul, which I’m entirely behind. Having said that, ahead of Sun-woo lets them do this, he desires to know what she knows about The Queen’s Tears. In reality, he’s awfully emphatic about not letting them go till she does, even with Han-byul feverish and hunting sicker than ever.

Of course, that tiny teaspoon of dislike towards Sun-woo that we are fed is quickly replaced by a bucket of adoration: he has his personal private helicopter swooping in as he speaks (we hear it in the distance). Sun-woo’s actually saving the day on her guarantee to inform him about the necklace soon after they’re protected. Not certain why she cannot just inform him and leave, but that is the drama’s issue correct now.

Having said that, we do understand that Ah-ra stole the necklace from her ex as revenge for lying about their infant, but then it was stolen from her (uh, why is this priceless necklace so effortless to steal?). Ah-ra believed Han-byul’s father stole it back, but when she received threats about returning it, she realized it wasn’t him. Afraid for her security – and Han-byul’s — she planned the complete murder-escape which brings us back to the present.

Just before leaving on the chopper, Ah-ra whispers for Sun-woo to be wary of Tae-joon. Hmm, perhaps this a single-dimensional and certainly poor dude is the evil lying father of Han-byul, and the necklace thief behind Sun-woo’s mother’s death? That would be as well apparent, correct?

But no matter, for the reason that some thing even additional vital occurs throughout this dying boy/helicopter/popular actress interlude. Sun-woo, in an emotional moment, explains his behavior to Sera… therefore revealing to her that he’s not a playboy investigating on a lark, but that he’s a deeply wounded soul attempting to uncover the truth behind his mother’s murder. Sera abruptly likes him a entire lot additional.

With the hospital storyline concluded and Ah-ra and her son safely off (and Min-soo in custody), everybody heads household for the evening. But Sera forgets the hot pink dress she was promised as payment, so she heads back to Jin-mo’s workplace to get it, and just like Alice in Wonderland, step by step she finds herself getting into the batcave. It is in fact wonderfully self-conscious, for the reason that that is actually the only way you can have a spunky heroine quickly uncover the batcave that no a single else can appear to.

As she wanders into the basement I began pondering to myself that according to this drama’s MO therefore far, there is no explanation on earth for Sun-woo not to be shirtless when she arrives. Will he pop out of the shower when she walks into his lair?

Lo and behold I was not incorrect. He’s only been household about 4 minutes but he’s currently pumping iron. But I appreciate this drama — rather than linger as well lengthy on the sweaty ~oolala~ issue, Sun-woo in fact sticks his arm into the hot pink dress although producing entertaining of it, and the jig is up for Sera, who’s hiding across the space. Oh the hijinks and misunderstandings!

And right here the drama requires an upsettingly predictable turn. Whilst in the batcave Sera noticed the childhood photo of Sun-woo and his parents. That evening, she dreams/recalls some memories from the orphanage and we see flashes of the angelic lady whom they all adored, and who later died. Once more, it does not take a chaebol heir with the brain of Sherlock Holmes to place two and two with each other. Sera — deep in her memory and super powers — holds a lot of clues to the murder of Sun-woo’s mother.

Sera does not know any of this but, and correct now, she’s just excited by Sun-woo’s (reluctant) invitation to operate for him. He may pretend to hate it, but we know he does not, and Jin-mo is correct that Sera and her super vision are a major assistance to them.

Significantly to Sun-woo’s annoyance, although, Sera does not show up for her very first day of operate. Having said that, this is quickly explained away and becomes the subsequent mini case for the group: Sera’s beloved tiny sister/pal from the orphanage — HAN SOO-AH (Min Chae-eun) — has gotten into a enormous mess attempting to assistance her pal.

Stated pal has been kidnapped by some drug-dealing gangsters, and Soo-ah is not far behind. Sera witnesses this, and quickly our goofy gang of 3 are on the chase. And if watching them blast about in that dopey van is not funny, practically nothing is.

They stick to Soo-ah to an abandoned warehouse exactly where issues escalate speedily. The gangsters are rough and awful — but actually, they’re no match for Sun-woo’s fight expertise, and later, Jin-mo’s cosplay, bluffing, and acting expertise, all of which we have noticed in action ahead of. Seriously, Eum Moon-seok is obtaining the time of his life with this part.

Anyway, significantly like the hospital caper, the abandoned warehouse caper is only entertaining and fascinating for the reason that of our crazy threesome — these characters fairly actually make the drama. And we leave off this week’s episodes with one more cliffhanger: Sun-woo just barely saves Sera as she faints in the road (due to, you know, superhero motives). This, of course, demands Sun-woo to dive on best of her and then they proceed to roll down the hill correct ahead of she loses consciousness.

Like I’ve currently stated half a dozen occasions, this drama is produced to be entertaining — not believable or effectively-crafted — and when I take it in on that level, I actually love myself. I imply, it is got this cheesy low spending budget really feel to it which is almost not possible not to giggle more than.

Extra than the major moments and action, although, it is the interactions amongst the characters that make the ride as entertaining as it is. I specifically enjoyed DIRECTOR HONG (Lee Jun-hyuk) finding suspicious of Sun-woo usually locked in his workplace and sarcastically asking yourself why he usually desires to be left alone with a lot on his thoughts. “It’s not like he’s a monk,” scoffs Director Hong.

But of course, the drama is mainly about the budding connection among Sun-woo and Sera — who play off of each and every other beautifully and with the exact same level of heart — and second only to that is the Sun-woo/Jin-mo banter. Their bromance is the second highlight of the show, even if Jin-mo has to take most of the knocks, whether or not it is the swollen face from his milk allergy, or becoming forced to “dance like a balloon” when he wrecks the bakery’s balloon decoration. I shouldn’t be laughing this really hard at a grown man wiggling about in front of a bakery, but it is downright hilarious how they play it.

The drama also sprinkles in a ton of throwaway lines that add so significantly colour to the drama (and the lackluster plot) — like Sun-woo smarting when Han-byul known as him “ajusshi.” There are other jokes that I discover significantly less funny (I just cannot laugh more than back discomfort — it is as well genuine lol), but all round the zany humor carries this show hook, line, and sinker.

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