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It is a groom face-off in new posters for tvN’s Appreciate in Contract
by missvictrix

I shouldn’t adore the sound of tvN’s Appreciate in Contract as significantly as I do… but if contract romance is your drama catnip, this drama promises it in spades doubles.
Starring Park Min-young (Forecasting Appreciate and Climate), the story follows our heroine Choi Sang-eun, who cosplays the fantastic wife for guys who want to keep single, but require to seem married for pesky social, economic, and/or familial factors. Her extended-time client is Jung Ji-ho — played by Go Kyung-pyo (Private Lives) — and he has been her Mon-Wed-Fri “husband” for more than 5 years. We see the couple in their new poster, with Jung Ji-ho’s caption saying that Sang-eun spends her Mon-Wed-Fri evenings with him, when Sang-eun’s caption announces that she only does marriage with no adore in the equation.
Items commence to get a lot more difficult when Sang-eun requires on a new client: chaebol celeb Kang Hae-jin, who is played by Kim Jae-young (Reflection of You). He becomes her Tues-Thurs-Sat contract husband. The posters are not shy about the various dynamics of our two couples, mainly because when Sang-eun appears to command the energy in the Mon-Wed-Fri couple, she appears flustered when she’s a aspect of the Tue-Thurs-Sat couple. And, I imply, if you have Kim Jae-young back-hugging you, this is an understandable response.
The final poster attributes our fake groom face-off, and the two wonder when they’ll obtain adore rather of mere “marriage.” It does not take a genius to anticipate the two to fall in adore with her for realsies and vie for her heart — and her non-specialist consideration on Sunday, which is her only day absolutely free of wife cosplay.
Written by Ha Gu-dam with PD Nam Sung-woo (My Roommate Is a Gumiho, Old College Intern) at the helm — which bodes effectively for this getting as cheeky as it must be — tvN’s Appreciate in Contract premieres subsequent month on September 21.

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