Premiere Watch: Good Job, Unicorn

August 23, 2022August 23, 2022

Premiere Watch: Excellent Job, Unicorn
by missvictrix

Woo hoo, new dramas! ENA is about to drop their subsequent show, hot on the heels of Extraordinary Lawyer Woo’s achievement, and Coupang Play presents an workplace sitcom that appears as colorful as its name.

Excellent Job

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: ENA
Genre: Rom-com, mystery
Episode count: 16
Motives to watch: So several motives to be excited about this one particular! It is ENA’s subsequent drop just after the ginormous achievement of Extraordinary Lawyer Woo, and we’ll get to see if they are as great at deciding upon projects as we could hope (or did they just get fortunate with Woo?). But network aside, the genuine explanation to watch is: a mystery rom-com complete of hijinks starring my beloved Jung Il-woo and Yuri. And not only does it star them each, but their chemistry is established in their prior project collectively — Bossam: Steal the Fate. To be truthful, all they actually necessary to say was “Jung Il-woo” for me to be interested, but I’m essentially actually excited for this goofy-searching detective story, with a hot romance and superpowers thrown in. ‘Cause why not.
TLDR: Jung Il-woo, Jung Il-woo + Yuri Bossam reunion, Jung Il-woo, enjoyable hijinks, glasses style, and also Jung Il-woo

Time slot: Fridays
Broadcaster: Coupang Play
Genre: Sitcom
Episode count: 12
Motives to watch: Shin Ha-kyun’s drama selections garner interest for a explanation, so it’ll be fascinating to see how Unicorn turns out — not only getting on a smaller sized OTT service, but also getting a sitcom. Now, sitcoms are one hundred% Not My Point, but even I will admit this drama has a lot going for it, from the cast (which also consists of Won Jin-ah, Lee Yoo-jin, Kim Young-ah, and additional) to the PD of Be Melodramtic to Yoo Byung-jae getting our script writer. The promo supplies have also been pitch-completely cringey, so I’m hoping they go all-in with their satire right here.
TLDR: Good cast, funny premise, the uncommon unicorn that is a primetime sitcom
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