Adamas: Episodes 11-12


Adamas: Episodes 11-12

It is an additional wild week for Adamas with massive announcements, betrayals, and extended-hid truths revealed. The guidelines of the game have entirely changed and our characters’ cards are out in the open — but somehow it is even far more tense and tougher to trust persons than ever ahead of.


Adamas: Episodes 11-12

There’s far as well a lot to cover this week (and to swoon more than) so I’ll skip the preamble and get us correct back to the Haesong 80th anniversary celebration. It does not go as planned. For anybody.

Our handsome Woo-shin has a single of various charged encounters with Hye-soo this week, but quickly he’s off on his mission. Thanks to an extremely lame “distraction” courtesy of Dong-rim, and some cautious pre-organizing about the safety method with Tae-sung, Woo-shin sneaks away from the celebration to steal the adamas for a second time. But OMG, it is like an immediate replay. The case is empty, and Woo-shin is so crestfallen it would be sad if it wasn’t so threatening: there’s a newspaper in the case from the day Lee Chang-woo was taken in for the murder. A person knows his game…

Adamas: Episodes 11-12 Adamas: Episodes 11-12

Woo-shin heads back to the celebration (barely generating it outta there, but with Hye-soo assisting) and he sees a familiar face. It is Soo-hyun, who arrives flinging his invite about and marching correct up to Chairman Kwon in his entirely-not-black-tie outfit.

But Dragon Lady Kwon’s surprise occasion is about to begin. And no, it is not a piñata complete of rose petals for her beloved chairman. She requires the stage and opens the infamous suitcase we know holds the adamas. Then she requires it out and wields it more than her head like an Amazonian warrior, sooner or later pointing it at Chairman Kwon himself. She accuses him of all the murderous and terrible issues he’s completed more than the decades, and announces that the adamas is a murder weapon. “I’ll expose your correct demonic face!” she screams.

WOW. I knew Woo-shin got to her, but I didn’t feel it was going to escalate fairly this substantially. Critical to note that Chairman Kwon barely blinks an eye in the face of this quite public string of accusations. He merely says that the police must be alerted that they discovered the thief that was immediately after the adamas.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12 Adamas: Episodes 11-12

Whilst all this is going on, Seo-hee is enduring what becomes an more than 3-hour ordeal with a bomb strapped to her and an EOD group functioning painstakingly to dismantle it about her. All the even though her hand has been duct-taped — thanks to Hyuk-pil — to the detonator to protect against her finger from shifting out of fatigue… and also to enable prove that she’s not a suicide bomber but a victim.

Like so numerous Adamas plot lines, this bomb story arc has a half dozen permutations — all great – and sooner or later the group realizes that Seo-hee is holding a remote handle, not a detonator, and that the target is not the SIH, but a populated marketplace exactly where the slimy Candidate Hwang is at the moment campaigning.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12

We only get to love a short conversation with our twins in the identical forest scene ahead of Soo-hyun heads off to save the day, Seo-hee, and the SIH. And also Candidate Hwang, whom he seriously does save by stopping him from evacuating the threat zone into his K-pop van (which is exactly where the bomb is basically secreted).

Whilst Soo-hyun is busy with that, Woo-shin has also left the mansion (or, has been permitted to leave), and he follows the adamas to the police station exactly where he comes face to face with Group Leader Lee who appears to be waiting for him. It is tense as heck, and even though Lee pins our boy to the wall, he smashes the “diamond” against it, hence telling Woo-shin — no words required — that it is been a fake all along. He then tells Woo-shin the only explanation he’s been permitted to reside is to find the true a single.

Woo-shin may well be losing tough, but he hits the fire alarm in an epic hero moment Lee slams him against the table, unconscious, ahead of escaping. When he wakes up, Woo-shin’s shock is palpable.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12 Adamas: Episodes 11-12

But this is Adamas, and we have a bunch of other reveals to go ahead of the finish of the episodes! The subsequent a single is that Chairman Kwon knew the adamas was fake all along (remind me never ever to be a jeweler) — and wow, he seriously played the extended game. He kept Lee Chang-woo alive and in prison for so numerous years, and primarily worked up this complete plot — every thing we have observed unfold hence far — in order to get the Song boys to uncover the true adamas.

I like this as a reveal, but it is not at all unexpected, considering that the Evil Chairman trope is each screenwriter’s favourite. But there’s nevertheless a lot of space for far more entanglements, so we’ll see exactly where issues go from right here. Not that I feel he’s not evil.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12 Adamas: Episodes 11-12

The bomb scenario is dealt with, but the SIH has a giant mess on their hands considering that it is been produced to appear like an inside job. But far more significant is this Seo-hee/Soo-hyun connection! Whilst she was kidnapped, Soo-hyun was distressed to the point of choking up, and it may well not have been the point of the scene, but when Seo-hee later wakes up in the hospital with Soo-hyun hanging more than her, I was swooning tough. What a fierce duo! I appreciate them.

Chairman Kwon has effectively suppressed all the news-worthy events that occurred throughout the celebration, but when he summons Sun to the mansion and she spills the beans on the complete suicide bomber fiasco, Chairman Kwon is furious. I seriously do not know how he offers with possessing Hyun-jo as a son.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12

But Sun was at the mansion for an additional explanation. We uncover out that she got a mission from the chairman himself, and when Group Leader Lee inquires what it was — effectively — it was him. And as he chokes on the wine Sun poisoned, he realizes it a fraction of a second as well late. I’m not specifically sorry to see him go, but it is rather brutal to watch how all these baddies turn on every other so rapid.

Speaking of turning, Hye-soo is all more than the map of late, and appears far more committed than ever to exposing the chairman’s crimes. But very first she gets the shock of her life — so numerous shocks this week — when Hyun-jo ultimately and tauntingly admits that he was the a single that killed Min-jo.

And confident sufficient we see a flashback of a stricken Chairman Kwon grieving more than his beloved youngest, even though simultaneously commending his oldest on finding rid of his enemy. We also later understand that he “punished” Hyun-jo himself by maintaining Hye-soo about to torment him. Effectively, if it wasn’t clear ahead of, these persons have lost all humanity.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12

Effectively, that was the finish of what Hye-soo could take, it appears, and she very first talks to Dragon Lady Kwon at the precinct and tells her that she’s going to do what she couldn’t: see to it that the chairman and Haesong are destroyed. Then, later, we see this in action when Hye-soo approaches the chairman and requests that he fulfills the “gift” when promised to her father (i.e., the death of whomever she wishes). In however an additional thrilling reveal, it is Hyun-jo’s name on the slip of paper, but the father refuses. The two strike a new deal.

And then, ultimately, it is Soo-hyun’s turn for his shocking reveal — everybody has had at least a single this week — and he shares an significant conversation with his brother. Woo-shin is sitting staring at the giant action figure (come on, guys!) and gradually but clearly tells Soo-hyun that their true father is Lee Chang-woo.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12

This drama is crazy, correct? Even although this week largely delivered reveals of information we currently knew to characters that didn’t, it is nevertheless electrifying to see it all come with each other. The stellar acting does not hurt either.

With two far more weeks to go, it feels like every thing is tightening. So a lot of the game is out in the open now, and we get to appear forward to our twins’ subsequent challenges: for Woo-shin, it is discovering out exactly where the true adamas is hidden (and dealing with Hye-soo whom he can or can not trust) for Soo-hyun, it is defending Lee Chang-woo as his lawyer (due to the fact he unceremoniously quit his job to do so).

I appreciate quite a lot every thing about this drama (effectively, except how the story has handled Sun), but I feel a single of my favourite issues is that as the story unravels, so a lot of the ground we stood on has disappeared. In the finish, if our guesses are correct, the boys have had the adamas inside their grasp for the final 22 years, and that packs a glorious, gut-wrenching punch.

Adamas: Episodes 11-12

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