Yook Sung-jae changes his fate with a Golden Spoon

August 19, 2022August 19, 2022

Yook Sung-jae adjustments his fate with a Golden Spoon
by solstices

If you have been provided the likelihood to fully modify your lot in life, would you take it? MBC’s upcoming drama Golden Spoon functions a protagonist who lives in poverty till he comes across a golden spoon by likelihood. With it, he magically swaps areas with his wealthy buddy, as a result starting his rags-to-riches adventure.

Yook Sung-jae (Mystic Pop-up Bar) plays our hero Lee Seung-cheon, whose name actually implies “to ascend to the heavens.” A higher college student who functions portion-time at a comfort shop to make ends meet, Seung-cheon dreams of escaping his downtrodden life. So when the chance to turn his life about is provided to him, he virtually jumps at the likelihood.
Nonetheless, Seung-cheon quickly learns that actions have consequences. The golden spoon does not just transform him into a wealthy kid out of nowhere rather, it tends to make him trade areas with somebody else.
That particular person is Hwang Tae-yong, played by Lee Jong-won (Hospital Playlist two). Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Tae-yong has generally lived in comfort and luxury — till one particular day he all of a sudden finds himself obtaining to climate the hardships that Seung-cheon after did. Nevertheless, there’s far more to Tae-yong than meets the eye. Beneath his wealth and status, he hides an inner discomfort from the envious gaze of other people.
Our subsequent character is Na Joo-hee, who is played by Jung Chae-yeon (The King’s Affection). In spite of getting a chaebol’s daughter, she prefers to reside a very simple and down-to-earth life. Joo-hee’s seeking for methods to get out of her arranged marriage with Tae-yong, which implies Seung-cheon’s arrival is the fantastic likelihood to shake points up — or probably even come across really like.
Rounding out the primary cast is Yeonwoo (Dal-li and Gamjatang), who plays Oh Yeo-jin. Not considerably has been revealed about her character however, but she’s described as a beauty who draws the gaze of other people.

The drama’s initial teaser functions an old lady promoting antique wares by the side of the road, claiming that her golden spoon can make you wealthy. A single of her glass spheres rolls to Seung-cheon’s feet as he walks previous, as if by fate. He picks it up, gazing at it contemplatively, as she tempts him with the golden query: does not he want to turn into wealthy?
Adapted from the webtoon of the similar name, Golden Spoon is co-directed by Song Hyun-wook (The King’s Affection) and Lee Han-joon (Verify Out the Occasion). The drama is written by Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Eun-hee, who also co-wrote Prime Minister and I. Golden Spoon will air on Friday and Saturday nights, with a premiere date of September 23.

By means of Edaily, MK Sports, Osen, Sports DongA, XSportsnews
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