Yook Sung-jae and Lee Jong-won are prince and pauper in Golden Spoon

August 26, 2022August 26, 2022

Yook Sung-jae and Lee Jong-won are prince and pauper in Golden Spoon
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1 boy has hit rock bottom, and the other boy sits comfortably at the apex of society. MBC’s upcoming fantasy drama Golden Spoon has released a lot more stills, along with a second teaser, providing us a closer appear into the lives of its primary characters.

Lee Seung-cheon, played by Yook Sung-jae (Mystic Pop-up Bar), is our pauper protagonist. He’s lived in poverty all his life, and wealth feels like a faraway dream to him. That is, till he comes across an antique wares peddler who sells him a magical golden spoon — a single that can grant him the chaebol life of Hwang Tae-yong, played by Lee Jong-won (Hospital Playlist two).
Their variations are apparent in the drama’s newest stills Tae-yong is clad in a luxury brand cardigan, whilst Seung-cheon wears a basic flannel shirt. At college, even though, their uniforms seemingly erase their class variations — but only on the surface.
We also get our initial glimpse of Oh Yeo-jin, played by Yeonwoo (Dal-li and Gamjatang). She might be a gorgeous beauty with stellar grades to boot, but she’s a habitual liar. Nevertheless, she dreams of becoming Tae-yong’s fiancée. That puts her in direct competitors with chaebol daughter Na Joo-hee, played by Jung Chae-yeon (The King’s Affection), whose feelings for Seung-cheon are beginning to be swayed by Tae-yong.

Golden Spoon’s second teaser opens suitable in the midst of Seung-cheon’s suffering. Bully Park Jang-gun, played by Kim Kang-min (College 2021), sneers that Seung-cheon will forever stay poor, as Seung-cheon wails in despair. Seung-cheon’s impoverished background tends to make him an uncomplicated target, and he gets beaten up at college by Jang-gun and his cronies.
There’s no hope to be noticed, not when Seung-cheon’s household is mired in a debt of 400 million won. It appears like they reside in a semi-basement apartment, and there’s barely adequate meals to place on the table. Pushed to the brink, Seung-cheon’s sister yells that their parents shouldn’t have provided birth to them if they couldn’t afford it. Seung-cheon’s equally frustrated at their situations we see him hurling factors in his space and wandering aimlessly on the streets.
Then the teaser cuts to Hwang Tae-yong (Lee Jong-won), and it is as if we’ve been transported to an totally various planet. As the son of Doshin Group’s chairman, his life is embellished with expansive penthouses, luxurious dinners, and a individual chauffeur who escorts him to and from college. Tae-yong is the richest of the wealthy, and it is his opulent life style that Seung-cheon covets.
Seung-cheon just has to consume 3 meals with his magical golden spoon, at the home of an individual the similar age as him, in order for that person’s parents to turn into his. It is a when-in-a-lifetime likelihood for Seung-cheon, and he requires it without the need of a second believed, tucking into his meals with gusto. Having said that, consuming exclusively with a golden spoon is a lot more conspicuous than Seung-cheon expects — just before extended, a curious Tae-yong asks him if he carries that golden spoon about with him wherever he goes.
Directed by Song Hyun-wook (The King’s Affection) and Lee Han-joon (Verify Out the Occasion), Golden Spoon is primarily based on the webtoon of the similar name, with scripts penned by Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Eun-hee (Prime Minister and I). The 16-episode drama will premiere on September 23, airing on Friday and Saturday nights on MBC.

By means of iMBC, Newsen, Newsis
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