The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10


The Superior Detective two: Episodes 9-ten

In the aftermath of a sudden death, our remaining players scramble to turn the circumstance in their favor. The truth has been obscured beneath layers of secrets and scheming, but practically nothing can be hidden forever.



The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Some time immediately after the accident, Do-chang and Ji-hyuk assessment Tae-ho’s black box footage. There’s the distinct sound of a seat belt unbuckling just before the vehicle swerves, enabling them to surmise that Na-na intentionally unbuckled Tae-ho’s seatbelt to engineer the vehicle crash.

Considering that the media reports it as a tragic accident, Do-chang and Ji-hyuk meet with Na-na to clarify the events of that evening. She claims that Tae-ho wanted to expose Sang-woo’s assault case from two years ago, even if it meant he would also be indicted for fabricating proof. In his excellent situation, he would be released on probation, Sang-woo would go to prison, and Na-na would inherit TJ Group.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Ji-hyuk asks her why she apologized to Tae-ho then, and Na-na holds up a photo of Tae-ho and Hee-joo hugging in his vehicle. We see an alternate version of events play out, in which Na-na confronts Tae-ho with the pictures and he chooses to crash the vehicle himself.

Na-na acts guilt-ridden more than pushing Tae-ho to his death, but Ji-hyuk’s suspicions nonetheless haven’t abated. As he and Do-chang drive away, he points out that Na-na took handle of their conversation — she volunteered facts and answered her personal concerns, as if spinning her personal tale.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Interestingly, after she’s left alone, Na-na’s mask drops. Unused to her crutches, she ends up falling more than, and she struggles to pull herself back to her feet. With no one particular about to assist her up, she cannot assist but bear in mind how Tae-ho comforted her through her breakdown, and anguished tears fill her eyes.

She might appear genuinely distressed more than his absence, but I have a feeling it is significantly less about mourning his death per se, and extra about grieving the loss of an individual who employed to be there for her — a loss that was cemented after she saw him turn to Hee-joo alternatively of her. Possibly it might have been a loss she hadn’t let herself adequately acknowledge till now, out of a refusal to admit that she’s been left behind but once more.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

We see that on the evening of the accident, Yong-geun followed Tae-ho and overheard his finish of the telephone contact with Ji-hyuk. Afraid to have his personal involvement exposed, he tells Bo-kyung to tie up any loose ends and clear out any facts relating to Tae-ho that could potentially complicate matters.

Bo-kyung does as told, but as she organizes her desk, she notices a string of numbers written in her function planner. Tae-ho wrote the passcode to his secure just before he left the workplace that evening, but Bo-kyung resolves not to get caught up in something extra than her fundamental function duties.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

A gossip outlet spreads the illicit pictures of Tae-ho and Hee-joo, speculating that Tae-ho killed himself due to the shame and the police stress. Guilt-ridden that his choice to reveal the pictures might have pushed Tae-ho to his death, Hee-joo’s grandpa asks Eun-hye to stop by the TJ business creating with him, so that he can sincerely apologize to Tae-ho’s bereaved household.

As they arrive at the TJ lobby, Sang-woo coincidentally walks in, and Grandpa begins to humbly apologize. Even so, he quickly notices Sang-woo’s uncommon, special footwear, and they ring a bell. Sang-woo after visited his shoe shop and created snide comments about Hee-joo — namely, that she looked great at seducing guys.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Grandpa realizes that Sang-woo knew about the clandestine connection, and it escalates into a confrontation that has Sang-woo shoving Grandpa to the floor. Considering that they’re in public, Sang-woo tends to make a major show of going to assist Grandpa up, but then he leans in and sneers that Hee-joo was a gold digger who deserved to die. Ugh, he’s the worst.

Sang-woo walks away all haughty and smug, leaving a heartbroken Grandpa on the floor. Eun-hye screams immediately after him in indignation, but the callous Sang-woo remains completely unruffled.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Bo-kyung witnesses this awful scene, and her compassionate heart cannot hold back any longer. She retrieves Tae-ho’s USB from his secure, but she’s caught on the way out by Yong-geun. He chases immediately after her, and as she requires a extended elevator ride up to escape his pursuit, she immediately thinks up a strategy.

Yong-geun catches up with her by the time she arrives on her location floor, but Na-na comes out of her workplace in the nick of time, getting been known as out by Bo-kyung. Claiming that Tae-ho asked her to retrieve his USB from the secure and pass it to Na-na in the case of an emergency, Bo-kyung offers the USB to Na-na, and that gets Yong-geun off her back.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

It turns out that Bo-kyung copied the USB’s contents onto a colleague’s tablet for safekeeping, and she retrieves it afterwards, going straight to the police station. The USB contained a recording of the conversation involving Tae-ho and Min-ji, and Bo-kyung plays it for our group to hear.

Considering that Hee-joo instructed Min-ji to use the CCTV video as leverage in pressuring Sang-woo to return her youngster to her, Min-ji thinks Sang-woo murdered Hee-joo for it. Hee-joo kept the original copy as insurance coverage, which offers Sang-woo a quite probably motive.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Now completely recovered, Man-gu and Ji-woong return to function. LOL, somehow the head injury created Ji-woong far better at his multiplication tables, and the stab in Man-gu’s abdomen cured his irritable bowel syndrome. Their fellow detectives jokingly wonder if they ought to be grateful to Dong-jae, but the pair’s faces fall at the mention of the gangster.

Dong-jae might be released from prison quickly, courtesy of Ki-jin, who forced Man-gu and Ji-woong to sign affidavits by threatening to jeopardize Do-chang’s profession. Ki-jin has clearly joined hands with Yong-geun it appears like the guarantee of cash and energy had been as well tempting to resist immediately after all.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10 The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Incensed, Do-chang straight away storms out to confront Ki-jin, and it escalates into a complete-blown physical fight. Then Ki-jin hits exactly where it hurts most — he accuses Do-chang of killing persons with his incompetent investigating. Initially it was Lee Dae-chul (Eun-hye’s father from Season 1), then it was Kim Hyung-bok, and now it is Woo Tae-ho.

Ki-jin’s words reduce deep, leaving Do-chang reeling in shock and guilt. We know how considerably of himself Do-chang pours into his function, and how deeply his empathy runs, which tends to make this scene even extra devastating to watch. Do-chang carries these deaths like weights on his shoulders, and it is the regret of not getting capable to save them that drives his urgency to apprehend the true culprits.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Yong-geun enacts his strategy to get rid of the thorns in his side, one particular by one particular. He gets an internal audit opened against Ji-hyuk for alleged bribery, and he assigns Bo-kyung a confidential document to send to an significant client, then hires an individual to steal her laptop so he can presumably have an excuse to fire her.

Even so, that an individual turns out to be detective Dong-wook’s brother, oops. When Bo-kyung runs to the station in a panic, hoping they can come across her laptop, Dong-wook straight away recognizes his brother on the CCTV recording.

This plot point gets resolved a tiny as well conveniently, but it does raise an intriguing query — as a law enforcement officer, what takes place when your relative becomes a criminal? In the aftermath of the incident, Dong-wook feels guilty and accountable for his brother’s misbehavior he’s supposed to uphold the law, but his quite personal household member chose to stand opposite it.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10 The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

In any case, Bo-kyung’s laptop is returned secure and sound. The subsequent day, she pointedly mentions to Yong-geun that an individual attempted to steal her laptop. Placing on an innocent act, Bo-kyung pretends to be concerned about the business, saying that it appears like there are quite a few persons who have it out for TJ. The moment she turns about to leave the workplace, even though, her polite smile drops and she begins grumbling beneath her breath, HAHA.

Dong-jae is released from prison, but he gets beaten up by his gangster boss that quite evening. He orders his underlings to toss Dong-jae into the sea, even though we do not basically see it come about. All this is performed beneath Yong-geun’s orders, of course.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Police Chief Moon finds out that TJ, by way of Yong-geun, attempted to mess with his valuable daughter Bo-kyung, and he’s completely furious. That gets him onboard the team’s anti-TJ schemes, and they launch a counterattack by way of the media, working with Ji-hyuk’s bribery accusations to their benefit.

As portion of the strategy, some members of the group give anonymous testimonies about Ji-hyuk, and they’re technically not falsehoods — Bo-kyung did arrange a secret meeting involving Ji-hyuk and a best TJ executive, for instance. Of course, all the things is spun to paint TJ in a undesirable light, and it effectively redirects the public’s interest to TJ’s machinations.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10 The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Man-gu and Ji-woong set out to retrieve Dong-jae’s telephone, which he passed to his underling just before finding arrested. Soon after intimidating the minion into revealing the phone’s place, they receive the telephone, which consists of a recording of Yong-geun instructing Dong-jae to clean up the crime scene and destroy proof.

Ideal then, even though, Na-na fakes a diabetic episode to manipulate Ji-hyuk into rushing more than to her mother’s property. There, he finds her completely fine, and she plays a video recording from her hidden camera in Sang-woo’s workplace.

In it, Hee-joo says that she’ll show the CCTV video of Sang-woo’s assault to Chairman Cheon and Na-na, if Sang-woo does not return Min-ji’s youngster to her. She walks out of the workplace with out a second glance back, leaving Sang-woo yelling ineffectively immediately after her. Infuriated at getting on the losing finish for after, Sang-woo impulsively calls Dong-jae and screams for him to kill Hee-joo.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Oof, that is absolutely an incriminating video. We finish right here this week, but that short glimpse we got of Ji-hyuk’s reaction offers me faith that he’s not going to basically take this clip at face worth. For one particular, if Na-na had this recording all along, why is she only revealing it now? Clearly it is to deflect suspicion away from herself and give the police a handy suspect, and I extremely doubt she’s presenting the complete truth with out manipulation.

This week, the show shifted some of the concentrate away from the higher-tension sleuthing, alternatively highlighting some struggles that detectives face in the approach of chasing down a criminal. For instance, Min-ji points out that Ji-hyuk is so focused on catching the killer that he does not care what takes place to other persons in the approach.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

She’s not completely suitable, of course Ji-hyuk’s tenacity is driven by his wish to bring the truth to light and provide justice to the victims, rather than basically placing criminals behind bars. Even so, she does make a valid point — as an individual who’s also a victim, this case is retraumatizing her all more than once more. If Do-chang wasn’t there to act as a verify-and-balance, Ji-hyuk’s forthrightness might quite nicely have reopened Min-ji’s old wounds.

We see this side of Ji-hyuk in the scene with Na-na we know that his incisive concerns about the vehicle accident are justified, because we’ve noticed the truth of that evening. Even so, Ji-hyuk is going off his detective’s hunch — what if he was incorrect, and he was falsely accusing a grieving widow of killing her personal husband, with such aggression and certainty?

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

I feel that goes to show how great of a group our detective pair is, when also shining a spotlight on the intricacies of detective function. The balance involving compassion and rationality is not an quick one particular to strike, and it is a continual struggle. Similarly, the pursuit of justice generally comes at a cost, specifically when going against the wealthy and effective.

In this week’s episodes, we see our team’s livelihoods getting threatened by TJ, such as household members getting transferred away to unique departments or a major fried chicken franchise opening suitable opposite the humble shop of Do-chang’s sister. It is played off as a humorous scene, but these implicit threats could have quite true consequences for our group and their loved ones.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

Of course, that does not imply our group should really just play it secure and wash their hands of the circumstance. If no one particular, not even them, stands up against TJ’s tyranny, then these chaebols’ energy and oppression will just continue going unchecked.

That is what tends to make our protagonists even extra admirable — from Ji-hyuk’s unrelenting investigation of the prospective suspects, to Do-chang’s heartfelt compassion towards the victims, and even Bo-kyung’s unwillingness to retain mum and let her superiors stroll all more than her. They will not take injustice lying down, not by a extended shot.

The Good Detective 2: Episodes 9-10

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