Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-eight

This week, an incident tests our hero’s resolve as a doctor, but he does not waver in his selection to do anything he can to guard his individuals. Thanks to stated incident, we also come a bit closer to unraveling some secrets connected to his previous.


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

Poong and Eun-woo run into their subsequent patient at a stream exactly where she’s saved from drowning, and they study that she was arrested for attempted arson. Eun-woo recognizes the lady as the daughter of a middle-class bookstore owner who spent a fortune to marry her off to a poor nobleman. The lady neither admits to nor denies the arson, and Eun-woo finds her silence rather odd for the reason that she applied to be really outspoken pre-marriage. Yet another odd point is how she normally desires to drench herself in water, which Poong says is a outcome of the lady bottling up her feelings of rage.

To come across out why the lady is so enraged, Poong and Eun-woo pay a visit to her home and study that her daughter passed away. Poong attempts to come across a by-the-book therapy for the lady, but Ji-han is additional sensible and suggests that the lady just requirements to say goodbye to her daughter. The lady is then taken to the “afterlife” which in reality is just a cave, and Ib-bun acts as the daughter. This act of saying goodbye comforts the lady a bit, and quickly she opens up about what definitely occurred to her daughter.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

Her husband and his family members lived off her family’s dollars and when their daughter fell sick, her husband forced her to leave the girl for some dollars producing venture. He promised to appear immediately after their daughter, but he didn’t. And by the time she returned, her daughter was currently dead.

Due to their variations in status, the lady hasn’t been capable to speak up to her husband neither has she been capable to confront him on taking a mistress (the victim of the attempted arson). To support the lady release her frustrations, Eun-woo learns some cuss words to teach her, and it is funny how Eun-woo’s initially effective try at cussing is directed at Ji-han instantly she learns that he accused her of consuming as well significantly. She’s so petty, she even visits the lady’s mother-in-law to stab treat her with acupuncture. Heh.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

Regaining her self self-assurance, the lady marches to the mistress’s home accompanied by our clinic family members (who appear like a bunch of gangsters lol), exactly where they have a refreshing showdown of cusses at the husband and his mistress. The genuine arsonist is then revealed to be the mistress herself, who set her home on fire in an try to frame the lady and turn into the genuine wife. Pfft. This is such a remix of final week’s case, and stated husbands are not even a great catch in each instances! Anyway, the mistress is arrested, and the lady – absolutely free of her frustrations at final – dumps her husband.

Just before leaving, the lady thanks the clinic family members for assisting her, in particular Ib-bun who played the function of her daughter, and drew a image of the daughter as a memento for the lady. Awww. Ib-bun could be lacking in numerous places, but when it comes to assisting persons she does not hesitate to lend a hand. She’s definitely her father’s daughter, is not she? Or not. Due to the fact as we come to study, she is not Ji-han’s biological daughter and he adopted her immediately after her mother (a patient of his) died.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

Commander Im holds this secret against Ji-han in a bid to get him to hand more than the land on which the clinic is situated (prime genuine estate). And when Commander Im tries to bully Ji-han with the details in front of Ib-bun later on, she’s all… pfft, was it supposed to be a significant secret? Heol! Apparently, Ji-han’s drunken habit is to spill her birth secret, and absolutely everyone in the family members currently knows this. Ib-bun is even additional concerned that her genuine father was surnamed Ahn which tends to make her Ahn Ib-bun (which means “not pretty”). Heh.

But Ib-bun’s birth secret is not the only 1 Ji-han believed he effectively hid. Poong also confronts him about hiding the reality that he and his father had been good friends and studied beneath the identical master. At initially, he tries to deny it, but when Poong persists, Ji-han tells him by no means to bring up the matter once again. Ji-han basically appears the most angry I’ve ever observed him, and no surprise there because he witnessed his master becoming killed beneath the orders of the second state councilor. The master is also the author of the half-burnt healthcare text, and was killed for the reason that of his investigation on the poisonous plant.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

Speaking of which, the plant (which the second state councilor thinks have all been destroyed) regrows in the village, and gets plucked by some unsuspecting little ones. It gets into the honey they make for sale, and a “plague” starts in the village. Like every single greedy caricature villain ever, Commander Im buys up all the remedial herbs in the village to frustrate the clinic’s work and stress Ji-han to sign more than the land to him. Sigh! Can this man just go away currently? But Ji-han is not 1 to be bullied, so he effectively organizes a heist and empties Commander Im’s storage. Heh!

Sadly, none of the treatments operate, and the infected persons get worse. I come across it slightly surprising that Poong does not recognize the resulting sores as the identical ones on the late king. But Ji-han recognizes the sores, and knows it is from the poisonous plant — even though he does not speak up for the reason that he’s afraid that word will get to the second state councilor. The second state councilor finds out anyway, and orders Shin-woo to burn all the infected persons alongside Poong, who volunteered to go into the isolation center with them. Tsk.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

Right after watching 1 of the individuals bleed out from his sores, Poong ultimately matches the sickness to that of the late king’s. And when Eun-woo consumes the honey and gets infected as well, Ji-han comes clean to Poong about the poisonous plant and its connection to the sickness. Poong remembers reading about the plant and its antidote in the healthcare text, and sets out to come across the antidote employing a map he identified hidden in the text. Even though Poong is away, Shin-woo – who also consumed the honey – arrives at the isolation center with his soldiers to burn down the location. He pauses on seeing Eun-woo there, and goes to track Poong down.

Poong manages to come across the antidote and runs into Shin-woo on his way back. And when Shin-woo tries to kill him, he passes out from the sickness. I wonder if they also took the hippocratic oath in Joseon for the reason that I would have left Shin-woo there in self defense Poong brings him back to the isolation center just in time to save the location from becoming torched by Commander Im (and his utterly ridiculous face mask).

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

Ji-han is not positive about the dosage for the antidote and says they have to experiment on the infected persons. So Poong turns himself into a lab rat and ingests the poisonous plant, and I have to admire his dedication at this point. Thanks to his sacrifice, the infected persons get effectively, but all Poong is concerned about when he wakes up is Eun-woo. Lol. It is definitely cute how their romance – or what ever this is – is becoming played on the back burner. It is just the suitable quantity to not disrupt the flow of the show, but nonetheless hold us engaged and rooting for them.

Meanwhile, Ji-han is concerned that the second state councilor could use the chance of the plague to burn down the village. So he pleads with Shin-woo not to state the taking place as a plague, and create it as a non-transmissible sickness. Shin-woo obliges and states the bring about of the sickness as unknown in his report to Hanyang, and the second state councilor is left to wonder which report is correct. An unknown bring about, or triggered by the poisonous herb?

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

My gut says that the second state councilor does not think Shin-woo’s report, in particular now that we’ve observed that father and son are not completely on the identical web page. Final week, I kept asking yourself why Shin-woo seemed to be clueless about the situations surrounding the late king’s poisoning, and it turns out that he definitely does not know something about it. Plus he wasn’t even the 1 who killed Poong’s father! So are there two assassins, or did the second state councilor do the killing himself? If so, why did he leave the acupuncture needle on the physique for Shin-woo to come across?

With two weeks left in the show, it is a great time to commence to wrap points up, and for all these secrets to come to light. At least let absolutely everyone know exactly where they stand, as effectively as their allies and enemies, so that they can make plans in order to guard themselves and their loved ones.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 7-8

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