First love turned crazy tenant in KBS rom-com The Law Cafe

August 27, 2022August 26, 2022

Very first adore turned crazy tenant in KBS rom-com The Law Cafe
by missvictrix

KBS’s upcoming drama The Law Cafe is hunting an awful lot like a quintessential K-drama rom-com — and you will hear no complains from me. The newest teaser opens with our two leads Lee Seung-gi (Mouse) and Lee Se-young (The Red Sleeve Cuff) as flirty higher schoolers. For the reason that is there a pals-to-lovers romance out there that would really feel comprehensive devoid of our leads possessing a history?
By means of the higher college flashback it appears like our hero Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) and heroine Kim Yuri (Lee Se-young) dated in their youth. We see them getting cute collectively and hear Yuri mocking his haircut. From there we move into the present day, with the eponymous law cafe getting made. And God bless dramaland: it is a pitch-ideal K-drama set if ever I saw one particular. Inside we hear Yuri saying “law” in English and explaining her intentions to begin a law cafe, as we see some drip coffee getting created and Jung-ho flipping out more than her plans… because he’s the landlord.

The subsequent text screen positions Yuri as “his 1st adore masquerading as a tenant,” and we see speedy cuts of Yuri promising to reside peacefully, but then carrying out something but and building substantially mayhem. In contrast, Jung-ho is noted as “the jobless tracksuit-wearing landlord” who defends himself and his style alternatives calling it “vintage, casual, ethnic higher fashion” — and actually, who can argue, because you can take the tracksuit out of dramaland but you can not take dramaland out of the tracksuit.
From there the romantic hijinks begin — accidental close proximity moments, secret staring, and so on. — and Yuri asks if he’s getting like this due to the fact they dated in the previous. Jung-ho then says he’s only acting like this due to the fact “Yuri is a psycho,” and we see additional cuts of her getting the wild lady she appears to be. Sign me up, people!
Directed by PD Lee Eun-jin (Content to Die, Chief Kim) with scripts by Im Eui-jung (1 Evening), The Law Cafe premieres September five in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

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