Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-10


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-ten

Our hero is faced with a option when confronted with his previous: run away or run towards it. Operating away may possibly imply security for him and his loved ones, but with his powerful sense of justice, our hero is not one particular to just give up with no a fight.


Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-10

We commence with Shin-woo admitting to Poong that he has been ordered by the second state councilor to kill him. But due to the fact Poong saved his life final week, Shin-woo tells him to leave the village and in no way return. Poong refuses to run away and regardless of Ji-han’s objection, he decides to face the matter squarely by going to Hanyang to uncover the truth about the second state councilor’s part in the late king’s poisoning.

Eun-woo, who does not want Poong to leave, tries to stall him below the guise of going property to return some of his issues, but she’s startled by a thief on her way and she faints. Anyway, her mission nevertheless ends up getting a achievement due to the fact Poong now has to remain back in the clinic to appear immediately after her. Lol. But Shin-woo is upset at the incident, believing that Poong’s refusal to leave is inevitably placing Eun-woo in harm’s way.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-10

Right after some back and forth on how they’re individually in the finest position to safeguard her, Eun-woo’s knights in shining armor are forced to group up to investigate the incident. They pay a visit to the home exactly where the thief was escaping from, and even though the madam of the home tries to cover up the incident, they study that a bossam (guys who kidnap widows for remarriage) pretty much kidnapped her daughter. Poong finds the incident odd due to the fact the young lady is single and not widowed, and her symptoms are additional of heartbreak than shock at her attempted kidnap.

The thief breaks into the clinic to drop off some herbs (and escapes once again proper in the midst of all the loved ones members, pfft), but Poong is in a position to trace his home thanks to sensible cookie Jang-goon who knows all the village herb collectors and the certain form of herbs they gather. The herb collector is identified passed out at property and when he’s brought to the clinic, Poong realizes he has the identical symptoms as the young lady – symptoms synonymous to enjoy sickness. Apparently, each of them are in enjoy and planned to run away by staging the botched bossam-like situation.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-10

The herb collector is quickly arrested at the clinic, and Poong begs Shin-woo to release him given that they now know he’s not a thief. Shin-woo wonders how Poong can comfortably ask for favors from somebody who’s below orders to kill him. Nevertheless, he relents when Poong tells him that he’s a particular person who does not stick to unjustified orders. Shin-woo essentially appears touched by Poong’s words, and I want him to officially join the clinic group currently.

Eun-woo and Poong arrange for the lovers to meet in the woods, and encourage the lady to express her feelings aloud. Eun-woo provides the lady an instance, but seriously, all she does is express her feelings to Poong, saying she does not want him to leave. Awww. The lady then gets the courage to admit that she loves the herb collector and desires to be with him. Voila, the enjoy of her life comes out of hiding, and the lovers happily run away with every other. Shin-woo is furious with Poong and Eun-woo for permitting the lovers to escape, and Eun-woo scolds him, saying he does not know the burning feeling of enjoy. But that is not correct given that he’s entirely in enjoy with her. Lol.

Shin-woo queries his father as to why he has to kill Poong, and the second state councilor, deciding that he has outlived his usefulness, sends an assassin immediately after him. But although Shin-woo fights the assassin off, he is actually stabbed in the back by Commander Im who previously alerted the second state councilor that Shin-woo is investigating the curious case of the colour-changed needle. As Shin-woo drags his bloodied self away, the needle slips out of his possession, and gets into the hands of Commander Im. Ugh!

Meanwhile, Eun-woo learns about the late king’s death and the second state councilor’s involvement from Poong. Wanting additional answers, they go in search of Shin-woo, and hear that he has been transferred to a different station. Poong guesses that Shin-woo is in danger and correct to his guess, they discover an pretty much passed out Shin-woo in the woods. Shin-woo tells them that no one particular should know he’s nevertheless alive, and they hide him in what appears like the isolation center from final week. This is the second time Poong is saving Shin-woo’s life, and Shin-woo should really be grateful that he didn’t torch down the location.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-10

Due to Poong and Eun-woo’s frequency in sneaking out of the clinic with meals for Shin-woo, the rest of the loved ones conclude that they’re moving in with each other. Ji-han also jumps into conclusions when the king disguises as a scholar on a pay a visit to to the clinic in search of Poong. He sees it as an chance to extort a wealthy scholar, and Poong pretty much enters the ground on seeing him getting all flippant with the king. Heh. The king has identified the court maid who witnessed Poong’s father’s assassination, and brought her for therapy due to the fact she’s nevertheless traumatized by the incident.

When the loved ones learns that the scholar is the king, they turn on Ji-han who essentially appears like his soul is about to leave his physique. And in a different case of jumping into conclusions, Poong recognizes the maid as one particular of his former individuals in the palace when he sees the birthmarks on her chest although Eun-woo performs acupuncture. But all Ib-bun and Eun-woo hear is his oblivious description of the birthmarks and assume he was in some sort of playboy partnership with the maid. Lol.

Commander Im reports to the second state councilor that Shin-woo (who is now missing from the isolation center) has been taken care of and receives new orders to confirm that the maid is in the clinic — like it wasn’t adequate to have previously ordered for the slaughtering of her loved ones, the second state councilor desires to silence the maid himself. Commander Im also has a new small business proposal for the second state councilor that includes the sale of an addictive drug, and I wonder why we even require this when the drama is ending subsequent week.

Poong and the clinic loved ones take the maid to her childhood property to relive happier occasions, but the home is a mess when they arrive, and they clean up the location so that the maid comes to a close to great property rather than one particular that has been set upon by destruction. Awww. When Jang-goon unpacks, he puts with each other some papers the maid has been scribbling on and the resulting image is the image of a butterfly – the shape of an ornament worn by the assassin.

On seeing the complete image, the maid finds her voice and tells a shocked Poong that his father was murdered by the butterfly assassin. Poong is even additional shocked when he recalls that Shin-woo also wears a butterfly ornament, but Eun-woo refuses to think that Shin-woo is an assassin and maintains that it is somebody else with a comparable ornament. Man-bok quickly spots Commander Im and the second state councilor marching towards the home with some guys in black, and runs back to alert the loved ones of the imminent danger.

Poong instructs the rest of them to head back to the village although he runs off with the maid. But like each Joseon chase scene ever, the maid trips and sprains her ankle forcing Poong to hide her and run off in the opposite path to misdirect the masked assassins chasing immediately after them. Eun-woo returns to the woods and runs into Poong, but when they go back for the maid, she’s no longer in her hiding spot. Worried, they head back towards the home, but from afar, they’re stopped by the sight of one particular of the assassins who carries a bloody mat to the home.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-10

Poong and Eun-woo watch in tears as the mat is unwrapped to reveal the limp physique of the maid stained with blood which also drips from the sword of the assassin. And when the assassin requires off his mask, it is none other than Shin-woo! Eun-woo can hardly think her eyes, and to be sincere, identical right here! I believed Shin-woo was on our side now — why would he join hands with the father who wanted him dead?

This much better be a ploy to make the second state councilor trust him once again, so he can stab him in the back as soon as and for all. Then once again, I suppose I shouldn’t be also shocked with something going on in the show proper now. I imply, there’s currently a quantity of head-scratching plots on ground, so what’s one particular additional?

Anyway, as we head into the finale subsequent week, I’m assuming the writer has a program to effectively tie up all these loose ends, and I will be expecting the satisfactory conclusion that I deserve immediately after faithfully sticking with this drama for six weeks.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 9-10

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