Kim Sun-ah schemes to build her own Empire of Law

August 29, 2022August 29, 2022

Kim Sun-ah schemes to construct her personal Empire of Law
by tccolb

A new video teaser has been released for JTBC’s upcoming The Empire of Law, which appears to have all the makings of a classic melodrama rife with meaningful stares. Delving into the life of a effective household, the drama unravels the hypocrisy and greed which have been cautiously veiled behind the family’s prominence in law and governance.

Central to this story is Kim Sun-ah’s (Secret Boutique) Han Hye-ryul, head of the district prosecution workplace. Though she worked challenging to succeed in her profession, her family’s influence creates the illusion of nepotism and she’s extended been struggling beneath the weight of their name. But now, she’s prepared to break no cost from her restraints and puts her personal plans into motion.
Ahn Jae-wook (Mouse) plays the element of her husband, law professor Na Geun-woo. As a particular person who went from rags to riches, he has robust public favor on his side and is even getting deemed for the subsequent presidential candidacy. But now he’s produced himself a pawn in his personal game and he dangers losing almost everything if his accurate self is revealed.
In supporting roles, we have Hye-ryul’s parents: professor Lee Mi-sook (Let Me Introduce Her) and law firm CEO Song Young-chang (The Very good Detective two). The head of the household is our heroine’s maternal grandfather, Shin Gu (Kairos), who married once more in his later years to the young Oh Hyun-kyung (Young Lady and Gentleman).

With music playing substantially more than the sequence, the new teaser starts with Hye-ryul and Geun-woo holding hands in front of the press. We then reduce away to scenes from Geun-woo’s affair and the intermittent text screens study: “A story about the hidden secrets of people today who have almost everything!”
The teaser then jumps to Hye-ryul’s parents, searching dire, when step-grandma puts her game face on. The household gathers in the foyer to welcome their guests. But each Geun-woo and Hye-ryul are stricken by who or what they see. The video then comes to a close on an ominous shot, with an unknown physique falling into the water.
Directed by PD Yoo Hyun-ki with scripts by Oh Ga-kyu, JTBC’s The Empire of Law premieres September 24 in the weekend slot.

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