Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)


Wild Boar Hunting: Episode four (Final)

This dark, sad story comes to a haunting conclusion as truth and lies intermingle. But the inquiries it prompts our characters – and us – to ponder are positive to linger for a extremely extended time.


Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

Backing up extended just before the fateful boar hunt, we see the complete story from In-sung’s viewpoint. Hyun-min’s favored bullying techniques integrated holding a magnifying glass more than In-sung’s face to attempt and set fire to it (!) and forcing In-sung to vandalize a regional greenhouse by slashing open its plastic exterior. Every single time he did, In-sung’s eyes got a tiny darker and tougher.

As we currently know, Hyun-min presented as the image-fantastic golden boy, so even In-sung’s attempts to transfer classes got brushed aside. And with Hyun-min threatening to burn In-sung’s home down and kill his parents (believing Ok-soon’s claim that that is what the villagers did to his personal parents), In-sung was also terrified to explicitly ask for enable.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final) Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

The day of the hunt, Hyun-min had taken In-sung out to the woods for a different beating, this time to vent his anger at In-sung’s loved ones winning the lottery. They have been interrupted by the hunt itself, and when Hyun-min held In-sung down to maintain him from crying out, Young-soo’s bullet missed In-sung by inches and hit Hyun-min.

But the bullet wasn’t what killed him. In-sung, seeing this as his 1 likelihood at deliverance, strangled him with his bare hands. Then, right after every person had gone, he fled in tears.

As In-sung relates the story to Young-soo in the present, he says brokenly that he knew Hyun-min would kill him later if he didn’t do it. But then he amends his words: truly, he feels like he currently died a extended time ago. But the point he desires to express most is that he killed Hyun-min – and Young-soo didn’t.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

In-sung’s confession devastates Young-soo and Chae-jung, each since of what they’ve performed and since they under no circumstances realized how deeply In-sung was suffering. Neither blames In-sung for what he did as an alternative, they let him know he has their complete help and protection, no matter what.

Now that In-sung is back at house, his parents can no longer deny the detective’s request to query him with out drawing much more suspicion on themselves. So, in preparation, Chae-jung coaches In-sung on what to say: the two boys played hooky and took a nap in the woods. When In-sung woke up, Hyun-min was nowhere to be discovered. Even though browsing for his pal, he’d gotten lost and wandered for a week just before locating his way back house. Chae-jung’s tone is gentle, and it is for his personal protection, but this feels eerily like In-sung becoming pressured to lie about Hyun-min’s bullying.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final) Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

In-sung dutifully repeats the lie to the detective, and then requires it a step additional by adding the essential detail that Hyun-min confided to him about becoming abused by Ok-quickly and organizing to run away. It is also a lie, but it is not possible to prove false and offers a plausible motive for Hyun-min to have vanished. The case is closed, and Hyun-min is officially documented as a runaway.

As every person tries to move on with their lives, the blackmailers invest the income they extorted from Young-soo. Jin-kook’s wife gets her surgery, but also late – not extended right after the operation, Jin-kook comes house to locate she’s passed when he was away.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

At the funeral, Young-soo sits with Jin-kook, Man-seok, and the village chief extended right after the other attendees have left. He nonetheless has no concept they’re the ones who blackmailed him… that is, till he claps Jin-kook on the shoulder. Jin-kook winces in discomfort, the other individuals freeze, and Young-soo knows instantly what this suggests.

In a rage, he seizes a knife from the kitchen and comes at Jin-kook. Jin-kook tends to make no move to quit him, but he does ask Young-soo to listen to his explanation initial. He reminds Young-soo about all the strategies he was there for Young-soo all through their lives, sobbing that his wife could have lived if she’d only gotten her surgery sooner.

Young-soo does listen. Breaking down in tears, he gradually drops the knife and wraps his arms about Jin-kook. Their friendship is restored, and every person resolves to place the terrible previous behind them. To begin, they haul Hyun-min’s physique out to the river and sink it into the water, under no circumstances to be discovered once again. In-sung returns to college, exactly where he’s ultimately cost-free from the torment of Hyun-min’s presence.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

Young-soo and his pals go right after that boar once again, and this time Young-soo shoots and does not miss. But the victory is bittersweet, bringing up flashbacks from the final hunt and its repercussions. Nonetheless, the 4 pals celebrate killing the boar by going back to Jin-kook’s home to consume, drink, and sleep in the living space like old instances. Just just before they all fall asleep, Jin-kook asks outright if Young-soo killed Joo-hyub, and Young-soo answers honestly that he did. It is much more for the sake of acquiring that unspoken query out into the open than something else, and they all agree after much more to leave the previous in the previous.

Late that evening, when the 4 sleep soundly, Ok-quickly creeps into the home, douses it in gasoline, and sets it on fire. As she walks away from the resulting explosions and flames, she meets a wild boar on the road. They appear into every other’s eyes as a tear rolls down her face.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

Wow. I wasn’t positive what type of resolution this show could have, and satisfying feels like the incorrect word to use, but I do consider it was fitting. By which I imply, after it had occurred, I felt as even though there was no other way it could – or should really – have ended.

I discovered the reconciliation among Young-soo and his pals specifically moving, since 1) I honestly didn’t consider it would be attainable and two) it emphasized a big theme of this show, which is that exactly where Young-soo – and practically every person else – went incorrect was not taking the time to recognize their situations or every other.

No 1 listened when In-sung attempted to subtly ask for enable. Young-soo hid his errors and let them snowball into even worse ones. The villagers just brushed grievances below the rug as an alternative of addressing them openly, developing an illusion of harmony that offered the fantastic breeding ground for resentment and revenge.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

That is why it is such a effective turning point when Young-soo drops the knife and listens to Jin-kook’s story with empathy. I wouldn’t get in touch with this tragic story hopeful by any suggests, but there is a glimmer of hope in that reality that he wasn’t also far gone to transform, even right after crossing the self-declared point of no return.

Even so, it would have felt incorrect if Young-soo specifically had gotten off scot-cost-free. And for Ok-quickly – the 1 who arguably couldn’t recognize the complete situations, the 1 whom no 1 but Hyun-min and the detective ever definitely listened to – to proverbially strike the final blow brought every little thing to a sense of completion. Due to the fact their community’s genuine threat wasn’t a wild boar consuming their crops, but deep-rooted resentment consuming away at them all. And when it ultimately caught up to them, they have been also focused on their personal perceived troubles to even see it coming.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 4 (Final)

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