Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 9-ten

To some, their profession is a culmination of their dreams. For other individuals, it is an affirmation that they’re walking down the appropriate path. And to other individuals nevertheless, it may possibly pretty effectively have come to be their identity itself, inseparable from their sense of self.


Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Phew, final week’s cliffhanger ending was a misdirect — Ma-eum and Joon-young are essentially rushing to the police station, exactly where Dae-ryuk has been detained. It turns out Dae-ryuk attempted to sketch a young lady on the streets and her boyfriend mistook him for a creep, jumping aggressively to her defense and beating Dae-ryuk up.

Just after the misunderstanding is resolved, Ma-eum and Dae-ryuk leave the station with each other, and she expresses her disappointment. No matter how a great deal he desires to draw his webtoon effectively, individuals ought to often come 1st.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Ma-eum turns to leave, but Dae-ryuk calls out plaintively, pleading for her not to abandon him. He tells her she’s like a god to him — individuals do not like him or his webtoon, but she was the only a single who accepted him and saw his worth.

Promising that he will not do something Ma-eum dislikes, Dae-ryuk begs her not to throw him away, apologizing pitifully.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Man-cheol recruits Ma-eum and Joon-young for a new project he hopes to make a remake of a time machine manhwa that was well known back in the day. They go to meet the author MA HAE-GYU, who has due to the fact lost all his earnings by way of gambling and terrible stock investments. His area is messy and strewn with rough sketches, even although his hand tremors are so terrible he cannot even draw a straight line.

Writer Ma is much less than enthused about the remake, asserting that comics ought to be paperback and demanding a hefty sum if they want him to sign onto the project. He’s grumpy and rude, even going as far as to toss a glass of water in Man-cheol’s face. Yikes.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

As they drive back to the workplace, Man-cheol advises Ma-eum to maintain an eye out for Dae-ryuk — Writer Ma serves as a cautionary tale of artists who pin their complete lives on their craft.

Ma-eum pays a take a look at to Dae-ryuk’s tiny goshiwon area, and when she realizes he’s been subsisting on comfort retailer bento boxes, she requires him out for a correct meal, urging him to take superior care of himself.

Dae-ryuk’s dedication to practicing his craft is impressive, and it shows in the gradual improvement of his art abilities. Nonetheless, his a single-track thoughts towards his webtoon is a possible bring about for concern, and he appears like he’s currently on the path to overworking himself.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Our rookie authors’ operates ultimately get published, and their respective producers wait nervously for the 1st upload. Joon-young even set a notification for the 1st chapter of Woo-jin’s baseball webtoon, heh, and he reads it with a wide smile on his face.

Dae-ryuk’s webtoon is ultimately published as well, and it earns rave evaluations. Omg, it rises to third location on the webtoon rankings, alongside Woo-jin’s webtoon in fourth location! Reading all the optimistic comments, Dae-ryuk is moved to tears. Aww, I’m so proud of him. (Also, I want to study his webtoon as well, it appears so fascinating!)

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Writer Ma’s daughter YOO-NA (Jeon Chae-eun) ends up calling Ma-eum (who previously gave her name card to her) when she gets into difficulty at her comfort retailer element-time job. Ma-eum requires her out to a cafe soon after the ordeal, exactly where Yoo-na confides in her.

Tragically, Yoo-na’s mom passed away attempting to help the family members whilst Writer Ma stubbornly insisted on drawing comics extended previous his prime. As such, she completely detests manhwa, mainly because it reminds her of her father’s obsession and her mother’s sacrifice.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

We ultimately get an answer as to the identity of the mysterious lady that keeps appearing in Joon-young’s home — she’s his deceased older sister. Joon-young requires the day off to spend his respects at her columbarium, wishing his late noona a satisfied birthday.

Later that evening, Ma-eum returns residence to come across Joon-young sitting outdoors her doorstep, lingering grief weighing on him. She invites him in and cooks ramyun for him, and when he thanks her, it is clearly for much more than the meal.

Their conversation turns to Writer Ma’s manhwa, and Joon-young suggests that Ma-eum bring Yoo-na to her manhwa cafe. Just after all, it was the pretty location that managed to spark his interest in manhwa.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Ma-eum heeds Joon-young’s suggestion, and more than a dinner of kimchi fried rice, she notices Yoo-na’s telephone wallpaper. It is a photo of Yoo-na and her mom, with a quote that her mom utilized to often say to her.

Reading it aloud, Ma-eum completes the rest of the quote — it is a line from Writer Ma’s manhwa. Ma-eum’s mom points out that Yoo-na’s mom will have to have loved her husband’s manhwa books a lot, and that ultimately convinces Yoo-na to attempt reading them.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Writer Ma heads residence with a plastic bag complete of soju bottles, and he crosses paths with Ma-eum, who walked Yoo-na residence. Chiding him politely but firmly, Ma-eum reminds him that his most critical priority shouldn’t be his perform, but Yoo-na.

When Yoo-na sees the alcohol that her dad has brought residence however once again, she ultimately has adequate. Blowing up at him in aggravation, Yoo-na confronts him for clinging onto his previous glory days and wallowing in despair alternatively of moving on with his life.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

It is a harsh wake-up get in touch with that ultimately snaps Writer Ma out of his difficult facade, and he shakily admits that he does not know what is left of him without the need of his manhwa. He’s primarily based his complete self-worth on his profession, and now that it is tanked, he feels bereft of goal.

Except Yoo-na reminds him that he’s nevertheless her dad — she does not need to have him to be renowned or a genius, she just desires him to be a father to her. Her words get by way of to him, and the subsequent morning, a cleaned-up and sharply-dressed Writer Ma walks into the webtoon team’s workplace. He’s right here to sign the contract for the remake, to Man-cheol’s elation.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Just after perform, Ma-eum enlists Joon-young’s enable in selecting out a perfume for her father. Joon-young walks Ma-eum to the dojo, and she thanks him for providing her a tiny much more courage. He’s shocked that even she gets afraid, and Ma-eum says that of course she does — but in spite of the worry, she pushes ahead anyway. Aww, Joon-young’s respect and admiration is written across his face.

Ma-eum initiates a heart-to-heart with her dad, admitting that she knows she was his dream, and that she’s sorry she couldn’t fulfill it for him. She offers the present to her father, except he abruptly stands up, brusquely declaring that he hasn’t offered up on his dream however. He walks away without the need of accepting his daughter’s present, and from afar, Joon-young witnesses this scene.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

A despondent Ma-eum ends up drinking by herself, but just when she’s about to stuff the present bag into her backpack, Joon-young abruptly shows up and asks her to give the present to him alternatively. Eeeee!!

Joon-young requires the seat subsequent to Ma-eum, assuming she’s alone — only for her judo pal to show up actually 5 seconds later. HAHAHA, Joon-young’s flustered expression!

Ma-eum’s pal is the most effective wingwoman ever realizing they’re the very same age, she speaks casually to Joon-young. That gets Ma-eum and Joon-young to ultimately drop the honorifics as well, and they’re adorably awkward about it at 1st. Yay, they’re so cute!

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

More than drinks at their usual pojangmacha, Ji-hyung comes clean to Man-cheol about Youngtoon’s profitable give. Man-cheol’s words of congratulations are a tiny as well enthusiastic to sound all-natural, and it is clear that he’ll miss Ji-hyung if he leaves.

Nonetheless, Man-cheol urges Ji-hyung to prioritize himself and accept the give, leaving Ji-hyung even much more conflicted than prior to. Aww, we get a cute flashback to Gingertoon’s early days, and we see that Joon-young’s noona GU AE-RI (Seo Yoon-ah) utilized to be element of the group as well.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Ji-hyung returns to the workplace late into the evening, and his gaze lingers on the coin he gave Ma-eum, which she named her fortunate charm. Then all of a sudden, Ma-eum pops up from behind his workplace desk, scaring the living daylights out of Ji-hyung, HAHA.

Ma-eum is clearly impacted by the rumor that he’s transferring to Youngtoon, and Ji-hyung amusedly points out that he hasn’t accepted the give however. Just mainly because other individuals covet the position does not imply that he has to want it as well, and Ji-hyung says that he’s nevertheless figuring out what his heart definitely desires.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Ma-eum emails Ji-hyung her month-to-month homework assignment when she 1st joined Neon, he’d thrown her the query of what a webtoon editor is, and instructed her to answer it each and every month. Ji-hyung ultimately reads the backlog of e mail submissions, and Ma-eum’s answers reflect her journey and development as a producer.

Her newest answer is that webtoon editors are like gardeners they care for their webtoon artists just like gardeners nurture their plants. Occasionally they get hurt by thorns, and often they have to make the really hard selection of pruning off specific branches. At the finish of the day, they take duty for the garden till the finish, in order for the flowers to bloom.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Joon-young’s nasty uncle pesters him to meet, then demands dollars from his nephew. He claims that he arranged for Ae-ri’s funeral whilst Joon-young was studying abroad, arguing that he deserves repayment for taking care of the siblings soon after their mother passed away.

Having said that, Joon-young confronts his uncle with the ugly truth he selfishly pocketed their parents’ insurance coverage payouts and Ae-ri’s month-to-month salary. Joon-young is prepared to reduce his uncle out of his life, till he delivers a shocking revelation — he accuses Man-cheol of causing Ae-ri’s death.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

The webtoon group gathers at a higher-finish beef restaurant, courtesy of Man-cheol, who took it upon himself to organize a farewell dinner for Ji-hyung. Everyone’s mood is somber, and poor Ma-eum even breaks out into tears, aww.

Except… Ji-hyung is not leaving. HAHAHA! Ma-eum’s homework assignment struck a chord in him, and he realized that above all, he desires to take duty for his projects and his colleagues. He’s going to see it by way of to the finish, till the trees he has planted at some point blossom and bear fruit. Yay, Ji-hyung, you are the most effective!

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Later on, Ji-hyung measures outdoors to take a get in touch with, and Joon-young follows soon after him. Displaying Ji-hyung a photo of Ae-ri, Joon-young asks if he knows her, and Ji-hyung’s eyes widen in recognition and shock. At the confirmation that Ji-hyung knows his noona, Joon-young’s hand curls into a fist — and from afar, Ma-eum witnesses this confrontation.

We finish on this cliffhanger this week, which leaves me nervous for the subsequent fallout. I have adequate faith in Man-cheol and Ji-hyung that I do not consider they straight had a hand in Ae-ri’s death, but offered how really hard they have been functioning to get Gingertoon up off the ground, I wouldn’t be shocked if she ran herself ragged from overwork. Joon-young’s currently facing even much more stress from Chief Heo, who even instructed him to get Young-bae’s functionality records this week — he does not need to have any much more incentive to tip more than to the incorrect side.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

This week’s episodes centered on the theme of perform-life balance, highlighting the consequences of basing one’s complete identity on one’s creations or achievements. In a globe that lauds productivity and rewards accomplishments, it is uncomplicated to finish up tying our self-worth to the pursuit of excellence. When we fail, it cuts deep like a individual flaw. It is one thing I’m no stranger to myself, and I appreciate that the drama addressed it.

I’m so glad that Ji-hyung chose to keep on the group, and I respect him even much more for creating the tricky selection to reject Youngtoon’s give. I never ever doubted Ji-hyung’s loyalty to the group for a single second, but the stakes have been higher for him, and his conflict was compelling offered their team’s uncertain future. His selection to adhere to his heart alternatively of chasing material acquire was an admirable a single I especially liked his line about deciding upon the path he would regret much less. Either way, there’s an chance expense, but what matters most is not the prestige or the wealth — it is that he stays accurate to his values and chooses what tends to make him happier.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

This ties into the side plot with well known comedy writer OH YOON (Son Dong-woon of Highlight) and producer CHOI DOO-HEE (Ahn Tae-hwan). Writer Oh attempted a fully distinct genre in order to counter the naysayers who accused him of only having well known off his appears, but his overambitious sci-fi webtoon fell flat and recorded rock-bottom ratings.

However, attempting to prove your self to individuals who currently have it out for you from the outset is merely a losing game. Writer Oh lost sight of the forest for the trees, permitting the harsh criticism to chip away at his self-esteem. Therefore, I’m glad that Doo-hee encouraged Writer Oh to take pride in his capability to make other individuals laugh everybody has their weaknesses, as effectively as their strengths.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

Ma-eum has a knack for assisting the individuals about her to recognize their inherent worth we’ve observed it with Writer Baek, Kang-nam, and Dong-hee (whom we see reading Dae-ryuk’s webtoon, aww). In the very same way, she’s inspiring and empowering Dae-ryuk, guiding him by way of his fears and advocating for him to other individuals.

Dae-ryuk clearly struggles with abandonment troubles as a outcome of his traumatic previous, and I be concerned that his admiration and idolization of Ma-eum may possibly escalate into an unhealthy attachment. He views her as his savior, and his proclamation that he would do something to stay clear of upsetting her was frankly fairly worrying. Dae-ryuk deserves to be his personal particular person, alternatively of bending to the whims of other individuals. Rather than relying solely on external validation for affirmation, I hope Dae-ryuk learns to see how innately valuable he is.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

On a side note, the gradual improvement of Ma-eum and Joon-young’s partnership has me so giddy with excitement! The way Joon-young gazes at her with a fond smile on his face is so swoon-worthy, and I like that it comes from a location of genuine admiration. His care and concern for her runs deeper than just superficial attraction, and I like that it is reciprocal, even if Ma-eum may possibly not have caught feelings however. Each of them are pillars of help to each and every other, often there to give a listening ear or a fistbump of camaraderie.

Also, whilst the Pomme plot line progresses at a snail’s pace of 5 minutes per week, we do get an critical bit of facts. It is beginning to appear like her hidden camera stalker is her webtoon assistant, who secretly crumples up Joon-young’s name card upon getting it. (That does not go unnoticed by Ma-eum, but she does not comment on his rude behavior for now.) Plus, Pomme’s cat hissed aggressively at the creepy assistant, and I’m inclined to trust its instincts. Can we get a heroic kitty to the rescue?

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 9-10

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