[Friday Flashback: Movie Edition] Seducing Mr. Perfect


[Friday Flashback: Movie Edition] Seducing Mr. Excellent

Released: 2006

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Synopsis: Min-joon (Uhm Jung-hwa) is a romantic with an optimistic and trusting method to relationships. Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney), even so, is a cynic who views dating as a competitive game, and he believes the only way to survive the game unscathed is to be the one particular in energy calling all the shots. When these two collide (actually), it is chaos, but then Min-joon decides to play Robin’s game…

Why You Must (Or Shouldn’t) Watch Seducing Mr. Excellent:

Soon after the final Friday Flashback function of My Name is Kim Sam-quickly, I felt like I didn’t give sufficient appreciation for Daniel Henney, a half-Korean American who rocketed into South Korean fame through mid-2000s even even though he didn’t speak Korean! His good results is a bit of an anomaly, but as we all know, a quite face and chocolate abs can open doors in dramaland. So, in honor of Daniel Henney, I’m switching points up for this Friday Flashback and covering a film rather of a drama.

Although my memory is also foggy to confirm if Seducing Mr. Excellent was the initially Korean film I ever watched, it is unquestionably one particular that has stuck with me the longest. Daniel Henney — and his prominently featured pectoral muscle tissues — of course factored into the unforgettableness of the film, but I feel Seducing Mr. Excellent is additional noteworthy simply because of how the story accommodated Daniel Henney’s lack of Korean fluency.

Alternatively of obtaining him bumble by way of Korean dialogue, they established his character, Robin Heiden, as getting a multilingual Korean-American businessman who understands Korean but struggles with pronunciation. So, for the duration of the film, Robin speaks in English though his Korean business enterprise partners and his appreciate interest — who are proficient sufficient in English to comprehend what he’s saying, also — comfortably use their native language to converse with him.

This bilingual arrangement not only functions effectively in context of the plot, but it sets the story up for miscommunication and comical hijinks — most notably when Robin initially meets his future appreciate interest Min-joon, who pretends she does not speak English when she accidentally rear ends him in site visitors. Of course, in a classic case of it is-a-smaller-planet-just after-all, Min-joon hands Robin her business enterprise card, and he realizes she functions for him. And that is how she becomes his reluctant assistant though he’s in South Korea.

The arrangement forces them to be in close proximity, and it is through this time that Robin deduces — and voices his unsolicited insight — that Min-joon’s boyfriend is cheating on her. And how does he know that her man is a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater? Effectively, Robin recognizes the scummy pattern of behavior simply because, according to him (and this is a direct quote): “That’s what I do when I cheat.”

That is appropriate, our major man openly admits to cheating in his relationships, and his questionable morals do not finish there, people. No, he also believes that dating is a game, and the way to win — and stay clear of receiving your heart crushed — is by getting aloof and in handle of the narrative. (Jaded significantly?)

Regardless of his flaws, even though, Robin remains an attractive character, partly simply because of his frank, unfiltered honesty, but also simply because there are a handful of strong nuggets of guidance underneath his disenchanted dating philosophies. His dating pointers are not so significantly “how to get laid and take benefit of people” — as one particular would count on from a man who cavalierly admits to cheating — but studying to respect oneself and making certain you do not give additional to a partnership than you are getting.

Even so, Min-joon disagrees with his guidance and sets out to prove him incorrect, but her techniques largely outcome in unintended silliness, secondhand embarrassment, and — thanks to one particular scene in which the writer/director believed it would be funny to mislead Robin into pondering Min-joon was carrying out the hanky-panky — some borderline incestuous sibling wrestling.

She might be a bit naïve and overly trusting, but I favor Min-joon’s optimistic method to dating. Predictably, Robin realizes he does, also, as she functions her rom-com magic with her cringey — but largely adorable — behavior. He falls for her, and the moral of the story, Beanies, is that it is stupid to play dating games, particularly when you are attempting to obtain a reputable connection.

But is the satisfied ending worth sitting by way of Seducing Mr. Excellent? All round, it is a quite entertaining story if you take it at face worth, and the set-up and execution remind me of Hollywood romantic comedies from the exact same decade. Plus, it is a film, so in the worst case situation, you only waste 107 minutes of your life — which is a total stroll in the park for veteran drama watchers who have slogged by way of worse and for longer periods of time.

That getting mentioned, the time constraint does come with some anticipated flaws, like secondary characters who lift appropriate out of the plot simply because they’re one particular-dimensional. Ironically, the inability to delve deeper into the characters’ backstories could possibly have saved Robin’s characterization simply because it assists to gloss more than some of his much less attractive qualities — like his complete “tragic” backstory which led to him getting a dating cynic.

Now, I’m not going to spoil this doozy of a reveal for you, but let’s just say if you dwell on it longer than the two seconds the film dedicates to it, you will understand Robin has additional red flags than a Swiss National Day parade. Wait — you know what? Watch this film. I will need additional persons who can laugh with me more than the absurd romanticization of Robin’s heartbreak — and bullet wound origin story. (Yeah, you study that final bit properly, and if that alone does not pique your interest, I do not know what will.)

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