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Group What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for additional (or agonizing when there was no additional), and what created you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At the moment covering: Adamas

Alchemy of Souls: One particular week off from this drama created me comprehend how a lot I miss it, so it is really cruel that there is only a single additional week till it is more than. I wasn’t precisely positive exactly where they have been going for a even though, due to the fact the complete ice stone and significantly less Mu-deok/additional Naksu factor kinda freaked me out… but then that ending. THAT ENDING. It was pure K-drama goodness. And I do not even like OSTs that a lot but when that song kicked in I was a dead lady. Let’s all hope subsequent week is as great. (Also I have to add that even even though I am firmly Group OTP, Won’s character kills me additional and additional every episode and this week I felt such sharp SLS discomfort I practically shocked myself.)

Excellent Job: JUNG IL-WOO!!! I only caught the 1st episode so far but I discovered it appropriately silly and old college — two items I welcome with open arms suitable now, particularly when Jung Il-woo is delivering them. The premise is ridiculous, but the characters are enjoyable, and I like the banter and humor really a lot. Much more please!

Familiar Wife: This is essentially a question… I will be needing some additional Ji Sung following Adamas is more than as I am at the moment preparing for extreme withdrawals. How is Familiar Wife?



At the moment covering: Excellent Job

Today’s Webtoon: I believe my opinion of Today’s Webtoon is beginning to sour a wee bit. There are so several tiny side stories going on at after, and the components I’m most interested in seeing resolved (Pomme’s mystery stalker, Joon-young’s phantom noona, and Ma-eum’s appreciate triangle) are obtaining pushed aside as even additional characters and conflicts are introduced. I nonetheless appear forward to this drama every week, but the additional some components are dragged out, the additional dissatisfied I really feel following watching the weekly episodes. I’m hoping now that we’re getting into the second half of the show, items will get started to tie off a single-by-a single.



At the moment covering: Significant Mouth

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: I’m late to the celebration on this one—I just began watching it this week. I also completed it this week, lol. I was hooked from the 1st episode and I’m fairly positive it is obtaining most of my beans at the finish of the year. I could create a treatise on every little thing this show did suitable, which tends to make me a tiny sad that I wasn’t involved in the comments as it aired. Nonetheless, I’m glad I got to binge it due to the fact it was so really feel-great I do not even know how to describe it. (Uh… fulfillment?) Aside from some strange editing, particularly in the second half, I believe this is close to a excellent drama. I do not want yet another season, even though! Every thing wrapped up so nicely, I choose if they leave it alone.

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