Namgoong Min fights for affordable justice in One Dollar Lawyer

August 28, 2022August 27, 2022

Namgoong Min fights for very affordable justice in One particular Dollar Lawyer
by Jenzy

SBS’s upcoming drama One particular Dollar Lawyer has dropped some new stills and its initially teaser, providing us a appear into the comedic components of the drama and answering the query we’ve all been asking: can Namgoong Min pull off what his character summary describes as a “sophisticated perm”? (Spoiler: he can!)

Namgoong Min (The Veil) plays Cheon Ji-hoon, a gifted lawyer who requires on the oppressed and underprivileged as clientele though only charging them 1,000 won in legal costs. He’s an unstoppable force in court with the suave hair to match, but his dogged pursuit of justice tends to make him quite a few enemies amongst the corrupt wealthy and entitled.
Ji-hoon’s fight for his clientele will have him crossing paths with specific higher-level prosecutors such as our golden-spooned female lead Baek Mari, played by Kim Ji-eun (Once more My Life), and her energy-hungry colleague Seo Min-hyuk, played by Choi Dae-hoon (Insider). In a globe of political machinations and backdoor offers, our hero will have to use his wits to fight for justice though maintaining himself below his currently low price range.

The drama’s initially teaser offers us key vigilante Batman vibes. In the initially scene, Ji-hoon walks down the street, selecting up the sounds of helpless cries (“I didn’t do it” “Please assistance me”) like a radio picks up a signal. In the subsequent scene he narrates, “I heard you required somebody to save you,” though he epically struts in the evening to a possible client. The client is shocked when Ji-hoon confirms that yes, he’ll only require to spend him with the alter in his pocket.
We then reduce to some scenes of him out in the field, investigating crime scenes, fighting with police officers (verbally), gangsters (physically), and pointing accusatory Phoenix Wright fingers at men and women. All the though we hear voiceovers of exasperated men and women asking him if he definitely requirements to make these open-and-shut circumstances additional difficult than they require to be. He answers them all with his definition that a lawyer is somebody who fights for his clientele.
Penned by the writer duo Choi Soo-jin and Choi Chang-hwan (Heart Surgeons, Defendant) and directed by Kim Jae-hyun, One particular Dollar Lawyer will air beginning September 23 in the Friday-Saturday slot on SBS.

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