Unicorn: Episode 1


Unicorn: Episode 1

It has been a though given that a sitcom has graced the compact screen, and though it may not be to everyone’s taste, I feel to the ideal target audience, Unicorn has the prospective to be a rollicking, crazy ride. Filled to the brim with jokes, the initially episode dives straight into the wild planet of our characters and their strange startup led by their even stranger CEO.


Unicorn Episode 1

Welcome to Maccom, a startup run by the one particular and only STEVE (Shin Ha-kyun). It is a no cost-spirited business that values its personnel and tackles humanitarian troubles to superior the world… or at least that is what Steve believes. In reality, most recent addition JAY (Lee Yoo-jin) learns that his new workplace is not fairly what he bargained for, and perhaps subsequent time, he really should reconsider accepting a job by means of Clubhouse.

Jay’s initially appear into Maccom begins at Demo Day, and the showcase offers him a tiny insight to his future (spoilers: it is not fairly). His senior, ASHLEY (Won Jin-ah) introduces him to CAROL (Bae Yoon-kyung) and PHILIP (Kim Wook) from marketing and advertising, and it is clear that the former is the brain and the latter is just satisfied to be right here. They make an eclectic bunch, but any individual who operates for Steve is most likely a tiny insane.

Throughout the showcase, their CEO goes missing, so Carol pushes Philip onto the stage. As he stumbles by means of the presentation, engagement wanes, and ideal when it all appears unsalvageable, Steve tends to make his dramatic entrance. He blows the audience away with their fancy neurofeedback technologies, and when the auditorium explodes into cheers, he introduces the culmination of their perform: “HCHAVNE” (the h is silent). The enthusiasm in the area drops to zero in a matter of seconds, but Steve appears unaware of the shift as he beams with pride at their down perm machine for guys.

Unicorn Episode 1

Although it is only Jay’s initially day in the workplace, Steve puts him to perform promptly, and tasks him to manage their present crisis: how to get Steve verified on Instagram (thoughts you, his individual account). To Ashley’s shock, Jay was recruited as her superior, but her expression only falters for a moment prior to she plasters on a smile and rolls with the crazy.

In the middle of their meeting, Steve accidentally reveals a message from “Kucci” Korea, asking him to take down a post of him lying about a sponsorship given that it ruins their brand image. Even though Steve tries to hide this embarrassing blunder, Carol sees this as an chance and suggests uploading an apology video given that these are all the rage with Youtubers now-a-days. Steve thinks it would be humiliating, but Carol dangles the shiny, blue checkmark in front of his eyes and gets him to comply.

Unicorn Episode 1

The subsequent day, Steve’s dreams come true… but at a price. A person produced a video trashing their item, and the media is getting a frenzy calling their machine “expensive garbage.” Steve assures his personnel that all press is great press, but as quickly as they leave his workplace, he curls up into a ball and cries beneath his standing desk.

That evening, Steve meets with his therapist (a tiny reunion with Save The Green Planet! costar Hwang Jung-min), and asks her when spring will return to his life. His business is about to collapse, and the only issue left is How Match, a dating app which apparently only accepts customers more than sixty. He turns to his therapist for guidance, and in a serene voice, she tells him, “Try to quit pondering that life is difficult.” Pfft.

Just about every cloud, even though, has a silver lining, and as it turns out, How Match may truly be Steve’s huge break. A single of his developers notices a sudden spike in customers on their app, and a chorus goes off in Steve’s head. It is time to pivot (once again)!

Unicorn Episode 1

Unicorn delivered a fine pilot episode that got a couple of chuckles from me. It is apparent from the get-go that Yoo Byung-jae is writing this show, and if you are a fan of his brand of humor, this is ideal up your alley. Although I wasn’t blown away, I believed some of the extra subtle jokes had been hilarious, and the consideration to detail is what managed to hold my interest. A single of my preferred scenes was when Jay tours Steve’s workplace and notices a list of prospective celebrities they wanted to invite to their business occasion: Kang Dong-won (“too busy woodworking”), Kim Yuna (“Really? How dare we… Whoever wrote this bring me a written apology.”). It is throwaway jokes like these that assist flesh out this wacky planet, and they’re littered all through the show.

The other highlight — and appeal of the show — is its cast. I adore Shin Ha-kyun in comedies, and it is been a though given that he’s been the butt of the joke. As anticipated, he plays Steve with gusto, and I currently want to punch him in the face but also pat him on the back. Won Jin-ah is also excellent in her function, and I knew she was completely cast soon after watching her attempt to get Steve’s watch. She has a slightly off-beat and restrained delivery that acts as a good foil to Steve’s extra boisterous character.

Unicorn Episode 1

Even though a lot of scenes had been funny — largely in a cringey sort of way — there had been a couple of huge ones that missed their mark for me. For instance, I believed the scene exactly where Jay meets up with his close friends soon after perform felt as well lengthy and had a lackluster payoff. It is a classic Yoo Byung-jae joke with all the awkwardness and witty remarks, but it dragged on and became repetitive. The circumstance was humorous, but all the heavy lifting was passed onto the writing and the directing fell flat. As a outcome, it operates for the initially punchline, but loses its charm thereafter.

This is director Kim Hye-young’s initially solo credit, and it feels like she has however to obtain her personal voice. This is not necessarily a death sentence for the show, but it appears that my expectations may well have been as well higher, given that director Lee Byung-hun is also on the project. The exclusive flair that was present in Be Melodramatic is not fairly right here, but if Director Kim can capture some of that magic once again, I feel it will perform nicely with Yoo’s extra absurdist humor. It is nonetheless only the initially episode, and given that a couple of crucial characters haven’t been introduced however, I hope items will get superior and funnier as the show progresses.

Unicorn Episode 1

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