If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6


If You Want Upon Me: Episodes five-six

We get additional want granting, bonding, and warmth this week. As our lovable volunteer settles into his new part, he begins grumbling much less and smiling additional. But he starts to wonder if all is as it appears immediately after witnessing some suspicious behavior from his hospice mentor.


If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Soon after the standoff involving Dr. Yang and Gyeo-re, Tae-shik requires his chance to put on Dr. Yang down. He shares that his cancer has relapsed, and he does not program to treat it, so he’s got restricted time. And his want is to grant others’ final wishes. (I should’ve observed the terminal illness coming.)

Dr. Yang can not turn that down, so he agrees to let Se-hee execute. Now, I get Dr. Yang’s viewpoint to a point and comprehend his aggravation with Group Genie. But his holier-than-thou attitude is receiving on my nerves. He’s at his worst with Gyeo-re, probably due to jealousy, but it reads fairly classist with the physician treating the ex-convict like he’s beneath him. Not cool.

Anyhow, the play is back on, and Se-hee shines on stage prior to her loved ones, fellow sufferers, and employees. Points get additional emotional when her boyfriend, a fellow theater actor who had to give up his dreams due to vocal problems, shows up and performs alongside her. The well-known actor kindly measures aside to give them their stage moment.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Soon after the play, Se-hee announces she’s going dwelling to reside out her final days. She passes with her loved ones at her side.

Seon-joo comforts Gyeo-re who struggles to deal with all the death at the hospice. The two of them continue to develop closer they even shared their initially kiss, while it was technically for the play. Gyeo-re starts to open up, and he tells her about becoming an orphan and getting no dwelling.

And it is not just Seon-joo he’s opening up to. Gyeo-re is completely integrated now – he’s got his personal cup in the breakroom and almost everything. He even cooks dinner for everybody and invites Jin-gu who can not get more than how smiley Gyeo-re is now. I appreciate Gyeo-re’s evolution from refusing to consume at the similar table to cooking household dinner.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Amidst Gyeo-re’s transformation, Seon-joo is completely in the throes of a crush, and it is refreshing how simple she is about it. There’s no denial or coyness. She realizes she likes him and then tends to make her feelings identified.

She asks Gyeo-re if he has a dream or has ever genuinely been delighted. When it is a no on each counts, she suggests producing becoming delighted when in his life his dream. If he tries out becoming delighted with Group Genie, she may possibly just be capable to give him what he’s hoping for. Pfft. When that is not forward sufficient, Seon-joo straight up confesses her feelings, telling him she desires to obtain methods to make him smile for the reason that it is a wonderful sight.

Because almost everything is going so properly, naturally, something’s gotta give. Unbeknownst to Gyeo-re, his ex Joon-kyung gets out of prison, and she’s A LOT. Joon-kyung comes off as reckless with this simmering anger, and I can completely see how she could’ve attempted to set them each on fire.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Meanwhile, the trust involving Gyeo-re and Tae-shik is tested when Gyeo-re witnesses some suspicious behavior. Very first, he sees Tae-shik take an envelope of funds from Se-hee’s household, which he then areas in his secret box complete of GOLD. Then, he takes place upon a confrontation exactly where this gangster-searching dude accuses Tae-shik of killing an individual. Creating matters worse, Tae-shik is standing and walking just fine with no his crutches.

Gyeo-re is as well sincere of a individual to beat about the bush, so he pops out from about the corner and demands the truth. He’s clearly hurt and feeling betrayed, which bothers Tae-shik, but not sufficient for him to freaking communicate. So he stays silent, causing a rift involving the two of them. Even so, Gyeo-re is not mad sufficient to reduce Tae-shik off – he just pouts and gets additional grumbly.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Prior to lengthy they have a new case to distract them, and it requires an SUV of Doom. This time, it is teenaged Group Genie member YOO SEO-JIN (Jeon Chae-eun) who brings in the request. Though speaking on the telephone to her boyfriend, he’s hit by a vehicle and place in vital situation. The driver has strong connections and will not personal up to his drunk driving.

Tae-shik refuses Seo-jin’s revenge request, which she claims her boyfriend asked of her when he briefly gained consciousness. But Gyeo-re has a tougher time turning Seo-jin down. He learns that she’s ostracized at college for the reason that her parents run a noraebang and when employed an escort. Gyeo-re can relate to becoming stereotyped, shamed, and abused for your dwelling life, so he ends up assisting the youngsters.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Seo-jin decides to go immediately after the driver’s weak spot: his young daughter. She was in the vehicle in the course of the hit and run and is understandably traumatized. Seo-jin sneaks into the girl’s college, whilst Gyeo-re sneaks into her father’s fancy hospital suite. (I appreciate how this is Gyeo-re’s third time switching clothing with an individual as a signifies of infiltration it is like a hobby for him at this point.)

Revenge turns out to be a powerful word for her program. Seo-jin just desires accountability and an apology from the driver. She manages to get each by video calling from the small girl’s classroom, terrifying him. She reminds him that he’s inflicted life-lengthy trauma on his daughter by refusing to be a accountable adult.

The poor, sweet small girl apologizes to Seo-jin on her father’s behalf, promising she’ll inform the truth as an alternative. The two girls hug whilst sobbing out their hurt more than adults’ failures.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Gyeo-re now faces a dilemma. His volunteer hours are pretty much up, but he’s clearly loath to leave Group Genie. They’re genuinely like household now, and he’s even written up a will bequeathing all his (probably stolen) funds to them in exchange for caring for Son. He hides the funds in the trunk of the vehicle he drives for the hospice.

To make Gyeo-re remain, Tae-shik wonders to Seo-jin if he really should inform Gyeo-re that he recognized him from the get started and brought him to the hospice as his final want. (Yes, please, communicate for when.) Though he considers fessing up, Gyeo-re sees an individual leaving the mysterious locked space. We finish with a glimpse of a patient lying on the bed.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

Could that be the individual Tae-shik was accused of killing, possibly? I’m guessing the man who’s gone missing is the 1 Tae-shik’s homeless good friends described, relieved that he hadn’t come about lately. Regardless of who it is, why is a hospice becoming so secretive about a patient? That locked door and all the secrecy is like yelling, “Nothing to see right here!” It’d be so substantially much less suspicious if they just admitted a patient was in there and acted regular.

There’s no way Gyeo-re is going to leave the hospice completely now, offered how attached he’s receiving. I wasn’t confident how he’d react to acquiring out Tae-shik lied to him and is becoming all sketchy, but the truth that Gyeo-re didn’t reduce him off is telling.

And then there’s his burgeoning partnership with Seon-joo, which I completely count on to get a bit additional difficult when Gyeo-re’s frightening ex undoubtedly shows up. I just hope items do not get as well dramatic, and we remain focused on the healing. That is what I’m right here for. That and Ji Chang-wook in an ajumma hat.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 5-6

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