Short Film Review: Ars Colonia (2011) by Raya Martin

&#8220Ars Colonia&#8221 is an experimental, 1:12 minute quick that was commissioned by IFFR in 2011 and was screened ahead of all films supported by IFFR&amprsquors Hubert Bals Fund.

&#8220Ars Colonia&#8221 is streaming on Metrograph, as element of the Kalampag Tracking Agency Shorts Program

The quick is split into two components. The 1st element focuses on a conquistador who is fixing his gaze on the island that he is about to conquer. In fact, the camera alternates involving a series of islands and the sky, which adjustments a quantity of colors, such as brown and a rather intense reddish pink. The second element consists of a type of animation 1 could say, as colour explosions fill the screen, resulting in a series of abstract pictures, such as ones with polka dots, whilst the screen adjustments colors practically frequently.

Implementing the style of early silent motion pictures, which had been regularly hand-colored, Raya Martin presents a surrealistic story primarily, of what would come about if the 16th century conquistadores in fact had hand-held camera with them, in a idea that is intriguing also mainly because it enables the film to unfold as a discovered-footage 1. The shaky screen, the terrible good quality of the pictures and the intense film speed also point towards the exact same path.

The second element on the other hand is extra abstract, primarily a type of filmic exercising, which would be really intriguing to study how Martin managed to present this sort of movement on screen, which appears to be a process of hand coloring film material. The shaky screen and the fast speed stay nevertheless, primarily creating the complete quick 1 that demands many viewings in order for somebody to have an understanding of its complete content material. Maybe that was Martin&amprsquors goal all along.



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