Jung Ryeo-won and Lee Kyu-hyung team up in I Will Start the Defense

August 20, 2022August 20, 2022

Jung Ryeo-won and Lee Kyu-hyung group up in I Will Begin the Defense
by solstices

Upcoming Disney+ original I Will Begin the Defense may well not have a great deal in the way of teasers however, but its star-studded veteran cast is currently poised to drum up excitement. Jung Ryeo-won (Diary of a Prosecutor) headlines as a capable defense lawyer, with Lee Kyu-hyung (All of Us Are Dead) starring opposite her as a tenacious public defender.

Protagonist Noh Chak-hee (Jung Ryeo-won) is described as a cold-blooded lawyer who will do something to attain accomplishment. The ace of her law firm, Chak-hee will cease at absolutely nothing to receive acquittals for her clientele. Having said that, due to a problematic case, she ends up getting to operate as a public defender in order to steer clear of obtaining suspended.
That is how she meets public defender Jwa Shi-baek (Lee Kyu-hyung), who is upright, principled, and passionate about his operate. In spite of graduating at the best of his judicial class and getting the freedom to choose any profession path he wanted, Shi-baek chose to turn into a humble public defender.
They’ll be joined by Jung Jin-young (Bulgasal: Immortal Souls), who plays Jang Ki-do. As the chairman of the Jang San law firm, Ki-do harbors immense ambition.
Billed as a legal mystery, the drama will showcase how the two public defenders with entirely contradictory personalities operate collectively. Even though they maintain butting heads, they’ll require to place aside their variations in order to uncover the truth behind a serial murder case with a string of wealthy elderly victims.
Our two leads are no stranger to playing legal specialists this will be Jung Ryeo-won’s third time (right after Witch’s Court and Diary of a Prosecutor) and Lee Kyu-hyung’s fourth time (right after Innocent Witness, Forest of Secrets, and Medical professional John). It’ll be exciting to see what they bring to the table, and what sort of spin they’ll place on their characters this time about.
I Will Begin the Defense is primarily based on a nonfiction book of the exact same name. Directed by Kang Min-gu (Itaewon Class) and written by newbie Kim Dan, the 12-episode drama is set to air later this year.

By way of JTBC News, The Truth
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