Five drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy


5 drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy

1 could argue that K-dramas, on the entire, have a level of cheesiness that is… effectively, particular. Possibly that is what pulled you into dramas, or perhaps it is one thing that you had to gradually get applied to. No matter which camp you are in, this list of some of our favored cheesy dramas will give you a crash course in how to cringe more than a drama and however like it all the way by way of — curling toes and all.

Five drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy
Boys Ahead of Flowers (2009)

Is there a list of cheesy dramas that is comprehensive with out Boys Ahead of Flowers? The answer, of course, is no, simply because this classically so-negative-it is-excellent drama was not only the gateway drama for thousands of future fans, but it was just typically a great mess that was not possible to appear away from. Even when you knew it was ridiculous. Or when it created you want to pull out your hair. Or when you pretty much did a spit-take more than some of the lines or items the drama attempted to get away with.

If you are new to dramas, this a single is an absolute vital for the archetypal characters and gobs of tropes — there is a single right here for every person, certainly. You can also place on your drama sleuth hat and suss out all the techniques Boys Ahead of Flowers impacted dramaland (and lots of actors’ careers). But also, it is completely worth just watching this as a fan. Take off your analytical glasses, shelve the critique, and just sit back and bask in the certainly cheesy goodness. From F4 to the perm that will in no way be forgotten to some of the most effective cringe about, this drama is a single for the ages. –@missvictrix

Five drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy
Scholar Who Walks the Evening (2015)

I really feel like I really should preface this by saying that vampire fiction in common is not generally my point (even though I apparently make an exception when Lee Soo-hyuk is involved — see also: Vampire Idol). Even so, not only did I: 1) select to watch Scholar in the initially location and two) finish it, but three) I also quite substantially enjoyed undertaking so. Often for the factors it wanted me to, and occasionally for factors it didn’t intend.

1 of my favored items about Lee Jun-ki as an actor is that he totally commits to his function, no matter how cringeworthy. In reality, he appears to genuinely like playing cheesy action hero kinds, which is why it is so substantially enjoyable to watch him play them. He’s clearly possessing a blast, so you have enjoyable, also, even when the show itself is not the greatest. Then you place him with Lee Soo-hyuk, with each dialing the dramatics up to 11, and there’s just a lot of enjoyable to be had all about.

That stated, at occasions Scholar also managed to hit all the suitable notes for me emotionally, and I assume that is why it worked general. When it was excellent, it was truly excellent, and when it was negative, it was super enjoyable to laugh at. Does it quantity amongst my favored shows? Undoubtedly not. But do I have fond memories of watching it? Definitely!

My recommendation: watch it with a pal/sibling so you can snark your way by way of it. –@mistyisles

Five drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy
Cinderella and the 4 Knights (2016)

If a drama consists of a reverse harem romance, I automatically know that there is going to be a higher cheese element, and Cinderella and the 4 Knights lives up to that blanket assumption. Plus, as if the title didn’t give it away, the drama’s story is modeled right after the Cinderella fairy tale, and it requires that inspiration actually.

Our Candy heroine Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) is a poor higher college student with an evil step-mother and sister, and a fairy godmother-like wealthy ahjussi provides her a sweet deal in exchange for moving in with his 3 grandsons (and their handsome bodyguard). All she has to do is straighten them out and convince them to reside harmoniously — which is a lot easier stated than accomplished.

The 3 grandsons do not get along, and the only point that they can agree on is how they do not want to be living with each other below the similar roof. So Ha-won has got her perform reduce out for her, but like just about every Candy, she’s up for the challenge and has her eye on the prize. And, of course, this wouldn’t be a reverse harem romance with out a romance complete of the classic tropes that we all either hate to like or like to hate. Surprisingly, Ha-won does not finish up with the pompous a-hole (Ahn Jae-hyun), as dramaland has conditioned us to anticipate, and she as an alternative has her happily ever right after with the brooding black sheep of the household (Jung Il-woo). –@daebakgrits


Five drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy
My Secret Romance (2017)

If ever there have been a guilty pleasure cheeseball romance, it was this a single, and if ever there have been a drama to make you appreciate Sung Hoon’s wheelhouse, it is also this a single. He plays the stereotypical attractive chaebol who likes to playfully tease the object of his affection, and no, there is no nuance added right here — it is just one hundred% precisely what it sounds like. Soon after a a single-evening stand with our heroine (Song Ji-eun), he meets her once again a couple of years later… as her boss. Mainly because this is dramaland, and handsome males constantly boomerang back into your life.

Complete of pretending-to-neglect-you moments, second lead syndrome (thanks to Kim Jae-young, who does it completely), embarrassing mothers, unforgettable loves, mistaken sons, and quite a few a catch-fall, this drama is… effectively, cracktastic. You will hate oneself for watching it — and you could possibly even hate it — but you also will not be sorry? At least that was my feeling when it ended. –@missvictrix


Five drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy
An Empress’s Dignity (2018)

I had an absolute ball watching this wonderfully campy and makjang drama. I like a drama that fully embraces its ridiculousness and goes all out. From the Rocky-esque coaching montage exactly where Tae Hang-ho inexplicably turned into Choi Jin-hyuk, to royal halmeoni whipping off her wig and throwing binyeos (hairpins), I knew it was going to be a wild and enjoyable ride.

As constantly, Jang Nara is good. But poor Choi Jin-hyuk type of gets shafted right here. He’s technically the male lead, but he steadily loses relevance as the story progresses. For me, this somehow added to the hugely amusing chaos of it all. And then there’s the absolute scene-stealer Shin Sung-rok who goes from villain to type of the key lead simply because why not?

There’s murder, intrigue, household drama, birth secrets, revenge plots, redemption arcs – this drama has it all. It could not constantly make sense, but I was constantly entertained. And occasionally, that is all you want. –@quirkycase

Five drama recommendations… for when you want to go cheesy

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