Good Job: Episodes 1-2


Great Job: Episodes 1-two

What takes place when a chaebol moonlighting as a detective meets a spunky lady with a foul mouth and telescopic vision? Great Job has set out to answer this seemingly absurd query, and the outcome is an action-packed mystery with a lot of laughs and the guarantee of a future romance. Sign me up!


Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Riding hot on the achievement of Extraordinary Lawyer Woo is ENA’s newest drama Great Job, and the anticipation is higher. Not only does Great Job have some whale-sized footwear to fill, but folks are excited about a Bossam: Steal the Fate couple reunion. Meanwhile, my personal individual bar was set fairly low: please, please, please be much better than Why Her!

All jokes aside, I went into Great Job cautiously optimistic. And I gotta inform you, Beanies, I’m not positive if it was my lowered expectations or what, but I totally adored these initially two episodes.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Our drama wastes no time setting up the story with a tragic narration of a murdered lady and a stolen diamond necklace, aptly named The Queen’s Tears. This tale — which we speedily discover is our chaebol hero’s backstory — is told in a fairytale-like manner and accompanied by a time-lapsed sand drawing. The morbid subject paired with the storybook drawings gave me some severe It is Okay to Not Be Okay vibes, so my interest was practically quickly piqued.

When the introduction wraps up, our drama cuts to a hunched ahjussi slinking by means of the halls of an illegal auction home. When no 1 is watching, the feeble-searching man’s gait becomes upright and his footsteps much more assured. This is our hero EUN SUN-WOO (Jung Il-woo) in disguise, and he’s clearly up to some sort of shenanigans.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Regardless of his convincing old man FX makeup, his cover is practically quickly blown by an overly suspicious safety guard who does not fall for Sun-woo’s lie that he’s searching for the restroom. Sun-woo speedily subdues the guard, but simply because he fails to disable the man’s two-way radio, the cavalry arrives en masse.

Sun-woo requires them all on at after, and not only does he make the fight appear uncomplicated-peasy, but he does it with flair, throwing punches and whipping his flashy walking cane about like it is an extension of his physique. Just after disposing of the final boss — a big man who towers more than Sun-woo — with a swift kick to the jingle-jangles, Sun-woo enters the CEO’s workplace.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2 Good Job: Episodes 1-2

His mother’s necklace, which disappeared twenty years ago the evening she was murdered, has resurfaced at this sketchy auction home, and Sun-woo believes identifying the seller will lead him to his mother’s killer. Prior to he can uncover the answers he’s looking for, even though, his snooping is interrupted by the CEO and her adorably floofy doggo, who quickly sniffs out Sun-woo’s hiding location.

The CEO pulls a gun on him, but Sun-woo was sensible adequate to get rid of the bullets although he was rifling by means of her desk. Sun-woo ties her up and steals her dog’s collar, which hides a micro SD card with all her clients’ facts.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Via his earpiece, Sun-woo communicates with his sidekick JANG JIN-MO (Eum Moon-seok), who has ready a sleek black motorcycle for Sun-woo’s hasty escape. Regrettably, a delivery truck — the truck of doom’s much less homicidal cousin — is blocking the motorcycle from Sun-woo’s line of sight, so he mistakenly assumes that a nearby pink scooter is his getaway automobile.

The scooter’s true owner DON SERA (Kwon Yuri) is our major lady, and she watches helplessly as he steals it and engages in a slow-speed chase with goons from the auction home.

This scene cracked me up. Not only is Sun-woo freaking adorable wearing his pink helmet, but the situational irony and his dialogue with Jin-mo — who thinks Sun-woo is riding the attractive black vroom-vroom motorcycle — is comedic gold and genuinely establishes their partnership as 1 that is comfy and silly. Sun-woo was only marginally place out to be riding the pink scooter and created the greatest of the scenario, but even much more telling is that he believed it was completely inside Jin-mo’s wheelhouse to prepare a pink scooter for him.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

When they reunite and clear up the Pink Panther versus Black Panther misunderstanding, Sun-woo tasks Jin-mo with identifying the necklace’s seller although he requires off his metaphorical Sherlock Holmes hat and dons his chaebol chairman suit. He arrives at his business Eunkang Group, exactly where we’re introduced to KANG WAN-SOO (Jo Young-jin) and his son KANG TAE-JOON (Yoon Sun-woo), who really clearly hates Sun-woo.

It is challenging to say if the giant chip on Tae-joon’s shoulder is due to jealousy more than Sun-woo’s wealth and energy, or the truth that his father generally requires Sun-woo’s side more than his. Properly, uhm, Sun-woo is the boss, so… *shrugs.*

Just after a meeting, throughout which Sun-woo flexes his enterprise savviness and puts the sniveling Tae-joon in his location, Sun-woo retreats to his workplace and requires a contact from Jin-mo. He’s identified the necklace’s seller as KANG CHOOL-GIL, who is at present holed up at a casino.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Sun-woo requires a secret elevator down to his individual batcave, exactly where he has a costuming closet so expansive it would make a theater key cry from envy. As Sun-woo navigates the extended hallway he undergoes a transformation, shedding his chaebol sleekness and becoming a bonafide gamblin’ man. (I cannot be the only 1 considering he was channeling Brad Pitt in Fight Club, proper?)

At the finish of the tunnel, he requires a further elevator up to Jin-mo’s law workplace, exactly where Jin-mo frets more than Sun-woo’s disguise simply because Sun-woo’s business owns the casino exactly where Chool-gil is gambling. Certainly an employee will recognize their business chairman!

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Unbeknownst to them, they have a larger obstacle: Sera. Since dramaland is smaller sized than Sera’s bank account, this slightly Candy-like major lady has a portion-time job at Sun-woo’s casino, and her 1 and only process is to stroll the casino floors and spot cheaters.

She’s specifically great at her job simply because she has a secret capability: super vision! She can see the tiniest detail from miles away, but this capability does come with some caveats. Namely, if she utilizes her capability as well extended, she will get a enormous headache and pass out, so she ordinarily wears a pair of glasses to dampen her vision and go about her each day life. (Confident, that checks out.)

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

As she walks the floor, Sera recognizes Chool-gil from a wanted poster, and she resolves to gather the bounty for his arrest. When Sun-woo sits down beside the wanted thief, Sera blunders him for Chool-gil’s accomplice and has him apprehended by casino safety guards, as well. The guys are locked inside a area, and Sera stands guard outdoors, gleefully counting her prospective reward dollars.

On the other side of the door, even though, Sun-woo promises to aid Chool-gil escape if he tells him exactly where he obtained The Queen’s Tears. Chool-gil agrees to the deal, and Sun-woo offers Jin-mo the go ahead to make a distraction.

Jin-mo then proceeds to stage a fight… with himself. The scenario is entirely ridiculous — and hilariously funny — but it functions. Sera is lured away from the door by the 1-man commotion, permitting Sun-woo and Chool-gil to escape.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Sera and a pack of safety guards chase Sun-woo and Chool-gil up to the roof, but they are delayed just extended adequate for Sun-woo to get the facts he requires: Chool-gil stole the necklace from actress OH AH-RA’s (Shin Go-eun) home. Sun-woo then requires a flying leap off the casino’s roof and lands in the back of a dumpster truck piloted by Jin-mo.

While Sun-woo effectively escapes, he’s practically quickly reunited with Sera simply because Jin-mo’s law practice is situated above a bakery run by Sera’s bestie SA NA-HEE (Song Sang-eun). All these tiny planet coincidences are a bit a lot, but Jin-mo’s horror as he watches through his safety camera as Na-hee and Sera drop his valuable package down the stairs had me in stitches.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

When Sera recognizes Jin-mo as Sun-woo’s getaway dump truck driver, Jin-mo tends to make a hasty exit, and I’m going to assume it is the adrenaline that enables him to choose up his package — which was as well heavy for two ladies to lift, thoughts you — as even though it is a feather. He hops in the van with Sun-woo and drives away.

But thanks to Sera’s super vision, she’s capable to comply with them all the way to Ah-ra’s home. Properly, perhaps not all the way, but close adequate that her eagle eyes can see Sun-woo climb more than a wall. She also has a clear view of Sun-woo sneaking about inside the home, and when Sun-woo shines his flashlight about Ah-ra’s bedroom, Sera also sees the pool of blood on the bed. One thing genuinely, genuinely undesirable went down in the actress’s household, but neither the actress nor her physique had been discovered.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2 Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Police detectives LEE DONG-HEE (Shin Yeon-woo) and HAN GWANG-KI (Cha Rae-hyung), who is also Sera’s oppa from the orphanage exactly where she grew up, arrive on the scene. They just occurred to be in the region when Sera’s anonymous tip about a burglar came by means of.

They arrest Sun-woo, but back at the police station, Sun-woo and Jin-mo — who is a genuine lawyer and not just posing as 1 for the sake of Sun-woo’s secret lair — point out the holes in the timeline. There’s no way Sun-woo could have broken in and hidden Ah-ra’s dead physique in the brief span of time among the reported break-in and when the detectives arrived on the scene.

While he’s free of charge to go, Sun-woo’s presence at the police station does not go unreported, and news and tabloid outlets commence speculating that the chairman had a romantic partnership with Ah-ra, his company’s exclusive model. It is thanks to 1 of these articles that Sera lastly identifies the wig-wearing weirdo from the casino, and she’s horrified by how she treated her company’s chairman.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2 Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Meanwhile, Sun-woo realizes Sera is the 1 who reported his illegal activities to the police, so he tells Jin-mo to evict Na-hee from the creating — simply because, of course he owns it. Incensed, Sera barges into Jin-mo’s workplace to defend her pal.

Just after arguing and pleading fail, she reveals that she saw an individual else close to Ah-ra’s home the evening Sun-woo broke in: an particularly sus man wearing all black and pulling a big rolling suitcase. Oh dear, factors are not searching great for this missing actress.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

The newly formed motley trio revisits the crime scene and Jin-mo hacks into the nearby CCTV to confirm Sera’s story. Each guys are baffled that she spotted him from so far away, but she’s established her usefulness. Sun-woo reluctantly agrees to have her join their investigation, and right after operating the license plate on the mystery man’s vehicle, they recognize the car’s owner as JANG MIN-SOO (Kim Jae-il).

Their subsequent cease is Ah-ra’s agency, exactly where the manager recognizes Min-soo as Ah-ra’s stalker, which suggests he almost certainly didn’t give her The Queen’s Tears. Nonetheless curious to know how she came into position of his mother’s necklace, Sun-woo subsequent shows a image of the necklace to her agency’s CEO. He’s really dodgy, but right after a small nudging from Sun-woo and Jin-mo, the CEO admits that Ah-ra could possibly have had a boyfriend — an individual she often met at a club in Gangnam.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2 Good Job: Episodes 1-2

And hence, our story now sets our characters up to carry out an undercover sting operation at the evening club. The strategy: dress Sera up in a hot pink bodycon dress, have her put on The Queen’s Tears, and see which man reacts to spotting the necklace. With the aid of RA MIN-JI (Bae Eun-woo), a further actress at Ah-ra’s agency, Sera is capable to infiltrate the VVIP area at the club.

And guess who’s there, as well! Our drama’s resident douche-canoe: Tae-joon. Drunk and away from the walls of Eunkang Group, Tae-joon flies his violent, misogynistic flag true higher. He orders Min-ji to come closer and pour him a drink, but when she unsuccessfully hides her reluctance, he breaks a wine bottle, grabs her by the hair, and threatens to reduce her. Uhm, this psycho’s got to go!

Good Job: Episodes 1-2 Good Job: Episodes 1-2

This is when Sera genuinely proves she’s a heroine right after our hearts. She’s not physically powerful, but our girl has a potty mouth complete of inventive insults. She actions up to deliver Tae-joon with a further target — oh, and did he just notice The Queen’s Tears?

She stalls for time so Sun-woo, who’s been lurking in the hallway, can transform into his costly chairman suit. He arrives just in time and diffuses the scenario with his mere presence — hence proving dollars is a much better superpower than eagle-like vision.

Sun-woo drags Sera away and scolds her for getting reckless, but in the midst of his lecture, she gazes deeply into his eyes… and notices in the reflection of his irises that the masked man behind her is filming them with a hidden camera. And this is how our group discovers that the CEO of Ah-ra and Min-ji’s agency has been secretly filming his actresses and making use of the content material for blackmail and deep fake videos.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

The group tricks the CEO into revealing exactly where he hid the film files, and back in Sun-woo’s batcave, our amateur detectives comb by means of the videos Ah-ra’s agency secretly filmed. They spot Min-soo in the background, and Sera recognizes the tree-shaped keychain on his backpack as the very same 1 the man outdoors Ah-ra’s home had. Except, after once again, she sees what other individuals cannot, and Sun-woo and Jin-mo zoom in on Min-soo and strain to make out the shape of the keychain in the pixelated image.

Okay, I’m prepared to invest in the truth that Sera can see genuinely, genuinely far away, but please inform me how her eyesight assists her overcome the technological conundrum of poor screen resolution and low pixel density?

Good Job: Episodes 1-2 Good Job: Episodes 1-2

Just after operating the image by means of a application created to boost pictures, Sun-woo and Jin-mo are lastly capable to see the keychain. Sun-woo ponders the impossibility of Sera seeing such a teeny tiny keychain from her position outdoors Ah-ra’s home, and he comes to an unlikely conclusion.

He decides to discover his theory, and from the roof of his company’s creating he calls Sera. He delivers to give her something she desires if she can pass his test. All she has to do is go outdoors, appear towards him, and “take off her glasses and study it.” When she complies, she sees he’s holding up a sign that reads, “I discovered out your secret.” She tries to play dumb, but in her denial, she accidentally confirms Sun-woo’s suspicions: she has super vision.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

That was a exciting premiere, and it was precisely what I necessary to get more than the slump of the two legal dramas that shall not be named. And speaking of lawyers, Jin-mo’s micro expressions and banter with Sun-woo are providing me so a lot life. I legit feel he’s on his way to stealing the show the very same way Woo Do-hwan’s dual characters did in The King: Eternal Monarch. I know Sun-woo is supposed to be our major man, but I only have eyes for Jin-mo. What can I say? I have a issue for guys who can make me laugh.

Sun-woo and Sera are exciting characters, as well, specifically when they’re riffing off of each and every other, and I totally adore that Sera is rough about the edges. It pairs effectively with Sun-woo’s ego — lol at these “I’m much better than Sherlock” remarks — and polished aura, which undoubtedly comes from getting born with a silver spoon. Cannot wait to see how their partnership unfolds.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

If I have 1 complaint about this drama, it is the small inconsistencies and plot holes. Like, how and when did Sun-woo retrieve The Queen’s Tears? It was clearly shown on show at the auction home, but subsequent we see it, it is in Sun-woo’s possession.

I in fact rewatched each episodes to confirm I didn’t overlook a scene or piece of dialogue that explained how Sun-woo (presumably) stole his mother’s necklace back, but I’m nonetheless just as confused. You’d feel, provided the necklace’s significance, they’d show its recovery. But, honestly, as extended as this drama can hold me distracted with Jin-mo’s antics, I’ll shut off my brain and take pleasure in the ride.

Good Job: Episodes 1-2

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