Movie of the Week #18: Panos Kotzathanasis picks Mondomanila (2016) by Khavn

Expanding on the ideas and scenes of “Overdosed Nightmare”, “Mondomanila” bargains with life in the slums of Manila, via the stories of a quantity of hardcore misfits. The protagonist is Tony D, a teenager who has a incredibly a concise opinion about the government, and is not afraid to express it in the most cross way, at least when he is not drunk or below the influence of drugs. The rest of the protagonists contain his sex-addict mother, Mariya, Beautiful Loanshark, a gambling addict, Sgt Pepper, a policeman who was discharged from the force and has now placed his hopes for a contribution to society on his son, who occurs to be a homosexual. Steve Banners, an old American who occurs to be a raging racist and a pederast, Ogo X, a malformed rapper, and several a lot more comprise this intense collage of characters.

Via an method that involves documentary, exploitation and musical/music video components, Khavn manages to present life in the lowest depths of Manila when creating a quantity of sociopolitical comments. Sgt Pepper highlights the notion of patriarchy, with the father focusing on the triptych nation, loved ones, religion, and expecting his kids, and especially the male ones to fulfill their objective for all 3 of them. The burden his homosexual son has to carry at some point proves as well huge, in one particular of the most dramatic elements of the film. Steve Banners appears to highlight Khavn’s opinion on Western colonialists, with his presentation of getting a pederast, a raging racist (member of KKK even) and an all round despicable getting, highlighting this opinion in intense humor. Tony D is, in essence, Khavn’s voice about the practices of nearby politicians, which his opinion getting expressed in the harshest style, when his life mirrors the basic situations of living in the slums: poorness, drugs and alcohol, comprehensive lack of parenting and in essence, no hope at all. Mariya, and her struggle to raise her kids when getting to face intense poorness, her continual want for sex, and a grotesque-seeking landlady who at some point ends up fighting her in the mud (actually), presents two other comments, this time relating to the hardships of raising kids below the situations of the slums, and relating to land-owners.  

“Mondomanila” is intense as it is impressive, and in my opinion, one particular of the greatest approaches to enter Khavn’s cinematic universe.



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