Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Our shaman and his crew ultimately uncover the killer’s identity, and they strategy 1 final grand scheme to capture him. Even though it does not go precisely as planned, they’re nevertheless in a position to discover closure — and even a delighted ending.


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

We ultimately see what occurred ideal just before Do-won set up Han-jun as a murderer. Worried about Han-jun, Su-cheol and Hye-jun barge into the temple, only discovering Jae-hui inside. They get in touch with Do-won for assist. But the psychopath just points them in the incorrect path, for the reason that he has currently dragged Han-jun back to Cafe Minamdang. Unbeknown to him, Seung-won has been tailing him.

Elsewhere, we also see how Assistant Gu has escaped. Right after Detective Jang tries to encourage the arsonist to confess, a Van of Doom slams onto the police transport car or truck, enabling Assistant Gu to escape and reunite with Do-won.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Considerably later, Do-won, now donning his prosecutor persona, waits for Jae-hui and co. at the cafe. But of course, what they discover is the murder scene he has set up: Han-jun holding a bloody knife in front of Auntie Im’s cold, dead physique.

Do-won has flipped the story about: “You got caught attempting to fool us all,” says the 1 who is basically fooling absolutely everyone. Jae-hui attempts to dissuade the prosecutor from arresting Han-jun, but she only gets removed from the case, with Do-won citing her close connection with the suspect. And so our beloved shaman is brought in as a suspect.

But Han-jun becoming Han-jun, he does not let this faze him also a lot. He leaves a series of case numbers with Su-cheol and Hye-jun to investigate.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final) Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

At the station, Han-jun combines his professional profiling expertise, memories, and all the expertise he now has about Gopuri to figure out the actual culprit’s identity. He comes to a startling conclusion that tends to make him shout and scoff in frustration… Or not? He tells Jae-hui he wouldn’t be in a cell if he knew who Gopuri seriously is.

But he does take this opportunity to apologize for deceiving her just before, and Jae-hui reiterates that she nevertheless trusts him and she’ll do what ever it requires to prove his innocence.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

The subsequent day, just just before becoming transferred to the prosecution, Han-jun is obtaining digestion difficulties. He requires to go to the bathroom! 1 with a bidet, to be precise! The 1 by the chief’s workplace! He’s generating a fuss, for the reason that Su-cheol is basically waiting there to break him out. (Are the police just incompetent or are they in on his strategy? Hmm.)

Han-jun calls Jae-hui to inform her of his suspicions that there’s a spy in their midst. Oof. A fidgety Do-won is actually ideal there, listening. Please do not spill the beans there.

When Jae-hui agrees with Han-jun’s assessment about a spy, Do-won appears even extra nervous. But focus is not on him as the police group begins pointing fingers at each and every other, with Detective Jang even walking out in indignation.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final) Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Do-won answers a get in touch with from Seung-won, who is angry about having the blame for murders he didn’t even do. The older brother blackmails him with an incriminating video of a bloody Do-won exiting Minamdang. But the younger brother provides a tempting deal: the Choekang chairmanship in exchange for Seung-won performing Do-won’s dirty perform.

The subsequent day, Jae-hui heads to Seung-won’s workplace to ask him concerns. But she in no way basically tends to make it there as she’s pulled into a black van. From afar, the Minamdang crew sees her having kidnapped. They attempt to adhere to in a car or truck chase, but finish up losing the van. So they get in touch with for backup… who else but the trusty Do-won?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Han-jun begs for Do-won’s assist, sounding desperate. The prosecutor smirks in his workplace, promising to “help” discover Jae-hui. (Ugh, I cannot think I was cheering him on as second lead a couple of weeks ago.)

You could be having frustrated with how a lot trust they nevertheless have in Do-won, but all of these, as it turns out, are just portion of Han-jun’s masterplan. Since he did figure out Gopuri’s identity. Yay, let’s go, Minamdang scheme! Even if there’s much less shaman components now.

Now, we rewind all the way back to the holding cell: Han-jun has basically referred to as a meeting with absolutely everyone in the group to reveal Gopuri’s actual identity. Gopuri is not just 1 individual — it is 3, all with various murder motives: greed (Auntie Im cleaning up right after her customers), hindrance (Assistant Gu removing obstacles in his master’s path), and execution (Do-won enacting his personal justice).

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Seeing all of her interactions with Do-won by means of a fresh however heartbreaking viewpoint, a distraught Jae-hui breaks down in tears. A pal she trusted for so extended (and who allegedly liked her!) was her brother’s killer all along. Poor Jae-hui. At least she has Han-jun’s shoulder to cry on.

But she immediately collects herself to catch the actual killer. So the group gets to perform with our resident shaman in the lead, of course! All the things was all portion of Han-jun’s strategy — the escape, Jae-hui’s “kidnapping” (regardless of the protests of a pouting Han-jun), and even the police team’s internal conflict. Hooray for a Minamdang scheme! Actually!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final) Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Back to the present day, Seung-won promises he’ll get back at his younger brother, but that cannot occur right after the Minamdang crew traps him and his secretary. He’s staying mum, but right after the threat of having trapped in “cement” (it is just mud, according to Hye-jun), his secretary spills the tea. Seung-won out!

At the meeting place, Do-won waits for his brother. Regrettably for him, Han-jun is 1 step ahead of him. Or is he? Appears like everything’s going properly, but not really…

Initial, Detective Na, drunk on relaxant, practically blows their cover. Then, Detective Jang gets also immersed in his part as a villainous secretary right after becoming hit by an actual metal pole (Ouch!). Then, as opposed to Han-jun’s stellar acting, Su-cheol acting as Seung-won is so nervous that he requires to study his lines from his hand, LOL. The strategy sounded so airtight when Han-jun was explaining it, but now he’s got a lot of variables that may perhaps just expose the ruse.

No matter, Do-won heads down to confront him, and he does not notice something, for the reason that he just desires to mock Han-jun for figuring out his identity “too late.” How does he not notice that it is not his brother lying ideal there…?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Han-jun ultimately gets the opportunity to know why his ideal pal died, but Do-won basically pins the blame on him, claiming he wouldn’t have killed them if Han-jun didn’t chase him about.

Do-won says he enjoys the feeling of handle more than a life, of enacting justice on other people. But he’s flustered when the shaman just laughs. Han-jun reveals he captured Do-won’s confession on camera. And ultimately, Do-won realizes he got trapped.

But the crew forgot 1 variable: Assistant Gu, who points a hunting rifle at them. Jae-hui comes to the rescue just in time, but she nevertheless requires a bullet to the shoulder, enabling Do-won to escape.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Nonetheless, the group does not waste time to catch the serial killer, using the media to hunt Do-won down. But it only ignites debates about his actions. Some men and women see Do-won as a heartless murderer who need to be behind bars, whilst other people paint him as a vigilante who delivers justice for these who escape the law. Oof.

The subsequent day, right after raiding Do-won’s workplace, Jae-hui finds the psychiatrist’s records on how she manipulated Do-won’s behavior. Right after watching the logs, Han-jun figures Do-won will set out to kill once again, and quickly — either for the reason that he cannot assist his murderous urges or for the reason that he desires to justify his prior kills as principled acts.

Locating matches amongst the information on Do-won’s computer system, Assistant Gu’s files, and Auntie Im’s gopuri knots, the crew is in a position to figure out who Do-won’s subsequent targets are. Each and every name has a criminal record, so it appears Do-won is nevertheless set on enacting justice in his personal twisted way.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final) Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

To cover extra ground, the group splits up: Han-jun and Su-cheol, Hye-jun and Na-dan, Jae-hui and Detective Jang, and Detectives Na and Kim. And regardless of losing his accomplices, Do-won proves just why he’s a psycho, working with the classic divide and conquer technique.

Right after Hye-jun gets frustrated with the slow web connection, she and Na-dan infiltrate a safety workplace. But Do-won has seriously lured her to incapacitate her. Right after having no response from Hye-jun, Na-dan goes to verify on her, but Do-won also ambushes him. He even traps Su-cheol in a closed-up shop, so he can ultimately get Han-jun on his personal. Since Han-jun has usually been his target.

Oh my, this is actually Han-jun’s worst nightmare! Right after Jae-jeong’s untimely death, he has usually been so scared about his identified family members having in danger for the reason that of Gopuri. Nooooo, please let absolutely everyone be okay!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

The shaman tries to get in touch with the other units, but absolutely everyone else is preoccupied: Jae-hui is dealing with an impromptu drug bust, whilst Detectives Kim and Na are stuck on a boat. And Su-cheol is heading to Hye-jun and Na-dan. (Grateful they’re okay, but I want they explored Han-jun’s fears extra. What a improvement that would’ve been.)

The shaman ultimately faces off against his mortal enemy. In an intense 1v1, Han-jun tells him to “stop pretending to be a freaking victim” for the reason that he is a murderer. “You’re just a crazy psychopath… You are not some righteous grand judge that you assume you are.”

Nonetheless, Do-won firmly believes he’s a man of principle and justice that society desires and requires. (Some men and women did assume he was a vigilante…) So he continues his attempts to provoke Han-jun, but Han-jun just rebuts him, affirming their distinction. “Unlike you, I do not assume I embody justice.” And so he leaves the murderer to the police.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

As Jae-hui arrests Do-won, Han-jun hogs the media’s focus to show off his amazing profiling expertise. But his crew requires this opportunity rather to promote Cafe Minamdang and its awesome shaman solutions. They nevertheless have a loan to spend off, right after all. LOL.

A week later, Do-won and Jae-hui get 1 final face-to-face meeting. Even in handcuffs and prison clothing, Do-won believes his murders are acts of justice, even claiming he was sincere about liking her. (Urgh.) Jae-hui curses him to the finish of the planet, promising to catch killers like him.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Meanwhile, Cafe Minamdang is filled with posts of Han-jun and fans going to just to see him. But the shaman leaves to take some time off, a lot to his crew’s consternation. He’s in a position to pull Jae-hui away from her perform for a bit, but whilst Jae-hui does appreciate their date, she says she’s happiest functioning on instances with Han-jun and the rest of their group.

So of course, what else do they discover on their vacation but a new murder case? So we say goodbye to the beloved Minamdang crew just as they continue to resolve instances and take down criminals with each other. Since you can pull the shaman away from Minamdang, but you cannot take Minamdang out of Han-jun. (Did that make sense? The show didn’t make a lot sense either, so eh.)

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

Phew. It is ultimately more than! I’m sorry to say, but this show gave me extra motives to drop than to keep. For 1, I required to absolutely ignore wacky age gaps to continue the drama. The timeline has usually been weird from the starting (e.g. the leads’ age gap, Auntie Im’s seeming immortality, and extra), but I had to use suspension of disbelief to be in a position to (attempt to) appreciate each and every episode.

It was also disappointing how the supposed second lead was sidelined so a lot in the very first half. Do-won seemed to be a undesirable guy in disguise (and he was), but for the reason that he was barely in the very first half, the develop-up to his identity reveal wasn’t adequate to be satisfying (even if we all suspected him currently). We only seriously got to see Do-won extra involved in the latter half, and by then, it is like the show forgot how they described him in the very first couple of episodes. What became of Chatterbox Prosecutor? I really feel like that would’ve been a funny gag if they continued with that it could’ve been superior cover for him as the undesirable guy, rather of becoming a lovelorn second lead. Regrettably, it appears this drama was attempting to do also lots of items at when.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

At least they got scene-stealer Min-gyeong ideal. I’m glad she was a recurring character, rather of a 1-time issue, and I’m glad to see her at the finish of the series, also, delighted with her new like Director Park.

If I weren’t covering this show, I almost certainly would’ve skipped each scene that didn’t have Han-jun and the rest of the Minamdang crew. And I do not seriously see myself rewatching this series. If ever, I could just watch edits of the Minamdang crew, for the reason that they have been actually the highlight right here, and unquestionably difficult-carried this show — specially Seo In-gook. Hopefully, he stars in a superior written show subsequent time. Fingers crossed! And *shaman dance* also, just in case.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 17-18 (Final)

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