The Good Detective 2: Episodes 7-8


The Very good Detective two: Episodes 7-eight

Our detectives make considerable headway relating to the case, and it starts to unsettle our baddies, who come across themselves the targets of the investigation. Some of them are beginning to crack beneath the stress, turning them against the men and women who had been as soon as their allies — will this be a boon or a bane for our protagonists?




The Incheon detectives stick to up on their investigation, and it turns out that the CCTV video wasn’t planted, it was just left open on Min-ji’s laptop. Huh? Wait, so you are saying the hired gangster was interrupted whilst tampering with Min-ji’s laptop, only to leave a video that would incriminate his employer open without the need of a second believed?

In any case, Tae-ho is known as in to testify. Ji-hyuk and Do-chang do not handle to pry any helpful data from him, but they handle to rattle him with the images of him and Hee-joo. 1 of the images clearly shows Tae-ho and Hee-joo embracing in his car or truck, and we see what occurred when the photo was taken.


Hee-joo goes to the carpark to pass Tae-ho his telephone, which he absentmindedly left behind in the workplace. Noticing how despondent and out-of-sorts he appears, Hee-joo gets into his car or truck, not wanting to leave him alone.

Tae-ho calls himself pathetic, noting that he has nothing at all to his name. “Everything is fake — no, nothing at all is true,” he says. He tells Hee-joo to go, but she pulls him into a comforting hug as an alternative, and he cries into her shoulder.

It is clear that Hee-joo had been a wonderful supply of comfort for Tae-ho. She’d never ever probed about his issues as an alternative, she just attempted to cheer him up with her firm.


Tae-ho instructs Bo-kyung to convey Hee-joo’s severance spend and token of condolence on behalf of the firm. Even so, Hee-joo’s grandfather refuses to accept the funds, demanding to see Tae-ho as an alternative. Tae-ho goes to his shop, and Hee-joo’s grandfather confronts him about the images, despondently asking if he actually cared for Hee-joo.

Tae-ho does his finest to hold himself with each other, brushing Bo-kyung off by telling her he has an urgent appointment. The moment he turns into an alleyway, even though, he ultimately breaks down. Bo-kyung finds him in this state even though she wisely does not strategy him, she’s clearly concerned (and maybe even worried).


The subsequent day, Bo-kyung enters Tae-ho’s workplace to update him about Hee-joo’s spend. She confesses that she saw him crying in the alleyway, and asks if he had feelings for Hee-joo. Bo-kyung explains that she just wanted to confirm it so she can adequately fully grasp the predicament, and then she excuses herself.

Getting wiretapped Tae-ho’s workplace, Na-na hears all this, and it confirms her suspicions about Tae-ho’s infidelity. She instantly calls for a press conference, exactly where she publicly announces that she plans to divorce Tae-ho. Oof. Tae-ho finds out about this via the media, and it catches him entirely off guard.


In order to catch runaway gangster Dong-jae, the Incheon group hatches a strategy involving Dong-jae’s boss. It goes nicely, till it does not Man-gu gets stabbed, and Ji-woong gets hit in the head. Fortunately each their surgeries go nicely, which leads to a hilariously endearing reunion scene exactly where the two hug and cry, aww.

Dong-jae ends up receiving apprehended by Ki-jin, but he’s infuriatingly smug and refuses to speak. That is simply because he knows he’s protected by TJ group in exchange for the dirt he has on them, and prior to lengthy a TJ lawyer shows up to take on his case.


Yong-geun tries to dissuade Ki-jin from pursuing Dong-jae, sweetening the deal with a cost-free apartment courtesy of TJ Group. Ki-jin reluctantly accedes, even though not without the need of the caveat that he’ll have no selection but to hold investigating if Dong-jae’s crimes turn out to be as well extreme.

For a moment it appears like Ki-jin may possibly bow to the temptation of funds, but then Do-chang informs him about Man-gu and Ji-woong’s injuries. Incensed by how Dong-jae is belittling the police, Ki-jin snaps throughout an interrogation and hits Dong-jae repeatedly, daring him to do the exact same back to him.


This gets Ki-jin chewed out by his police chief, but he argues that he was standing up for his fellow officers. If they just permit a criminal like Dong-jae to stroll cost-free, how can any police officer continue to trust in the method and threat their life on the field?

Ki-jin tends to make a valid point, however his violence is nonetheless uncomfortable to watch, and I consider that is the point the show is attempting to make. Violence is not acceptable and shouldn’t be condoned, but neither is corruption inside the criminal justice method. Ki-jin’s slaps felt like a helpless and ineffective way of railing against the method, which treats its officers like disposable cogs in a machine.


The Incheon group discovers official crime scene images of the white dress serial murders in Dong-jae’s laptop or computer, which implies there’s a mole in the police force. The group forwards the proof to the prosecution in order to press additional charges against Dong-jae, as nicely as create their case against Sang-woo and Tae-ho as possible suspects in Hee-joo’s murder.

Of course, the corruption in the method implies that Tae-ho receives a copy of the further proof from the prosecution. Flipping via the pages, Tae-ho notes the anonymous sender ID of the particular person who sent the images. It ends with 1329, which coincides with Yong-geun’s workplace extension quantity.


Taking the likelihood whilst Yong-geun is known as away from his desk, Tae-ho checks his laptop or computer. He runs into Yong-geun as he leaves, and when Yong-geun returns to his desk, he notices that his laptop or computer mouse is out of spot. Yong-geun checks the folder containing the crime scene images, and confident sufficient, it was accessed just minutes ago.

Okay, I’m going to have to pause for a moment right here — why on earth would you hold incriminating files in a folder that is not encrypted or password protected? On your perform laptop or computer, for that matter?? I get that Yong-geun most likely feels invincible simply because he has Sang-woo’s backing, but you’d consider that he’d be additional prudent, contemplating the magnitude of their secret.


Na-na follows up on her deal with Ji-hyuk, asking if he’s narrowed down any suspects however. He demurs, which instantaneously alerts her that she’s becoming played, because she heard from Tae-ho that the investigation is pushing him and Sang-woo as the major suspects.

As such, Na-na arranges a prison visitation with inmate OH JONG-TAE (Oh Jung-se), Ji-hyuk’s cousin. Ji-hyuk was the 1 who uncovered Jong-tae’s crimes and place him behind bars, which implies that Jong-tae nurses a deep-seated grudge.

Of course, Na-na’s right here to exploit that, and she asks for data on Ji-hyuk in exchange for producing his life a living hell. Jong-tae initially demands for Ji-hyuk’s death, but he quickly relents and presents up Ji-hyuk’s weakness — he feels guilty more than his mother’s death.

“The “The

Na-na calls Ji-hyuk to her hotel area once again, exactly where she pretends to pour her heart out on the pretext of becoming drunk. She claims that the two of them are incredibly related, drawling that she sees a sadness in his eyes — 1 that she knows all as well nicely, because her mother died simply because of her.

Though there may possibly be some truth to her words, Na-na is deliberately playing up her grief to earn sympathy from Ji-hyuk, in line with Jong-tae’s assistance. However, Jong-tae certainly knows his cousin all as well nicely, and Ji-hyuk is deeply impacted by Na-na’s words.


Bo-kyung hands in her resignation letter to Tae-ho she knows that she keeps receiving roped into the Hee-joo case simply because of her father’s position of energy. Considering that it is not straight associated to perform, she does not want to get caught up in it any longer. Even so, Tae-ho entreats her to keep, telling her that she’s necessary on the group. He calls her as trustworthy as Hee-joo was, and I dearly hope that is not supposed to be foreshadowing.

Tae-ho meets with Min-ji, and he lets on that he knows Hee-joo attempted to aid her by displaying her the CCTV video. He promises to return her kid to her, as lengthy as they can get Sang-woo convicted for his crimes. In order to do that, he asks Min-ji to inform him the secrets that only she, Hee-joo, and Sang-woo know.

As Tae-ho leaves the constructing, he requires out his telephone, and we see that he’s secretly recorded their conversation. (27 seconds, even though? That is surprisingly brief.)


Tae-ho visits Dong-jae in prison, exactly where the gangster continues to deny that he killed Hee-joo. Refusing to relent, Tae-ho continues pressing Dong-jae, pointing out that he can pull strings to get Dong-jae’s sentence decreased to a mere probation. That is, if Dong-jae can prove his personal innocence.

The temptation operates, and when Tae-ho asks for Dong-jae’s alibi on the evening of Hee-joo’s murder, Dong-jae seemingly comes clean (even though we do not get to hear it).

“The “The

Later that day, Tae-ho obtains Sang-woo’s car or truck keys from his secretary, producing an excuse that he wants to borrow his car or truck. Checking the car’s GPS, Tae-ho notices that 1 address in specific stands out.

Tae-ho drives there, and it turns out to be the old estate of Na-na’s mother. He calls Na-na, insisting that she has to come meet him there instantly. She does, and when she arrives, Tae-ho asks her why she was there on the evening of Hee-joo’s murder. Oh??


We do not hear the rest of their conversation in the subsequent scene, they’re outdoors the property. Tae-ho calls Ji-hyuk to inform him that he’ll be going to the police station to give them data about Hee-joo’s death, and then he drives off with Na-na in the passenger seat.

Even so, Na-na is not completely onboard with his strategy, saying that it is as well rushed. Abruptly, she apologizes, admitting that she cannot think him. Then she reaches more than to unbuckle his seatbelt, grabs the steering wheel, and veers them appropriate into the path of an oncoming truck.


Ohmygod. It is a harrowing scene, created even additional devastating by the way Tae-ho just gazes placidly at Na-na, as if silently accepting her selection. He does not try to fight back or regain handle of the steering wheel, and when the two automobiles collide, the influence sends him careening headfirst into the windshield.

In the aftermath of the crash, Na-na stumbles out of the automobile. The airbag saved her life, but Tae-ho’s not so fortunate, because his airbag didn’t deploy. Slumped more than the steering wheel, Tae-ho’s bloody and unconscious — whilst Na-na gasps and trembles by the side of the road, seemingly in shock and terrified by her personal actions.


Properly, that is an ending I didn’t see coming. Tae-ho’s actions this week did set off some death flags, but I figured it may possibly be a easy Truck of Doom, not a deliberate act by Na-na.

In my defense, some events really feel as well contrived for the sake of the plot, so I believed that Tae-ho’s death may possibly stick to in their footsteps. I imply, the conveniently open CCTV video and conveniently accessible crime scene files? Bo-kyung confirming her suspicions about Tae-ho and Hee-joo straight to her boss’s face, just so Na-na could overhear? Sang-woo’s secretary handing more than his car or truck keys to Tae-ho without the need of a second believed?

Honestly, the incompetence of the villains tends to make the eureka moments and the subsequent takedowns by our protagonists really feel a great deal significantly less satisfying then they ought to be, and I consider that is really a shame.


Nevertheless, the drama does a excellent job of producing its characters compelling. I consider it balances its moments of levity with its darker themes nicely, which provides our characters and their relationships a lot of dimension. I’m particularly intrigued by Na-na, who reveals additional layers to herself with just about every scene she’s in.

For instance, Na-na claims that her divorce announcement was just to deflect suspicion away from herself. It is so that she will not be accused of sending her father to prison and convicting her brother of murder, in order to take more than TJ group. By pulling strings with McQueen to get Tae-ho appointed as the subsequent CEO, then cutting ties with him, Na-na can blame it all on him and then take his spot.


It is a cold and calculating strategy, but I consider Na-na feels additional emotion than she’d like to admit. Her selection to divorce Tae-ho may possibly have been a scheme to save her personal hide, but it also felt like an emotional response to the confirmation that Tae-ho loved Hee-joo.

Na-na struggles a lot with loneliness, and we’ve observed how time and time once again, her closest ones have forsaken her. Her father belittles her, her mother left her behind, and her brother resents her to the core. I do not know if she ever actually loved Tae-ho, but she depended on him as the 1 particular person who stayed by her side, and it need to have felt devastating when she realized that even he chose somebody else more than her.


On a happier note, I’m liking how the show portrays the nuances of located household. When Do-chang finds out about Eun-hye not taking the higher college equivalency test like she’d promised to, he’s upset, but he does not press her for the purpose, and she does not volunteer it.

Eun-hye confides in Hee-joo’s grandpa the subsequent day, admitting that she wishes she could just disappear. She clearly thinks lowly of herself, but Gramps tells her to come go to him anytime she wants a listening ear, simply because her presence tends to make him pleased. Aww.

It is not that Eun-hye does not like Do-chang in truth, it is really the opposite. Even so, the guilt among them inevitably drives a wedge into their connection. Do-chang nonetheless feels accountable for not becoming in a position to cease the wrongful conviction of Eun-hye’s father in time, and Eun-hye cannot aid but really feel like a burden to Do-chang.


It is why Eun-hye feels additional comfy confiding in Ji-hyuk or Gramps, but this ends up producing Do-chang really feel like she’s avoiding him and shutting him out of her life. The two care deeply for each and every other, to the point that they stroll on eggshells about each and every other in an work to be considerate. It is heartbreakingly realistic, and I hope they get to have a sincere, candid heart-to-heart at some point.

I’ll admit I’m nonetheless not totally sold on the show’s central mystery, but I’m definitely liking the nuance with which the show handles its character relationships. Though I’m sad to see Tae-ho go so quickly, I’m surely hunting forward to a deeper exploration into Na-na and Sang-woo’s psyches.


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